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  1. Thanks -B. That was it. Thank you for resolving my problem.
  2. Thanks for your input. This has been difficult in trying to explain These so called data folders are small located horizontal above the flying ares. If these are the settings that provide special data that will indicate most or all the airplanes etc that can be found or say change airplane etc while flying or start use the FPS that is located in one of the data folders. This data was able to found above the actual flying in very small print. I know this must be hard understand.
  3. I have ran into a little problem today wanting to make some changes using the data display showing across the top of the screen horizontal. Wanted to change airplanes [in the air], use fps etc. but all of the data disappeared. This happened before, but it came back somehow, which I have forgotten how I did it. Unfortunately things like this happens sometime to some of us that slipped into the 80’s Any help will be appreciated on how to get the various data back so I can make changes and even transport sometimes to other airports.
  4. I had installed complete 217 gigs and decompression is still slow as a snail pace after 2 hours. I have just accidentally "X" out of msfs during the decompression. Since it is my understanding the slowness is mostly overload. However, did I make a mistake in shutting down MSFS? Later today I plan to start from desktop again and the overload may no longer be the problem. Hope I didn't make a big mistake.
  5. Thank you for the information. I had no idea there was a crossover. I finally set up with XBOX and now everything is back to normal. Unfortunately I had to reinstall the basics items I purchased but all the other was still there and redo all my settings etc and then delete all the add-ons I didn't need.
  6. Have never had any problems starting MSFS. However when I was leaving I push some button that wanted me to sign up to Xbox. I do not want Xbox. It kept asking me to sign up. I could not leave MSFS so I did task manger to delete MSFS. Now when I try to start up MSFS again I stll get the XBox "sign up". How can I go back to my normal start up without the Xbox sign up? Any help appreciated.
  7. Thanks HiFlyer for indicating there is another KEWR in town.. Well worth saving over $24 and my computer has no problems with fps.
  8. Although not on sale but was wondering if anyone has used Airport Static Aircraft and Airport Regional Environment? I am sick of watching the "pink, blue, orange aircraft. Bob I think you will have to download app "Contrail". I think LVFR mentions this when you pay for the download. Hope this may help.
  9. That is a good question. I have purchased a 1 TB M2 as well. My C drive is 550gb with only 60 GB renaming. I am thinking of moving all of the C drive to a new C drive and the smaller TB for back up E drive. Hope alll will work since I used steam for MSFS. I figure that there will be some good sales during Christmas.
  10. Thanks, it works pretty good using the keyboard. Insides not to bad going thru a few airports that I have been thru over the years.
  11. Excellent video! Picked it up two days ago. Fly Tampa's-work is one of the best and to pick one of Fly Tampa's scenery on sale makes it even better. Also picked up Toronto. Have one question, how do you enter inside of the buildings? Would like to meet some of the people inside.
  12. Couldn't wait any longer, had to pick up Boston and Toronto before the sale ends.. Excellent!!
  13. Thanks for the help. Yep that worked and what a difference.
  14. Thanks B for the quick reply. To show my ignorance, I only have one folder in the community, which is showing the 7/22 date. Where is the Fly Tampa Boston folder with the new install. Do I go into the Contact Manager and delete the H2 Boston folder which is also the new Boston is showing?
  15. I have finally switched over from FSX-SE to MSF 2021 and still trying to learn the differences. So far it has been an amazing change. I have run into some problems but from this forum many have been fixed. I just purchased FlyTampa’s Boston Logan (Simmarket) and installed. It appeared to install with no problem except in the “community” the date shown was 7/22 and not 10/14. In the Content Manager there are two Boston’s shown, one is by H2 air and one FlyTampa. Is this causing a problem? Should I delete the older? Appreciate any comments,
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