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  1. I renamed my community folder and reinstalled the Bell and everything works. Can i just move the Files from the old community folder to the New one or do i have to reinstall all the Mods, addons? Thanks Bernd
  2. Since I installes the heli MSFS 2020 has a CTD , it does not even load anymore the start screen. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much Bernd
  3. Thanks Ryan, I installed the mod but still blank. I guess I have to wait for an update. Thanks for your help!! Bernd
  4. Thanks Marsman, I very much appreciate your explanation. MFD you are right, I thought it said FMC on it. I will try to restart the flight to get it fixed. Best Bernd
  5. I hope someone can help, the FMC on the right side is dark , not showing anything. What did I do wrong? Thanks so much. Bernd
  6. I wonder if someone could help. I have the alpha and bravo for msfs and can't get it set up correctly. Sometimes only one engine start, flaps don't work etc. I just need to start over again, could someone please tell me how to delete the old software and reinstall the new. I wish there would be templates I could use. Thanks for any ideas
  7. Thanks so much. I did not know that I had this. Still starnge because the engine sound inside is so extremely low. Best Bernd
  8. Could someone please help and tell me where I can find the updater file. I went to simmarket and redownloaded the installer but it did not make a difference. Thanks so much. Bernd
  9. Thanks for your response. I am using mainly sims so I guess I do not neeed hdr or gsync? Maybe I just get a curved monitor with high resolutions. Best
  10. Thanks so much, maybe I stay with a flat screen. I have a 28 inch 4k right now but without hdr or gsync.
  11. For weeks I have been looking for this monitor to buy but without any luck. Maybe one of you can help: 4k curved 32 or 34 inch (prefer 34) 3840 x 2160 100-200hz HDR Gsync I would appreciate any help. Bernd
  12. I hope someone can help because i cannot find an answer. I am looking for a 34 inch curved 4k monitor with a 3200 by 2200 resolution. I cannot find any and would appreciate your help. Thankd Bernd
  13. I am looking for a new 4k curved 34 inch monitor with the hightest resolutions, war do you guys recommed? Thanks so much
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