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  1. If I were a Mod I would block and disaprove 90% of the replies here for being "not what the OP is talking about" its sad to see page after page of people moaning of different things. If you dont read the topic well and dont know the answer "do not reply" consider these topics are searched in google months years after for people with the same question. They/we dont need to listen how YOU think it should be. Just answer the topic if you know something or just read. Only Phantom and Captain420 are on topic They are not talking about EXTERIOR or INTERIOR view or if cockpit is too dark... specifically, they mention a symptom that exterior view CHNGES brightness when looking down, or up, sides... everytime you use pan button in mouse or joystick to move your eyesight, exterior view gets washed. When you reset view to forward all is back to normal THAT gentlemen is what the OP meant and asked. I know there is a solution twitching some file inside the Official Msfs but lost track of it. Was hoping to find it here. Hopeless
  2. Im updating this thread cause version names have changed and the replies in this topic turned obsolete Stable Development Experimental Stable is clear. Does someone know the difference between Development and Experimental? Which gets first updated?
  3. sorry to bringa back this thread from 3 months ago Yes, things changed, in current state of win 10 letting windows manage the pagefile freely is better in terms of fps for MSFS2020 according to my experience with and without 1.5 times your ram
  4. And some guys would have only google or Edge open and think "whats the harm in that?" Who knows?? Im not sleeping with you...who know what goes on on your browser, how many sites you follow and favourite that update live info every second, tons of reasons for each user. Let it Be as Paul says...evey guy gets what he deserves. Have stutters? tough
  5. I counted 14 programs running, plus the ones you have in task manager that dont carry an icon, everything counts for resources! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q1BrkHOlo45tGxcIMvIez36QVLsG7fDl/view?usp=sharing
  6. I dont get any stutters, settings all at High but 1080P my rig is medium, 3gb 1060GTx, I5 16RAM 2Tbt SSD I wonder if people claiming serious "pause festival" as someone put it but without specs in ther message, I wonder if they are referring to Ultra settings in 4K (or VR another experimetal area) or external hardwares interacting, home-made cockpits etc You should know by now that Microsoft Flightsims NEVER run smooth at the maximum settings, never did since FS98 days. It will only run smooth at 4K when a new flightsim generation is released at a higher standard Guys, 4K is an experiment, the first flightsim on it, there has never been a flightsim in 4K, plus 4K is only nice if you use large TV sets and want to have the same crispy detail as a 27inch monitor, from a distance (like when you watch Netlfix in the living room) But I guess nobody does that, flightsim is for MONITORS, desktop medium monitors, because we like to be close to the screen, like in a real plane from the front panel. I REALLY have no stutters after this update and had very little before it, not to the extent many cry as unplayable. Other issues to look or to state when you post "still have stutters" issues are things like multiplayer on, vatsim, live AI traffic, external mods or addons interacting with the sim and ...last but nopt least WINDOWS settings, programs eating cpu resources. Basically I dont believe none of you. Users are so vast in stuff connected to their PCs that all comments are untrustable. For every stutter there is a reason and its in your system. 1080P, Joystick Microsoft Sidewinder II (1999), no pedals, no external programs...no stutters To me people crying are guys that have their system messed up, it controls them instead of them in charge of their system
  7. Asobo made games for kids, and were very good at it. Some of the best games for kids, just type Asobo Games in google The fact they were in the kids market doesnt mean they are not capable, the best computer animators and special effects in the world work for Disney or othe kid oriented fantasy mobies and games in 2019 they released A Plague Tale, very good animation and gameplay, check it out
  8. lower resolution to 1080p thats what i do, fps are 60 average, not bad since whatever sim you were playing was at 1080p anyway, and wait until performance improves or read workarounds and rigs from people not having these issues
  9. agree, external programs..hate them. Whats the fun of a decent sim if you have to take an aditional step in preparing? be it weather, atc chatter, flightplans, ...these must be addons you access WITHIN the sim...
  10. Yes, I have a PP license and when you apply flaps there is an increase in lift, if dont do anything the VSI tends to go up. I dont see that effect in the sim anymore, as i said, i wasnt flying much before the fix so i dont know what people referrred to as being wrong. If it was for an increase in lift it wasnt wrong at all. Nice if other RW come forward to comment. As for everybody being happy now...well, xbox users and vast majority arent RW pilots so not surprised Edit> checked again in another aircraft default Caravan and now i feel the flap effects, it seems it was poor only in a third party
  11. Last week I briefly saw long thread about people complaining on a "lift effect when applying flaps" I was confused cause thats exactly what flaps do. Then MS released a HF for this prior to update fix Now Im flying in GA plane and when lower flaps I see no noticable forces acting on the plane (speed doesnt drop, nose doesn slightly go up without pressure, Vsi slight climb if no pressure applied) all symptoms you see in real life when activating flaps. Im I mistaken? when flaps are set its normal to see the plane inflating in lift a bit... why were people complaining and demanding a fix? its true I wasnt flying much before update3 so maybe there was something wrong
  12. so sorry that I am unable to read thru the 21 pages. I desperately need trees to be reduced cause Sugar Loaf in Rio airport SBRJ has trees that are 30% the height of the peak itself, while in real life you dont notice the trees at all, just some green spots, Is there a work-around or we must wait for an update from the tree file mod? tks
  13. me too hate glass cockpits in a sim. This is something MS or devs dont get it Its not because we oldies are die hard of the golden days...they think we are just a bunch of old times were better and counter aviation has changed well, its not that, id love to use a Garmin in a real plane, but in the sim the Garmin takes the whole cockpit, and even then digits are two small and inside graphics...are FS95 quality. Why would i want to buy a top graphic sim like MS2020 and spend most of the flight looking at a FS95 graphic Garmin? Besides, in most parts of the planet GA planes are still analog
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