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  1. They're essentially just default units in those particular add on's. The products do however allow for relatively easy upgrades through third party products (Flight1, RXP) or within those units through fsaerodata.
  2. I use FSXFlight with no issues. Also displays AI or multiplayer environment traffic.
  3. I really can't figure out where the problem lies with those who can't get this to work. All I can say is re-trace your steps. I use P3Dv4 currently, but it worked just as effectively when I used FSX, and FSX-SE. Some possible tips: -Make sure the computer you are simming on and your ipad displaying Foreflight are on the same network. -Make sure you FSUIPC installed and that it shows in the modules when your sim is running. You don't have to have the paid version, but make sure you have the correct FSUIPC for the sim that you are using. -Make sure in Foreflight that you have added FSXFlight as a device, and that it shows up in your devices list. -Make sure traffic is checked in the drop down menu of the map page. A caveat to this, is that that option won't display if there is no traffic visible. -I do NOT have the GPS data out checked in P3Dv4. -Start up order for me is P3D, vPilot, FSXFlight, then Foreflight. I only fly online, so the traffic is network dependent as I have it turned off when not online. That said, I know from previous experience that non-online traffic (ex: Ultimate Traffic) shows just fine as well. Otherwise, it's pretty seamless, and out of the box. I wish I could help more, but I just have never had issues with it so I'm speculating here. Good luck! Nick
  4. Vatsim does and FSXFlight works good with P3Dv4. There has to be traffic in the area, for the traffic button to be visible. I did a flight on Vatsim yesterday, and had visible traffic on Foreflight.
  5. On the Foreflight maps layer, click the drop down in the upper left and ensure that "traffic" is checked. Works like a charm. I do not have the heading bug issues that others are describing. I use FSXFlight.
  6. Thanks, and it was a justification of my personal preference of having HDR enabled during the day and eluding to the settings which may or may not be desirable to others. Ties into other posts in this thread.
  7. Forgot to come in here and follow up. It has been confirmed in another forum that this exists in the default P3Dv4. Still no idea what it is, but certainly not mesh related. Just one of those cool oddities that you only see in the sky.
  8. That is HDR on. Run it on during the day. Active Sky yes, cloud art no. REX Textures:
  9. REX for textures, REX PTA preset #20, and URP
  10. I've found that I just have to turn off HDR when flying at night. I love my day settings, and any tweaks I've found to shaders also affect the daytime appearance. With merely HDR turned off at night, I get a much more palatable environment.
  11. There have certainly been a few releases here and there, but really seems to have slowed over the past few weeks. I think we all have those items that are out on the horizon that we are individually waiting for, and for me, those items just don't seem to be coming anytime in the next few days/weeks. I do wonder if the news (now public) of the P3D update to v4.1 has developers stalled out at the moment, or on the other side of the coin, that their products have been enhanced for 4.1 and they are obviously unable to release them at this time. That is pure speculation and not empirically based on my end though.
  12. Spotted this flying into Tuscon, AZ tonight. Went back to take a day shot of it. It looks like a cursor of terrain or buildings. It may very well not have anything to do with FreeMeshX, but thought I'd share none the less. If you fly out of KRYN on about a 330hdg for 7-10 miles or so it is there. Nothing on the sectional map or Google Earth that I could find identifies it.
  13. Well,the fix for Stan's issue is available on that link. He is an ORBX/FTX product user and therefore, the fix is specifically for him and/or others in his situation. The problem with MCO occurred with everyone using FTX Global. It was an error on their part, and they addressed it. Sooo, if you/he/anyone wants the fix, register for and log in to the forum.
  14. Fix for MCO Stan. Couple replacement files to download in the thread.
  15. Small terrain spike noted today at N40 40.56' W123 36.54'. I have ORBX/FTX Mesh disabled and am only running FreeMeshX.