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  1. Still shows in Add-Ons Linker as v.1.10. Is updating the json file a lot of work?
  2. The plane’s heading apparatus does not respond the the Bravo’s rotary encoder for heading mode. Also, it does not respond reliably to VS input from the Bravo AP panel. I hope it’s something I overlooked but I don’t think so…
  3. Any offering that does not respond to Bravo Throttle AP using MSFS control assignments out of the box is just plain broken. Beautiful plane and shabby AP configuration. Once again anything from the Marketplace should not require AAO‘s or Spad to fix it. Disappointing.
  4. BTW, I did get the cable you suggested from Corsair. What an improvement! Thanks.
  5. Developers are merely lazy if they write control assignments in a language other than MSFS 2020 understands. I mean they are writing for MSFS 2020 aren't they??? I hate the idea of needing AAO or Spad to use the AP functions of my Bravo Throttle. Hated when the WT CJ-4 required mouse input for AP functions, and was thrilled when the CJ-4 went default and was totally usable with the Bravo. I'll shelve the ATR until that changes.
  6. Sorry to mislead, I have the Gigabyte 4090 in a Meshify 2 Compact.
  7. Meshify 2 and Gigabyte 4090 -- just barely fits, I mean really snug at the back, but it does fit.
  8. Redundant, I know, but THANK YOU so much for your continuing massive contribution to simming!
  9. You're correct. of course, I meant the Alt rocker on the ALPHA! Senior moment...
  10. Solution for me with Alpha yoke was to map Alternator rocker switch to "on" and "off". rather than "Set Alternator". Stopped the Stby Alt annunciator light.
  11. I use a Bravo Throttle Quadrant and changed the Alternator assignment from “alternator set” to separate assignments for “alternator on” and “alternator off”. Solved the problem for me.
  12. Here’s a vote for Ingamepanels All-in-One from Flightsimulator.me. Check it out.
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