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  1. I agree that turbulence shows up in the 414 yawing substantially in addition to pitch. "Sloppiness" is a good description of the handling now. Not crisp or responsive. All over the place in the slow flight regime.
  2. Me too. Sometimes I'm at 8 fps for two minutes, then suddenly up to 37-39 fps and on with the show. Wonder what's going on for the two minutes? although I suspect it has something to do with using Ingamepanels for Little NavMap in VR.
  3. Sorry, Adrian123. I was unaware that you have personal knowledge that no one else is experiencing the problem.
  4. Great, but can FSW expect paying customers to rely on 3rd party fixes? Bogus.
  5. My mixture levers on the Bravo TQ display no control of the levers in the cockpit. How do you configure levers 5 and 6 for mixture control (or condition control, although the cockpit says "mixture)?? In fact, if I move them with the mouse, they spring back to top position instantly. What gives?? Thanks.
  6. MSFS Add-ons Linker shows v.1.31 as 1.30? Is that so for everyone? Otherwise, how can I ascertain which version I installed? Thanks.
  7. I believe there's been some changes in the Controls settings menu that screws up active determination of the bindings. When you make a settings change, you have to unflip that switch to get it to show up and respond to "search by input." Hope they fix it back to the way it worked back when Rmag made those videos.
  8. Look for YouTube videos by Rmag - he answers many Bravo setup questions simply and clearly.
  9. The .exe file is an installer, not meant to be run every time you use the sim. If you run the .exe file it should find your Community folder install the driver automatically, and the ONLY result in your Community file should be "AFC_Bridge" with respect to the Bravo lighting working. This is loaded automatically when the sim is started up, and my LED lights and AP panel lights have been working properly since last December without any further intervention.
  10. No disrespect intended, but they've had the AFC_Bridge software to activate the LED's since day one, available from the Honeywell or Aerosoft websites. Been using it without incident since before Christmas 2020. NOTE: Just run the .exe file and it will find your Community folder and install the AFC_Bridge file. DO NOT put the .exe file in your Community folder directly.
  11. Macrium Reflect Free does a great job of cloning, especially if you are not cloning a system drive. If it's just data. Reflect will make short and easy work of it.
  12. Have you installed the Homeycomb driver software for the lights?
  13. Likewise, using Installer, stable version doesn't show up in my hangar or in the runway.
  14. Direct download stable version doesn't show up in my hangar or in the runway?!
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