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  1. medx421

    P3D v4.4 + FLAi + vPilot

    Seeing threads in other places, the Flai authors know about it. Last I saw, they hadn't migrated to 4.4 yet though so were unable to figure out the cause.
  2. medx421

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    I see your issue, and I don't have a further solution for you. It does appear just to be the way the light hits the aircraft, but in a limited fashion. I know there are other threads about this, and I hope you find a solution to your particular issue.
  3. medx421

    P3D v4.4 + FLAi + vPilot

    Add these lines to the simobjects.cfg file located in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 [Entry.10] Title=Flai Path=F:\FLAi\SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True Note: Your entry number may not be 10, just the next one in sequence. Your path is wherever your FLAi airplanes are installed. I've had success with this.
  4. medx421

    P3D 4.4 Problems with lighting

    See my response in the night time flying thread above reference the moon. Might help you out.
  5. medx421

    P3Dv4.4 night time flying

    Also realize that 4.4 was released during a new moon. If you fly in real date/time as I do, it's been quite dark. If you change your date to December 22nd (full moon in Western US, or full moon equivalent date for your area), then you will see a notable difference. Pretty cool effect!
  6. Correct. I glazed over "twin". Sorry bout that 🙂
  7. You are absolutely correct. I completely glazed over "twin".
  8. A2A Simulations. Best in the biz in my opinion. Easy F1 GTN 650/750 integration.
  9. medx421

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Yep. That was a great find by Nick at A2A. That said, as the issue has been resolved, I have chosen to reactivate URP. It is a great compliment to PTA and adds tremendous depth and realsim. I messaged the URP author in hopes that they will address it. If not, I'll have a choice to make when more PBR offerings become available.
  10. medx421

    P3D v4.4 default F-16 display problem

    Nick M...He shoots, he scores! Restoring to default from the URP interface resolved the issue for me. PTA works fine with the F-16, but apparently not URP. Thank you for the suggestion and solution!
  11. medx421

    P3Dv4.4 with A2A

    I don't think the two are related. I also have issues with the F-16, but none with A2A aircraft. There's a needle in a haystack somewhere out there as to why some people are having issues with the PBR textures. A2A hasn't designed their aircraft with PBR texturing.
  12. medx421

    P3D v4.4 default F-16 display problem

    Here is a thread I started in yhe Prepa3d forum. They haven't been able to reproduce or identify the problem. I also did the client/content uninstall and reinstall a few times. Also updated my nvidia drivers and removed the shaders. Additionally I have tried running without PTA. No success thus far.
  13. medx421

    P3D v4.4 default F-16 display problem

    Same issue. Following
  14. medx421

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I have overall had a good experience with the update. I updated from 4.1. I have the invisible F-16 which some other people seem to have. I never fly that aircraft, but it gives me concerns about future PBR utilization. I uninstalled/installed client and content. I also deleted shaders and the prepar3d.cfg allowing 4.4 to rebuild those. I did an additional redownload and uninstall/install of the client to see if that fixed the F-16, but it did not. Other than that issue, a modest and pleasant improvement in performance and visuals. Add-on's are about 99.9% working with appropriate updates.
  15. medx421

    Updated AFCAD for Orbx KSMO New Shortened Runway Layout?

    Thank you, and you are correct. I watched some videos and did a little but of tinkering. SMO is a bit weird because pretty much the whole field is concrete and asphalt, even between the runway, taxiways, and ramp areas. It's certainly not insurmountable. Funny that it almost seems easier to build from scratch than it does to modify an existing.