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  1. Thanks but I found out to go to options, key assignments and then assign for coordinates/frame rates shift Z for example. Works great. Best
  2. Hi, when I hit shift z fps is not indicated anymore, nothing appears. This is since I got the newest Nvidia driver as well as RPX 750. Is there another way to see what my fps are? Thanks Bernd
  3. Hi, I am new to using the rxp 750 in P3v5 and when I go to add ons, rxp gtn all what I see is Setup Aircraft which I have done several times. Are there not supposed to be some other items once I have setup the aircraft? Again I am new to this and would appreciate your help. Best Bernd
  4. I am just afrais buying used, you do not know what you get plus no warranty. Glad you had luck!
  5. I agree, I think I wait, my 980ti has to do for a while. Thanks
  6. I decided to buy a new 2080ti and looked everywhere such as Amazon, ebay etc. All what I see are mostly used ones which I am not interested in or older new models. Could anyone recommend a place where I can buy a new 2080ti? I appreciate your help. Bernd
  7. Thank you very much. Bernd
  8. Is it worthwhile buying an 1080 ti now or should I wait till prices for the 2080 ti come down? Thanks
  9. Hi, I am trying to find the St Barths airport but do not see a listing in P3. Am I using the wrong name or....? Thanks so much. Bernd
  10. I am trying to install Flight 1 agent but am getting the following error message, could someone please help: C:\Users\BERND\AppData\Local\Temp\7pIqVyO0.exe.part konnte nicht gespeichert werden, weil die Quelldatei nicht gelesen werden konnte. Versuchen Sie es später erneut oder kontaktieren Sie den Server-Administrator. Thanks Bernd
  11. Why should we have to do this, we are spending good money on this and it should at least not crash.
  12. Now getting the DXGI error again with the PMDG 747 and the Maddog. I turned down the textures and my vram was 2.1 of 5.2 when it crashed. Getting really tired of this. Bernd
  13. Skywolf, I did what you recommended with switching the textures resolution to 1024 and it worked. I flew with the PMDG 747 from LA to SFO and NO CTD where I had before a CTD after about 3-5 minutes. I spent hours over hours to resolve this, Skywolf you did it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Bernd
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