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  1. Worked ok this morning around 7am Eastern Standard time USA then shortly went out. STill can't get them now 12 pm Howard
  2. Carabou

    C185F Skywagon cockpit glass

    I totally agree Kevin - I hardly ever fly the 185 for that reason. I can't understand why developers wouldn't give us the option of clear glass.... I have the Alabeo Waco and Staggerwing - both excellent... Have a good day.... Howard
  3. Carabou

    Orbx down as of 1/15/2015?

    All is ok - must have been problem with computer at library I eas using - Orbx was ok on home computer
  4. Carabou

    Orbx down as of 1/15/2015?

    thanks Fitz - I'm on east coast (USA) also, but can't get on either. will try again. Howard
  5. Carabou

    C185F Skywagon cockpit glass

    Hi Kevin - Me too! Carenado's C185F is a wonderful plane but I want to be able to look out at the fantastic Orbx scenery..... I've Googled web mant times, but haven't found an answer. Have you found any answer yet to getting clear glass for the 185F? FYI, I did find clear glass for the Sibwings AN-2 which is a fantastic airplane - clear glass makes a major difference. While I love the 185F, I don't fly it much only because of the glass..... Thanks Howard
  6. Hi folks, Still can't get into either the Orbx or Aussiex. Is it me or are others having same problem? Any news? Thanks Howard
  7. Carabou


    Hi ALan - I have the same problem but mine is definitely due to a known problem with some models of Nvidia cards (mine is a Gforce 6800gs). It only happens in full screen mode. Question - do have this problem in both fullscreen and windowed modes? When did the problem start? Did it happen just after you installed a new addon or made a change of some sort?Howard
  8. Carabou

    Uiver DC 2

    Thanks for your info folks. I do fly the MAAM DC3 in FSX and I may now try the DC2 based on your comments.Howard
  9. Carabou

    Uiver DC 2

    Hi Folks, I'd appreciate any comments folks have who have bought this plane. Looks interesting.THanks Howard
  10. Many thanks Paul - just downloaded and will try later. I have all of your other scenery addons and they are great - looking forward to this one.howard
  11. Hi I have a similar problem which affects aircraft lights as well as those on runways. In my case the black squares disappear and the correct lights are displayed after a 10-15 seconds. I'll check fx-2.bmp tonight when I go home. Thanks for your info.
  12. Carabou

    SP2 Help Please

    Hi, I had the same problem after installing Acceleration. Don't have it anymore - here's what I did.I uninstalled FSX/Acceleration then reinstalled them. Then I tried flying FSX for a while at various FPS settings until I got stutters etc. Then I started backing off on my fps setting until I found one which worked smoothly. In some minor cases I may still get some stutters and I just do the same, reduce fps setting. Important, in my case setting fps to unlimited gives the worst stutters as the computer is continually trying to hunt for the best it can do.Something else happened after I reinstalled fsx and Acceleration. I had lots of ctds and screen freezes before reinstallation. I previously had numerious addons installed (both aircraft and scenery) as I'm an addon junkie. After reinstallation, I carefully added one or two addons at a time and then flew for an hour or so to check for CTDS/freezes. If I got ctds/freezes, I uninstalled the addon I had just installed - then test flew again (hour or so). I've totally gotten rid of them by this method of reinstall an addon and then test fly. So far the main culprits for my system were certain addon aircraft and my enormous and messed up object library for Instant Scenery (IS). IS wasn't the problem, rather I guess it had something to do with the object library I had built from as many and all objects I could find. I'm guessing there must have corruption within the library. I deleted the object library i had set up and then built a new one of ONLY those objects I felt I'd really want to use. In any case I've not had any ctds/freezes since reinstalling FSX/Acceleration and my IS object library.Yes, it took a long time to do all of the above, but it's well worth it. Before doing the reinstalls, I was getting ready to say bye bye to fsx (with addons), as I was getting numerious ctds/freezes everytime I flew.Hope this helps.Good luck...
  13. Carabou

    Anybody tried new grass textures?

    Excellent grass texture for FSX!
  14. Carabou

    Serious freezing problem with FSX

    Thanks, I'll try it.
  15. Carabou

    Serious freezing problem with FSX

    Hi, I have an onboard sound card on my computer. How can I disable it so that it would not be using any system resources? I don't use sound at all due to problems I have with my ears, so I'd like to totally disable the onboard sound card. I also get screen freezing at some times.