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  1. This is true Bert, the database is in the trainer. The problem lies within the difference between RXP and F1. RXP allows for use of Garmin Trainer v6.41.1 where as F1's version only allows for use of v6.21.0. If you install 6.41.1 with F1, it will not work. There were file changes between the two trainer versions. If someone tries to update 6.21.0 with current data it won't work. Well, there is a way to make it work, but it is a bit drawn out.
  2. May or may not be the case. If it is the case, people have found a way around it.
  3. F1 uses an older version of Garmin Trainer than RXP does. The file structure changed a bit in the different versions of the trainer which, providing one has the data, makes RXP easily updatable, where the F1 version is left behind. F1 has rejected updating their product to function with the current version of the trainer.
  4. medx421

    ATC Through Headset Only

    Change your output device to your headset
  5. Jim Young's suggestions (3rd comment down) worked well for me in curbing most of my shimmering.
  6. medx421

    Nvidia Settings

    I gave this a go just to see what it would do for my shimmers, particularly in the night environment. It made a profoundly positive difference. Not eliminated, as you already acknowledged, but certainly much better. Thank you.
  7. medx421

    ORBX Airport Q's

    I think STS has had some real world changes since release. The others you mention I believe are fine.
  8. I can say it looks fine and blends well. There are special instructions for installing with Orbx. I am away from my computer for several days however and unable to provide screenshots.
  9. medx421

    "Shimmering" of ground lights and water

    ORBX builds night lighting into the trees. Hence the autogen reference. Reducing the distance may or may not alleviate flickering, but it will certainly reduce your view of distant night lighting. This is why ORBX night lighting doesnt carry very far in the distance. If you look during the day, odds are the trees shimmer too. I have not found a solution to this myself.
  10. medx421

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    Hey Rancid, I unfortunately, really don't have the answer. I do have the A2A aircraft, but personally use the Flight1 GTN 650/750 in those. I believe the default GPS is the Garmin 295 or something to that effect. I do not own Carenado/Alabeo aircraft except what is default in P3Dv4. For starters, perhaps try the default A36 Bonanza as it is a Alabeo aircraft with a 430 in it. There is a few threads in the A2A forum. Here is from my search results. Perhaps it may lead you in a direction.
  11. medx421

    Can't select departure on GNS400/530?

    They're essentially just default units in those particular add on's. The products do however allow for relatively easy upgrades through third party products (Flight1, RXP) or within those units through fsaerodata.
  12. medx421

    P3d V4 Foreflight Plug-in

    I use FSXFlight with no issues. Also displays AI or multiplayer environment traffic.
  13. medx421

    Foreflight in V4?

    I really can't figure out where the problem lies with those who can't get this to work. All I can say is re-trace your steps. I use P3Dv4 currently, but it worked just as effectively when I used FSX, and FSX-SE. Some possible tips: -Make sure the computer you are simming on and your ipad displaying Foreflight are on the same network. -Make sure you FSUIPC installed and that it shows in the modules when your sim is running. You don't have to have the paid version, but make sure you have the correct FSUIPC for the sim that you are using. -Make sure in Foreflight that you have added FSXFlight as a device, and that it shows up in your devices list. -Make sure traffic is checked in the drop down menu of the map page. A caveat to this, is that that option won't display if there is no traffic visible. -I do NOT have the GPS data out checked in P3Dv4. -Start up order for me is P3D, vPilot, FSXFlight, then Foreflight. I only fly online, so the traffic is network dependent as I have it turned off when not online. That said, I know from previous experience that non-online traffic (ex: Ultimate Traffic) shows just fine as well. Otherwise, it's pretty seamless, and out of the box. I wish I could help more, but I just have never had issues with it so I'm speculating here. Good luck! Nick
  14. medx421

    Foreflight in V4?

    Vatsim does and FSXFlight works good with P3Dv4. There has to be traffic in the area, for the traffic button to be visible. I did a flight on Vatsim yesterday, and had visible traffic on Foreflight.
  15. medx421

    Foreflight in V4?

    On the Foreflight maps layer, click the drop down in the upper left and ensure that "traffic" is checked. Works like a charm. I do not have the heading bug issues that others are describing. I use FSXFlight.