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  1. Thanks all for your help. I still use FSX-SE so I guess the scenery config will still work.
  2. Bill your conversation with Mark is most interesting since I have been getting several OMs lately. Where might I find the simStarter NG and the sceneryconfig editor. It has been very frustrating lately. Thanks,
  3. Kttd, well Said! I agree 100%. I looked forward every day for what will be the next special. Thank-you SimMarket and all the Vendors that supported SM.
  4. Thought you might like to see this! Here’s What You Do With Two-Thirds of the World’s Jets When They Can’t Fly Just finding space to park can be a problem, and idle planes require a surprising amount of work, from maintaining hydraulics to stopping birds from nesting. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-04-16/coronavirus-travel-what-happens-to-planes-grounded-by-covid-19?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  5. Aharon, sorry for the delay to answer your question. First I only use FSX-steam. Been pleased with this laptop on FSX. Most of the time have no problems with fps as long as I don't max everything to the rightt. Don't use any PMG planes since I am sure it would cut my fps. Some Capt sim planes work ok. I do use several VirtualCol with no problem in fps.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Aaron. Glad I waited for a better sale Although I have all of them for FSX will update the KSFO.
  7. So I remember those good days at $9.95, Jim. I have bought most of then at those low prices. In fact I just resurrected the old B52 from my stock pile. Merry Christmas
  8. Ed, after closer look I have to agree with you. Will see if an upgrade takes place without any price increase.
  9. New add-on for Aerofly..Looks pretty good. Boston area. https://secure.simmarket.com/trisoftsim-aerofly-fs2-boston.phtml
  10. I have bought several of their scenery and they are great; however, that was when they had sales a few years back at 40% off. Would love to buy a few more but not at 20%.
  11. Been using Links 386 for many years. Still one of the best. Maybe you have been to the site below which has almost all the courses around and free with a donation if you like. I love links. https://linkscorner.org/
  12. Well I guess I will just wait for the new FSX and I am sure will need a new computer.
  13. Looks really good - too bad the fsx is not on sale.
  14. Thanks, guess I will have to give it a try at that price.
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