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  1. Thanks, it actually happens at the developer version, in the safe version everything works. APU is running all the time. Thanks so much Bernd
  2. I wonder is someone could help. When I start the FBW A320 the psi of engine 2 is at 0 while at engine 1 is at 278. N1 is at 19 engine 2 vs 40 at engine 1. Any ideas? Thanks Bernd
  3. I am still trying to find a detailed around the World flightplan which i can import into msfs or simbrief. Would very much appreciate your help and ideas. Thanks Bernd
  4. I wonder if someone could help me. I am running the DC6 on msfs and have the problem finding how to unlock the gust lock. I looked through all the doc but there is very little about gust lock. I would very much appreciate your help. Bernd
  5. It says those profiles are for fsx, p3 and xp. I am running MSFS. I do not understand why I have to pay for additional software and to spend who knows how many hours in configuring it. I think it is the responsibility of the hardware producer to also provide the software. Maybe I should just sell the alpha and bravo. Very frustratinb. Thanks Bernd
  6. I wish aerosoft (or other) could provide us with profiles for each aircraft type (single, complex twin etc) as an exe file where we also could edit the input. It should have that after spending $500+. If that already exists I would appreciate if you could tell me where I could find this. Thanks Bernd
  7. I renamed my community folder and reinstalled the Bell and everything works. Can i just move the Files from the old community folder to the New one or do i have to reinstall all the Mods, addons? Thanks Bernd
  8. Since I installes the heli MSFS 2020 has a CTD , it does not even load anymore the start screen. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much Bernd
  9. Thanks Ryan, I installed the mod but still blank. I guess I have to wait for an update. Thanks for your help!! Bernd
  10. Thanks Marsman, I very much appreciate your explanation. MFD you are right, I thought it said FMC on it. I will try to restart the flight to get it fixed. Best Bernd
  11. I hope someone can help, the FMC on the right side is dark , not showing anything. What did I do wrong? Thanks so much. Bernd
  12. I wonder if someone could help. I have the alpha and bravo for msfs and can't get it set up correctly. Sometimes only one engine start, flaps don't work etc. I just need to start over again, could someone please tell me how to delete the old software and reinstall the new. I wish there would be templates I could use. Thanks for any ideas
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