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  1. ejoiner

    P3D V3.3 Black Clouds

    ah... the black hand of "moderation"
  2. ejoiner

    SHE HAS ARRIVED - Flight Deck Solutions B737NG

    so jealous. Wonder if you could post some pictures now even if you are partially constructed? Would be interesting to see!
  3. ejoiner

    SHE HAS ARRIVED - Flight Deck Solutions B737NG

    Even if I had the money, I wouldnt know how to put all that stuff together. Im always amazed at the engineering skill of the folks who do manage to build their own sims.
  4. Anybody know of a US Coast Guard Sea King repaint? Here are another couple that would look great on the virtavia model.
  5. ejoiner

    Words I need to share with our Community

    First, and foremost, may God give you peace. Also to your family. Second, how can this community help avsim? Not just financially but with any other duty or resource? People can and often do, do amazing things at the time of need and trouble. Take great care. And if you have not written letters to your family so that they can have your words and thoughts, do it now. It will help and they will cherish these. God speed and great care, Eric
  6. These are great!!! Thanks guys as always!
  7. ejoiner

    FSX Tornado?

    I went looking for a Panavia Tornado in this thread... doh!
  8. ejoiner

    How to adjust head pan speed in VC?

    Thanks Larry!! Will go try that now!! Eric
  9. I've been playing around with the IRIS T-6 Texan II lately and the head pan rate is waaaaay toooo sloooow. How can I adjust it to something more fluid?
  10. ejoiner

    P3D V2.3 Beta 2 Testing

    I have FSX and am frustrated with the issues of FPS because my preferred sim style is military low and fast. I am going to switch I think to P3D
  11. ejoiner

    problems with x55 hotas

    I have an X-55 HOTAS and its a tricky rig sometimes. If all looks well in the madcatz software for configuring, then go to FSX and check your throttle settings. Make sure your throttle sensitivity is set above 100 at least. On the throttle, I would put zero deadzone on either the madcatz tool or FSX.
  12. ejoiner

    Is anybody here on Twitter?

    I am @freightdawgcom I follow a lot of sports and stuff around my business, but I dont know anybody on twitter who has my favorite hobby (FS!) anybody also on? Eric
  13. ejoiner

    This Is The Most Amazing Scenery I've Seen..

    Thats amazing. But I enjoy a flight sim. Not a terminal sim.
  14. The answer to this is that there are AB textures and an effect built into the model. You have to have your throttle sensitivity set above 100 to get the AB to engage properly though. Change this in the settings portion of FSX itself.