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  1. Looking for Tornado stuff on Genie - this was hot stuff many lightyears ago.
    Hi Eric

    I believe the Dirty Twisters had a round robin "send missions via email to Dirty Twisters members" thingy long before multiplayer flight sims started.

    Do you know anyone who has the Genie Tornado debrief zip file? Hope you can reply direct to me via my Gmail account of boonsengkam@gmail.com.

    Frankie Kam

  2. Thats brilliant!!! Thanks so much! Off to go fly!
  3. Anybody know where I can get one of these repaints?
  4. My experience is exactly the same. I get the models to appear correctly, but the 757 gauges dont operate especially the EICAS etc. I have tried all kinds of things including putting the 757 mdl in the model folder with the 767 etc, etc. I am suspecting that it has something to do with the SS model. I know that they like you to name model folders specific names etc, as they have myriad model combinations. I thought I had that all matched up etc. but this one I am struggling with. Looks great. Just need to get the gauges to work.
  5. Remarkably not. I did a google search and a youtube search. Both of which usually get me the info I need.
  6. The imaginesim product is good. I live in ATL and am through that airport weekly IRL. Its fine. Where P3D and all Microsoft versions ever lack is that the entire city of Atlanta needs to be redone. it sucks now. I wish that Orbx would pay attention to some other region than the US west coast or that another developer would take a crack at doing metro atlanta properly. As a local guy this drives me nuts.
  7. Come on guys...really nobody has any idea where to find out how to do this merge?
  8. can someone point me to a tutorial on how to merge the Skyspirit 767 and the QW757? I've looked all over and tried youtube and google to no avail. For the most part I think I have it done, but I cant get the EICAS etc to activate etc. I am trying to merge this skyspirit B767-300ER/F 767-300FER-GE-CF6-80C2.air and this model OSX763FV5_CF6-80C--WLL.MDL with the Qualitywings 752 virtual cockpit.
  9. I am looking for some guidance/instructions on how to merge the Qualitywings 757 VC with the Skyspirit B763, in particular, the Boeing 767-300FER-GE-CF6-80C2 model. I work for DHL Express, and this is one of the aircraft we operate. I've googled and looked through the major FS sites and havent found anything. I have however mostly done it already, but the EICAS etc, dont illuminate, so Im doing something wrong.
  10. This was the advice from the Orbx team when I had the same issue. Worked for me.
  11. all you need to do is double click on the Prepar3d.exe When it launches it should write registry entries if there are none.
  12. Hi. I looked at the Nvidia control panel... where do I find "Output Dynamic range"? I didnt see it anywhere!
  13. The EF discussion thread has become a little long. I am wondering how to concisely turn down the excessive bloom in REX Environment force? I have HDR on in the sim, but bloom turned down to zero. I have played some with the HDR settings in the mini UI, but it doesnt seem to really be doing the trick. Anybody with a step by step cure for this? Eric
  14. Like a lot of people I am playing with the new REX Environment Force Tool. However, in doing so, I managed to close the Mini UI. I cant find anything in the manual that says a key combination to bring it up again, nor do I see anything in the addons menu of P3D. Anybody know how to get this back visible? Eric
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