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  1. I have not purchased MSFS as yet since my old PC would not be able to handle the new version. Would appreciate any comments on purchasing a XBOX in lieu of a new computer to use mostly for MSFS. Can XBOX adequately work with MSFS?. This maybe able to save $$. Thanks,
  2. Well, just turned 80 and feeling it. Been member at AVSIM since 2004.
  3. For those who have been waiting for the 9.99 sale. Captains, 'Thank you FSX' sale is coming. All FSX titles are 9.99. 1 day only. Starts 24FEB2021 0000Z ends 24FEB2021 2359Z. Visit us at: https://www.captainsim.com/store/
  4. oooh yes! I remember those days. I think it was around $9-12 usa. Over time I ended buying all of them for FSX-FS9. Still use them. I think it spoiled many folks waiting to the 24 hour deals at those low low prices.
  5. Totally agree about Norton. I finally learned after a few years to just disable Norton's. Norton can be a problem with other software as well. I usually disable antivirus and firewall. Usually will set time limit for disable.
  6. It is time for the UK2000 Christmas sale. https://www.uk2000scenery.co.uk/order
  7. Where might the website be and what is the discount. Thanks,
  8. Just to let you know problem was due to an old video card and an old PC. Found a new video driver, which solved most of the problem. IPACS were very helpful resolving the problem.
  9. I agree it is very strange. I have spent days trying to figure out why this has happened especially all airports are impacted. Will give IPACs another chance with the new install with the latest TM.log Thanks trying to help.
  10. Yes, got it and no problem install and did verify integrity, which was ok but still no change. I am just about ready to say so long on my PC. Every airport has this problem with the previous steam update. Not only the floating airport area, planes etc . All airplanes are still find but float and surrounding area is somewhat washed out. Just can't figure why even after reinstall steam aerofly. Have also uninstalled all Orbx scenery which was also floating and washed out runways etc. I have steam FSX installed and no problem on this PC. My laptop works fine.
  11. If this is the recent update a week ago from Steam, that is the update that started this mess for me. Never could figure out how to uninstall it.
  12. First I really appreciate you and IPACs for tyring to get me back to flying. Below is something I hope will help. This is what I see on my HD that may give an idea on what I have as to addons scenery etc. After reinstall under /C: “documents/aeroflyFS2/addons folders” – there are no aircraft or scenery. 2 Under Scenery folder all folders are blank. 1. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly…/scenery/airports/usa and ch (folders) are “list of airports” Note under “airports” there are a total of 991.MB plus “3,371 files, 298 folders. (hope that makes sense) 2. C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Aerofly…/scenery/places/ch and usa folders include data for cities etc. (appears normal) usa folders include az,ca,co,fl,nv, and ny folders. 3. Xref has 6 folders: aircraft, airport, buildings, ch, generic, and vehicles. 4. Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator AddOns/scenery/8 Orbx scenery folders -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Thanks, the reason I wanted to uninstall was due to floating rwys, trees, etc on all airports. Followed your instructions and reinstalled in hoping that would fix the problem; but still have the problem. IPACS made a few comments but still did not help.
  14. What would be the process of uninstalling AEFS2 and the addons? Most was purchased through Steam. By the way HiFlyer, I appreciate all your updates keeping us informed.
  15. Roger, I have just finished installing FS9 after many many years. It took over 6 days to get everything working again but well pleased to come back to FS9. I still have FSX-Steam but for now I am re-enjoying FS9. I must have many $$ invested in FS9. As far as dream-fleet 727 - I had no problems reinstalling. I had to go through Flight one to redownload. I am using W10. So far all is running well and much better FPS. Hope this will help. Carl
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