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  1. Hello Sim Friends .... Recently I purchased an HP Laptop that uses Windows 8.1 Pro and that runs an I7-4700MQ processor with an NVidia GT740M and 16 gigs of memory. I was looking forward to running FS9 smoothly. Two problems ... one minor ... the other major. 1) MINOR ISSUE: I have a black screen where the 3D aircraft selection should appear. I searched and others have had a similar problem but I was not able to locate a fix. 2) MAJOR ISSUE: ALL and I repeat ALL ... with no differences according to speed or distance ... ALL Ground Textures are very low resolution. Like you can kind of tell that there is supposed to be a road there, etc. I've been doing FS-9 for years and then FSX for years and I have been through "blurries meat grinder" several times. But this problem never varies ... the textures NEVER get sharp ... They are ALL the same low resolution ALL of the time. The 3-D models sit there very nicely on top of the very low resolution ground textures. So far as I can tell the sim is working fine except for the lousy visual quality of ground textures. I have searched the internet and the forums and i can't find anyone with an issue where ALL of the textures are low resolution ALL of the time. Again ... I am not talking of where textures are blurry and then "pop" into sharp clarity. Everything is low resolution ... all of the time. Does anyone have any thoughts? If so ... much appreciated. :rolleyes: Thanks, Steve
  2. If so, I have a couple of questions. I've given up on FSGenesis for Mesh. So I'm looking to go the FSGLobal direction. 1) How does the high resolution mesh affect the load times? I have a large SSD. 2) If I purchased the N/S America mesh in "Ultimate," and I eventually added the FS Global 2010, do they work together? ... yielding the higher resolutions Stateside while offering the lower res. (on average) FS Global 2010 mesh for the rest of the world? 3) if you have owned both Ultimate and FS Global 21010 ... how do your compare the appearance in areas where Ultimate is installed. 4) Are all of the airports uncorrected for terrain elevation deviations ... or are some of the larger ones correct? 5) And finally ... these are huge installs from 20 to 40 gigs! Must they be installed on the FSX drive? Would it slow the show down too much if they are on another drive, if possible. I really don't know about this at all ... maybe the mesh always installs in the FSX folder. P.S. They are making an edition of FS Global 2010 that supposedly is compatible with FTX products. Are there really any difference Thanks for any thoughts, info, or advice. Steve
  3. John ... I am already logged in on the FTX forums ... I just went there tonight for the first time in years. I have already bought significant amounts of Orbx. but I clicked on your link above ( ) ... and all that comes up is this screen: Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#103139]You do not have permission to view this forum. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator So what gives?? When I logged out, and tried it ... it worked that time. Will peruse the document. Thanks.
  4. pastorpilot

    FSX traffic settings with UT2

    Just as a side ... I've been away for about 4 years. Can anyone refresh my memory on which program has the most realistic models? I know that can be a bit of a performance hit. Thanks.
  5. How exciting is that possibility!! Thanks guys... Sounds like ASN has a handle on this. My earlier version (Evolution, I believe) didn't help. Can't wait to give it a try. Machine coming next Tuesday. Currently organizing software for re-install. AS soon as I find my ASE key, to be sure I can use the cheaper upgrade version, I will download ASN.
  6. I am just now returning to FSX with a new machine. Do I recall correctly that it is IMPOSSIBLE with the "volumetric" clouds, to simulate solid IFR ... with zero visibility in the clouds and the ability to break out in the clear? With previous versions I could be solid IFR and break out at Decision Height or Minimum Descent Altitude if I had the ceilings set properly. What is the best proper way to set the weather to simulate true solid cloud until break out into the open on descent? If this can't be done, then the sim is not helpful for simulating real approaches unless you just black out the entire outside window. I don't want to be able to see things through the clouds (except when flying through a broken layer) until I breakout on the approach. I will be using the newest version of REX and Active Sky, if that makes a difference. Thanks ahead for any info! - Steve
  7. Thank you, Bill. I like your last idea since I already have UTX. I just hope FTX Global is as good as GEX.
  8. Thank you, zoran ... But of course ... I forgot the object is to .... ahem ... be profitable. I think I can live with the US mesh I have, if it will work, Its from FSGenesis. Anyone who has it working in North America scenery ... How do you compare the look with a GEX/UTX install with some good landclass and mesh? Also ... am I right? Global base does what GEX does and Global Vector does what UTX does?
  9. A new system arrives next week. What should I buy? What should I install? FSX is loaded. I own quite a few FTX scenery products, Australia, New Zealand, North America, some airports, but not Ireland, Wales, etc. I own GEX and UTX, also Scenery Tech land class and mesh for North America from FS Genesis. Should I buy Global Base/Global Vector? The screenshots ALWAYS look enticing. If so ... HOW are they layered. I'm sorry, I've read and read and I am not sure I get it. Does G-Base do what GEX does and does does G-Vector do what UTX does. I dream of a product or three that does what GEX, UTX, Landclass, and Mesh does from all the different sources. I understand that Orbx will not have American landclass for some months. Does anyone know of a link to a good article or explanation on how this all works. $150+ is a lot of money for me to throw at Orbx when I'm not certain what I am getting. That's a lot to ask. I just can't seem to put the pieces of the different posts together. Tell me to just read some more and I will get it??? I won't be offended. :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks again, for all of the thoughts, my friends. I feel better equipped to research and choose!
  11. Thanks Ryan ... the Stand Alone looks very impressive, indeed.
  12. Agood ... When you speak of the deficiencies of the G1000 in the Flight1 products, are you speaking of the unit installed in their planes or the stand alone G-1000 simulator ... the one priced at $249 for academic use? Thanks.
  13. Thanks again, Bert. I will definitely check out the 182. Loooking for as close to a complete implementation as available.
  14. Thanks, friends. Great food for thought. 100 mhz is less of an issue to me, than the heat situation and no desire to have surgery done on a $300 chip.
  15. Wow, thanks, Bert. I'm a CFI-I getting ready to get back in the saddle after many years of a layoff. I quit before glass cockpits. I am just now purchasing a new Haswell computer. Last time I ran FSX I was using the current E6700 which is an absolute antique, now. You saved me some time here. The $249 doesn't scare me because its an educational investment in what I want to do in real airplanes. Thanks again ... this software really excites me. :rolleyes: