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  1. Might be under Pictures/screenshots.
  2. Yes, in the World Map approaches as well.
  3. If I do a backcourse ILS approach and enable REV (“BC”) the LOC needle never centers – it gets close but flies parallel to the runway centerline, never maneuvering to seek the center position. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Look in the GTN750 thread in the MSFS forum. Links to JD’s mod is there.
  5. Ark: Thanks, but I was referring to JD's mod on the mod, extending the GTN750 to the Cirrus, X-Cub, Steam-gauge C172, Jabiru, Carenado planes, Etc. I apologize for not making the distinction clear. Thanks again.
  6. All works with the C208, Bonanza, etc., but I can't get it to show up in the X-Cub or modded X-cub? Any thoughts appreciated.
  7. Do not put the entire .zip folder in Community. Just extract the contents, AFC_Bridge, to the Community folder. Should auto start.
  8. That's the problem, a correct diagnosis. Now the disease needs to be cured.. MS/Asobo should hotfix this screw-up immediately.
  9. I set the right mouse click to pause Trackir within the trackir V software. When I click the right mouse button, the trackir freezes. Then holding down the right mouse button I can move the free look camera around the cockpit as if there were no trackir. Clicking the right mouse button again restores the trackir function within the cockpit.
  10. Locate the PA44 file in .../Official/OneStore and delete it. Restart sim and re-download from content manager.
  11. Happy with my Gigabyte Aorus Elite z490 board and I7-10700. Just saying....
  12. How are you shutting down the Seminole's engines? Why would you use the prop control at all? You kill the engines by starving them of fuel by pulling back the mixture controls. That;s how you stop the engines in most GA prop aircraft. Why the prop controls? They change the prop pitch, they do not shut down the engines. And I believe you cannot feather props at idle on the ramp anyway. If you want to stop the engines at the end of the flight, pull the mixture controls full back.
  13. "Unusable" simply means you don't like it. I've got 500 hrs GA IRL, and I love the pitch setting of the Alpha out of the box. I swear I can feel the pressure coming off with trim applied, as IRL. I appreciate that is merely my sense impression, but I find it a good simulation with most AC.
  14. Back in the 80's. I was flying a C140 across the U.S. and developed a radio problem near El Paso. After burning a bunch of fuel trying to work it out, I landed at a new airpark and telephoned El Paso tower to make an appointment to make a Nordo (no radio) entry the next day with light signals from the tower and alerts from the tower to other aircraft about the Nordo aircraft (me) in the pattern. In the interim, the folks at the housing development were good enough to sell me avgas. However, they weren't too happy that I was the first aircraft to land on their brand new runway!
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