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  1. Been using this since release. Much better than default.
  2. WELL over that. They still have Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania to cover. There's got to be another 10 packs at least with that lot. It's going to over $200 for the world! I'm the last person to be judging peoples sanity, but from where I'm sitting, anyone who thinks that's reasonable has completely lost touch with reality 😄
  3. Indeed, the New Bing data is a lot better than Google in many places. Love having the choice. I'd certainly be more surprised to see MS pull the plug, so yes, all is not lost if Google put a stop to it. Pretty sure they are using the new Bing maps data with the latest world updates. It all has to be "processed" before putting it in the sim though. (colour matching+cloud/shadow cleanup etc.) so they cant just update the world in one go.
  4. Indeed. As much as I love this mod I'm preparing mentally to not have it much longer. Surely the big G wont allow this to go on forever. I'll have to take a few days off flightsim if that happens to try and forget how good the sim looks with it on.
  5. I doubt very much you do. I'm on 400Mb and don't use any cache (in game or in app) and it works flawlessly. Turn it off, your drives will thank you.
  6. I got one of the birds packs. After flying down the coast and having the same lookin group of gulls circling every 100yds for 10 miles, and the poorly animated birds hovering like hummingbirds over the runway, I was done. It's poorly done, and the size of the each area is crazy small. If they do that for the whole world it would cost you an absolute fortune. (Just looked at SimMarket. 11 packages at 9.60 Euros each so far, just for the US/Canada/Europe. That's right, for about the same price of some poorly done birds for NA/EU you could buy the Fenix A320, twice! ) Their "Traffic In Sight" actually looks like something i wouldn't mind picking up , but as it looks like they are going down exactly the same ridiculous pricing/coverage route as the birds packages It's a big fat "no thanks" from me.
  7. No need to touch it. Leave it on. *Moot I'm on Bob's ignore list i believe, could someone let him know to leave it on please. No need to point out the grammar though 😉
  8. This is the annoying bit. I have google providing my ortho, I'm in the middle of Alaska, so i'm not fussed about live traffic. My flight could continue just fine but that bloody annoying message is in my face.
  9. Yes, just started getting it. All fine with my connection as well.
  10. As mine is 100% stable and working fine I'm leaving it 0n v5.0.7. for the moment.
  11. Did a quick test flying SW out of Narita for 10 mins and all seemed fine with New Bing.
  12. C:\Users\*your name*\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache (If on Store version, not sure if its the same for Steam).
  13. Absolutely! We all have our favorite/regular places to fly, though I think for a lot of long time simmers this was party dictated in the past by where there was some decent addon scenery. The West coast of the US/PNW/Western EU and AUS have historically been the best covered scenery wise. Now, whilst not all places are as detailed as others, we have the whole planet. Vast amounts in stunning detail and even the worst parts far better than we've ever had before. There's no excuse not to get out of your comfort zones and actually explore our incredible virtual world. So many of my best flights in MSFS have been exploring and discovering previously unknown (in the sim) places. Whilst everyone is of course free to enjoy the sim any way they wish, when i see people who "dont need the world updates because i only fly in the UK" etc i can only say... "your loss!"
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