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  1. Hi, A tip for effect tweakers and p3d designers. Wonder if you have ever put your whole head stuck in an airplane window at cruise Altitude staring at the ocean below. Its not a plain blue. It jas thousands of white lines depicting waves that are braking and spreading foam, although they look as frozen lines, they dont move at all as perceived at cruise alt. Even coastal waves look frozen. They are moving but at such low speed that from the high distance they seem frozen. They actually disappear if your eyes can track them but in its place or very next to it another wave brakes thus giving the impression of a permanent static white line. Ive searched and searched and nobody seems to have even raised this issue in the sim community. I wonder if they have never looked out of the window!! The ocean is full of white patches, lines, very tiny at high altitudes that give the seas their reallistic appearance. I dont think its that difficult to make it right, if anyone else agrees. I know third party have a tick for windy ocean and crust wave tops but they dont seem to fix either or if Im mistaken please correct me.
  2. Hi Matt I hope its fixed. I am about to buy but will only do so if activation is done only ONCE. I shall explain. I have no internet at home where my PC p3dv4 is, only here at the government office. No one in the village has, we are in the middle of the Amazon forrest here, Brazil. So for the purpose of activation either I have to bring the whole destop box here to be able to connect or take the serial home and activate. But I am not going to do it if it keeps asking for activation after it was previously activated thanks luis