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  1. Had the same problem with having to manually start the "AFC_Bridge.exe" before the LED's started to work, but this procedure solved this problem. Thanks for your tip!!!!
  2. Thanks for this info. Last time I visited Foynes there wasn't much to see, but this would be very much worthwile. As we already had a plan to visit Ireland the first possible opportunity in a spring or summer, I am already looking forward to a new visit!
  3. Since last Sim Update the C 172 sometimes hardly moves on some airports. I didn't notice it till I started to fly from/to other airports. I think it also depends on the wind. I guess indeed they know and hope it will be fixed in over a month.
  4. Sorry for posting, found it myself on another drive.
  5. I bought the Carenado Seneca and also can't find the documentation in this map. Are there other possibilities?
  6. Haven't tried the landing lights, but yes, the ground looks a bit white, like ice (The Netherlands). We have a cold summer, but not that cold.
  7. At my PC it is the same. I don't know what it means, but I have no problems running MSFS. When I click a second time on the MSFS icon (because it takes some time before something happens) I get, like cianpars mentions, a warning that FS is already running.
  8. Thanks for the info. Then I will use auto-rudder on take-off till next update. February I guess.
  9. I have some problems like this which only seemes to occur when Live weather has strong winds. I have CH pedals with sensitivity set at -30. When not using Live Weather, but with setting strong winds myself I have no problem taking off smoothly. The problem with strong winds with Live Weather are only on the ground. Once in the air I hardly noticed the strong winds, except by drifting off course. I haven't tested this thoroughly, but it looks like it is related to Live Weather.
  10. Setting the sensitivity to -50% did help a lot. Thanks for this tip! Will try the extremity settings.
  11. Same problem here. Today I saw video's of other people using the runway much more stable than I can with my CH rudder pedals, but I wouldn't know what setting would help. I tried changing settings before, but then I seemed to get problems in the air. Today I changed the sensitivity settings + and - to -30%, but that didn't change too much. Jan
  12. In had no problems paying the Premium de Luxe version from the Microsoft Store, but couldn't find what to do next (no mail with a link to the download). It took me some time to figure out how to obtain Flight Simulator, but I found out and had it installed. Then I couldn't find the extra's of the Premium De Luxe Version, found all the wrong advise from Microsoft. Finally on Avsim, someone suggested that you had to download the extra's from within the simulator. That was correct and now I am a happy customer. You can buy the DVD-version, but MS store will be faster, depending on you internet connection. Good luck with buying and installing! Jan
  13. Ah, yes, likewise. I read that, but it didn't say much to me, having skipped that part of the checklist. But actually it was fun to delve deeper in flying an aircraft. In FSX I mostly didn't try this. Best regards, Jan
  14. Yesterday it was the first time I tried to follow the start procedure of the C 172 and I had the same problem as you had. I thougt I had copied the first part of the checklist to a Word document, but today I started to compare what I did with the auto start function with Auto Complete Item and Evaluation. I was not sure if I correctly interpreted things like open 1/4 inch on my monitor. It took me some time, but finally I found out that I skipped the Before starting engine part of the checklist. In my case it was the Fuel shutoff valve item that was missing from the procedure. So, maybe doing the procedure step by step with the help of Evaluation might help finding what goes wrong. Best regards, Jan
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