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  1. Really struggling to clean up my exhaust. I figure black smoke means too much fuel so I lean my engines using the EGT gauge. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I end up with white and black smoke despite all engines being set the same way. It’s driving me nuts. Any advice for clearing my exhaust would be appreciated. also, I still can’t figure out the auto/gyro pilot. Can’t get it to hold straight and level flight. I think I read that it won’t turn or climb and descend but will hold you straight and level. So I flew with clear skies and still couldn’t get it to hold.
  2. Is there a decent sound replacement for the Carenado ATR 42? There are certain issues that cannot be fixed by one, but there are also some awful loopings that drive me near madness during a flight.
  3. No The profile does not work. I can't use it to fly the Phenom with 2 people on board 550 nm. Something is seriously wrong I calculates needing nearly 7000lbs of fuel for the flight.
  4. I have tried to tackle this "paint kit" and this one is more difficult than even most Carenado paint kits. On this one, it's like they did NOT want the community to make a paint. Anyway, lots of talk about having a NetJets paint for it, so here is my version. It is now available in the AVSIM library. Enjoy
  5. Absolute nonsense. Great plane
  6. Contrary to the content of the other post on here, I’ve found the 330 to be an excellent value. I enjoy flying it. It flies really well, and it handles like butter on the approach. I’ve already got quite a few hours in it in Alaska and it’s been great. The only thing I’m not happy about is that more doors don’t open, like the primary side door won’t open. I’d also like the option of removing the seating completely so it’s not always a hybrid cargo/passenger configuration, like in their 208, you can change the layout of the seats. I’d also like to see a easy to work with paintkit. I flew on several real world Short 330s as a kid making commuter flights in the NE US and it replicates the feel of it very well.
  7. Could you please fix this paint? The Alpha layer still has Canadian Pacific in it so when you fly it at night you have to see that paint bleed through.
  8. I bought Xplane because the FF 767 looked amazing. It is a great plane. Much better than the Level D I must say. I am flying the 767 for my V.A. and I’m having an issue with the year. XUIPC is telling my V.A. Acars program that it is 2014 instead of 2019. Everything else is correct. There is no way to change the year in Xplane that I can find, so where is xuipc getting the data to tell acars that it is 2014?
  9. Thank you! Spent the day today figuring it out. Here is my first P3D scenery for Alaska Adventures Ketchikan Hub. Just a hangar and seaplane dock: https://imgur.com/7BgUaMI
  10. I used to do a lot of scenery in FS9, but stopped for FSX and Prepar3d. Now I have created scenery for my VA that I would like to place in FSX/P3D. Is there anyone who can point me to a good tutorial, or would be willing to meet me on Discord or online somewhere where we could discuss it? Thank you. BDS
  11. I have Manfred’s DC-3 and the Ulver DC-2 both I stapled in P3D. I need to figure out the sound set up because the checklist reading doesn’t work for me in P3D but everything else works great. The Ulver DC-2 has great exteriors, great flight dynamics, but I am not a fan of the cockpit textures at all. I also think it must be a European cockpit issue, but there is no Sperry Autopilot and no NDB. It makes navigating the routes across the US a little more difficult at the older airports. On the Jahn DC-3, I really wish they had implemented the Sperry autopilot like we had in the Maam DC-3, but absent an update to that plane, it is pretty darned good. And it’s freeware. As freeware it’s unbelievably high quality. I also appreciate the interior and exterior textures. (Except there seems to be no decent TWA paint for it. The one I found looks like it was cobbled together)
  12. Thank you! I think I understand now. Appreciate it. So it I want to climb at 1100 BHP, for example, and takeoff at sea level, and the OAT is 11 C, and the carb temp is 31C, I use BMEP of 37.4 during my climb...right? Brian Smith
  13. And how do you determine horsepower? It’s not bmep, right? Brian Smith
  14. Stupid question time: I am trying to figure out the charts at the end of the POH to plan my step climb to my cruise alt to pick up some speed. I cannot figure out what charts charts to use to figure out my climb power and the service ceiling for the particular weight to maximize my climb. Climbing to a higher altitude in a prop isn’t going to add to your range like in a jet. Your fuel burn is roughly the same at altitude, but I will have a higher TAS, so to maximize efficiency, I want to maintain the highest TAS I can for my weight at a given moment. So I want to climb to my service ceiling for the weight I am and then climb again when I’ve shed enough fuel weight to raise the ceiling. How can I plan that and how do I use those charts? one Set of charts says METO then 1500, 1400 etc So meto maximum except takeoff power, maximum cruise power essentially for the climb, what are the other numbers? Not v/s then there are a set of charts that are listed as torquemeter horsepower What are those for? thanks Sorry for asking a stupid question, I’m sure it’s obvious to you prop geniuses i just can’t find the answer
  15. It’s not that simple. The message basically locks you out of the FMC and you can’t make any changes to fix the issue. It’s damned frustrating frankly because you cannot clear or delete the message. It would be nice if we could get an answer.
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