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  1. It's ON, together with all realism settings. I'm surprised no one else had experienced this. Other thing to notice is that this always happens on ENG #3.
  2. That was a good try, but was not the case. It happened more than one time, with different aircraft (as you can see on the images) and always after the flight. It never stops, even with the aircraft in cold & dark state. The only way to make it stop is to reset the flight.
  3. It's all closed. Could be a bug with effect itself?
  4. What would be that (after shutdown)?
  5. Done! Thank you.
  6. Maybe the solution is here:
  7. @PMSoares maybe this can help you with the Carb Heaters.
  8. The most classic and famous company in Brazil also had a DC-6B in their fleet. A must have!
  9. It would be nice to have a Real paint. It was an important brazilian company.
  10. I'm also waiting for the wheel texture fix.
  11. I'm curious about where did this procedure come from. It really works, but it's not what we have on POH as you can see on page 201. 2.2. starting engines Start engines in following order — 3-4-2-1. Engine selector switch — position to engine being started. Safety switch — “ON” frst; then start switches “ON.” Turn engine over with starter. Watch propeller motion. If any sign of hesitation or stoppage occurs, disengage starter and investigate. After engine has turned freely 11 to 14 blades, turn ignition switch “ON.” Fuel booster pump for engine being started—“LOW.” Primer switch — “ON” as required. Mixture control — “AUTO RICH” after engine fires. Trottle — adjust to 800 to 1000 engine rpm, watching for engine and cabin supercharger oil pressure rise. If pressure does not show within 30 seconds after starting, stop engine and investigate. Fuel booster pump — “OFF.” Hydraulic system pressure — check (2600 to 3050 psi). If external power source was used to start engines, turn battery selector switch to “PLANE BATTERY” and disconnect external power supply after all engines are started.
  12. Is this fix avaliable in the last update (v1.20.8430) released this weekend? It seems not. :(
  13. Well, that's different from the POH. In the POH we have: 2.5. PRE take-off (1) Flight instruments—check. (2) Wing flaps-“20°” down. (3) Cowl flaps—“4°” open. (4) Fuel booster pumps as required. (5) Air conditioning controls—SET. (6) Captain’s instrument and radio inverter opposite to first officer’s. (7) Controls—gust lock disengaged and controls FREE. (8) Mixture controls—“AUTO RICH.” This also means that the AFE takeoff does not work in low temperatures. Is that right? It should be at least documented. I'll try your procedure and check if it works as soon as I can. Thanks Alexander
  14. I'm having the same issue that Paulo is having, except that it still hapens with +1C. I made a test with 3 situations, on the same airport: PAFA 012210Z 00000KT 9999 FEW012 SCT017 BKN070 BKN200 M20/M21 A3082 PAFA 012153Z 00000KT 10SM FEW070 00/00 A3082 PAFA 012153Z 00000KT 10SM FEW070 01/00 A3082 I was using the AFE in all these 3 situations. All of them gave me a high CHT during the takeoff. In the video below you can see the takeoff with +1C. What I realized during my flight was that, as high as the external temperature, as low as the CHT will be.
  15. It would be awesome to have the Vasp livery.