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  1. Been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve found this post very interesting but just wanted to add that I personally still run FSX-SE and never made the switch to P3D. I know. I know. Ridiculous! But let me say this: there was no way that I was gonna fork over hundreds of dollars to have all the addons that I currently have working successfully in FSX in P3D. I just couldn’t justify it. Ya ya. I know. What about the OOM errors? The 64 bit platform? I rarely am bothered with OOM’s and everything just, well, works! The scenery though? Horrible! But that’s not really want I’m interested in. Accurate system simulation is more important to me. I upgraded my system recently with the coming of MSFS which I currently own and LOVE! But, as we all know it has its limitations and issues. If I want to fly VFR, nothing even comes close to MSFS at the moment. If I want to fly long haul in a tube liner I go back to FSX and the PMDG products which are second to none in my opinion. Same goes for a truly realistic GA aircraft. I own all of the A2A products also and have gotten a ton of enjoyment out of all of them. A lot of money invested for sure in this hobby but nope. No way I was ever gonna pay for a product twice. Glad I didn’t because here we have MSFS and it is the future. We all know that. They’re committed to this over the next 10 years as they say. Will I buy the PMDG and the A2A products when they’re available for this platform? Absolutely! But to have bought them again for a dressed up version of FSX? Are you kidding? I don’t think I’m alone with this sentiment. Sorry for maybe being a little off topic from the OP comments by that’s my 2 cents. For what it’s worth.
  2. Thanks all for your replies regarding this issue. Good to know I’m not the only one. This has GOT to be fixed at some point. I’m hopeful that it will be. I haven’t seen it on the official open issue items at the MSFS forums though. As far as the VR suggestion, it makes me a little nervous to spend that kind of money considering the issues people have had with motion sickness which I am prone to. Thanks everyone. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a fix for this soon.
  3. I’ve been experiencing an irritating issue with Track ir in MSFS 2020. When I pause track ir, after a few seconds it will reset to the default forward facing view. I’ve looked in all the settings and can’t for the life of me figure out how to stop this. If I want to focus on something outside or in the cockpit and I pause that view it just snaps right back to the upfront view. Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. See below. Also, read through the posts and find out how to stop the update from installing.
  5. When I first experienced the issue with the QOTSII not loading in FSX-SE I did submit a ticket. I was asked to send in the crash log report which I did. Shortly thereafter I discovered on my own that the problem was with the W10 update and shared this with others in the forum who were having the same issue. I received a reply from support at that time that basically said it looked as though I solved my own problem, or at least discovered it, which to that I replied that I had but asked what, if anything, PMDG recommends we do about it going forward. I haven't received an answer yet. I have faith that PMDG will make some kind of statement regarding this at some point though. RSR strikes me as being a good guy and I'm sure he wants to do right by the people who buy PMDG products. I know it's not their fault that their product doesn't play nicely with this latest update but it would be nice to hear from them regarding this.
  6. I apologize for not doing a little research before hand. I was not aware that this update had caused so many problems with other programs also. I do agree it is not PMDG's problem but I do wish that they would at least chime into this conversation and at least keep their customers informed. However, I do realize that that is just the way PMDG is and we'll all just have to live with it I guess
  7. I think it would be good if PMDG would comment on this issue we're having with their products that we paid a lot of money for. To keep us informed of what their stance is on this conflict we're experiencing with the W10 update of late would calm a lot of anxious nerves. I love PMDG's products and have supported them for many years but I'm a little surprised right now of their silence regarding this issue. I believe it's only fair to those who have supported this great developer to at least let us know where they stand and what we should do going forward with regard to installing an apparently important update to the security of our operating system. Just a quick word to say whether they are looking into it or not would make a us all feel a lot better about this company that we love. Thanks.
  8. See this thread. The solution to the problem with loading the QOTS II may also apply to the NGX in your case
  9. I can definitely confirm that this is the issue because I just re-installed this update and the issue started again. Uninstalled it again and the issue went away. For me it was just the QOTS II that wouldn't load and caused the program to crash. All is well now but something needs to be done about this though because the updates should still be installed at some point I feel. Thanks.
  10. Sorry about that. Here is the update that I deleted: 2017-09 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4038788)
  11. SUCCESS GENTLEMEN!! I Deleted a Windows update from September 12th and I've got the queen back. Worked for me guys. Give it a try(If you dare defy the great Microsoft). I knew it was nothing I did because I haven't installed or changed anything before I started having this problem that we've been dealing with. Whew! Glad I got that sorted out.
  12. I have tried just about everything I can think of. I've uninstalled the 744 and reinstalled. I've deleted the recent W10 updates. I've even installed an earlier version of the 744 QOTS II. Also tried downloading the most recent installer and reinstalled. I've tried running it without AS2016 and ASCA. Still experiencing the issue.
  13. You're not the only person suffering from this problem. Having the same issue. Started right after the recent updates. I opened a ticket yesterday for it. When I select any QOTS II livery on the free flight screen FSX-SE crashes. Doesn't matter what airport I select to load it at. I've tried loading the trike at various airports and then select the 744 with no luck. Crashes every time. No problems with any other aircraft and I own most of PMDG's aircraft.
  14. Well, I guess the backup gens. only takeover when airborne because I took off and turned both gen. ctrl switches off and low and behold the synoptic shows that the backup gen is powering the bus now. Is that stated in the manual anywhere? https://www.dropbox.com/s/71in09jrn04b607/bu gen.png?dl=0 Learn something new every day.
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