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  1. GrizzlyAir

    Planning a step climb

    Thank you! I think I understand now. Appreciate it. So it I want to climb at 1100 BHP, for example, and takeoff at sea level, and the OAT is 11 C, and the carb temp is 31C, I use BMEP of 37.4 during my climb...right? Brian Smith
  2. GrizzlyAir

    Planning a step climb

    And how do you determine horsepower? It’s not bmep, right? Brian Smith
  3. GrizzlyAir

    Planning a step climb

    Stupid question time: I am trying to figure out the charts at the end of the POH to plan my step climb to my cruise alt to pick up some speed. I cannot figure out what charts charts to use to figure out my climb power and the service ceiling for the particular weight to maximize my climb. Climbing to a higher altitude in a prop isn’t going to add to your range like in a jet. Your fuel burn is roughly the same at altitude, but I will have a higher TAS, so to maximize efficiency, I want to maintain the highest TAS I can for my weight at a given moment. So I want to climb to my service ceiling for the weight I am and then climb again when I’ve shed enough fuel weight to raise the ceiling. How can I plan that and how do I use those charts? one Set of charts says METO then 1500, 1400 etc So meto maximum except takeoff power, maximum cruise power essentially for the climb, what are the other numbers? Not v/s then there are a set of charts that are listed as torquemeter horsepower What are those for? thanks Sorry for asking a stupid question, I’m sure it’s obvious to you prop geniuses i just can’t find the answer
  4. GrizzlyAir


    It’s not that simple. The message basically locks you out of the FMC and you can’t make any changes to fix the issue. It’s damned frustrating frankly because you cannot clear or delete the message. It would be nice if we could get an answer.
  5. Ben, the streaming is obviously still not working on the website (which is disappointing because I wanted to watch the videos on my phone when I’m bored at work). Is there a way for us to watch them directly on vimeo and bypass the api? Or is this a matter of needing to be ptient a few more months. P.s. is that your voice in fs2crew uk?
  6. GrizzlyAir

    Timing list of ground operations

    Asking in the maddog x forum... but no need to answer now. I sat through several flights and wrote down all the times. A little tedious, but I have my answer now. Thank you
  7. I would like to know if anyone has made a list of the events that happen and at what times after you click start I want to use GSX for my boardIng and pushback and I’d like to coincide those operations with the Fs2Crew time table Is there a list somewhere? I’ve searched this and the NGX Forums and the faq to no avail Maybe I missed it? Thank you for the product and excellent support. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. GrizzlyAir

    No boarding music

    Did you check the volume setting for your background music in the setup portion of the load manager?
  9. GrizzlyAir

    Night texture during day

    I have this problem in P3D. I don’t have open LC. Never have. But I have night textures that appear everywhere and in Hawaii I have water textures as land textures in the islands. No idea what causes it, so I could reallllly use some advice since I just switched from FSX to P3D with 4.2
  10. GrizzlyAir

    Boarding Music for TWA
  11. I have created a "boarding music" file for TWA pilots that includes a commercial for TWA and a TWA safety video recording. If anyone is interested , i've uploaded it to the AVSIM file library as a P3D Other Files
  12. Ok. Thank you. I’ll submit the bug report
  13. I am doing what is necessary to see if anyone else was experiencing it. I don’t want to declare it is a bug unless someone else can confirm it.
  14. So entering data into the FMC by holding tab do I can use the keyboard is great. I love it when developers include this as a feature since it makes some slow data entry much faster. But when I type ‘S’ it does not work. I have to mouse over to the letter S on the FMC to enter it. Since I fly in and out of St Louis a lot, it can be annoying. Anyone else having this problem or do I have something I need to fix?
  15. Can the 2006&2008 reprints for the maddog be used in P3D? I’m trying to find some TWA and Ozark paints to fly and that’s all I can find for Now. Not sure if hey are just lower quality, or if they are completely unusable?