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  1. That's the exactly reason I started to use XML instead Scenery library method. It's safer and we do not mess with the original files. However, this limitation/bug is a pain.
  2. I'll look for them. Thanks!
  3. So you already started to have issues because of this limitation. This is what I suspected would be the worst scenario. I hope LM correct this soon, until that, I'm in doubt if the XML is the best solution instead the old Scenery Library.
  4. I prefer to have a folder with all addons effects than put in P3D effects folder. It's always best to leave the P3D untouched. The perfect world would be not have this limitation, but I think that can be a good temporary solution.
  5. That's interesting. What if I create one entry just for all the effects together? It should work… Have anyone tried that?
  6. Yes, a lot of textures won't load and the objects became dark, just like the preview.
  7. I hope it will be in a hotfix soon.
  8. Really? Most of modern addons (scenery and aircraft) use this method, I believe we will be in trouble pretty soon.
  9. After migrating to P3D v4.1, I started to add all my freeware sceneries via add-on.xml method. It's very nice, because you don't need to copy Effects files to the sim folder. The problem is that if I have more than 38 entries in my add-ons folder, I start to have some texture issues, like you can see in the picture bellow: It only happens if I have more than 38 entries, no matter what add-on is. Do you know if there is any limit of add-ons that can be added to the sim?
  10. I found all add-on.xml details and parameters here: It's possible to set a specific layer for the scenery using the <layer> tag.
  11. I notice that I can't (maybe I can, but I don't know how) control the scenery layer order using add-on.xml method, and that's an disadvantage compared to the Scenery Library method. However, It would really nice to keep scenery/texture/effects/sounds/simobjects outside the main sim folder structure. I'll try to learn a little bit more about it. I just found this:
  12. After migrating to P3Dv4.1, I started do add some sceneries that does not have a installer using the "Add-ons" method, like modern companies (A2A, FSDT, Flightbeam) are doing. In that way, I don't need to copy effects files to the sim folder, keeping the installation folders cleaner. But after adding about 15 sceneries this way, I noticed some collateral effect. Some GSX vehicles loose their textures and even some aircraft like A2A and PMDG stoped to load their textures (and became black). Removing all the sceneries xml from the add-ons directory, makes everything comes back to normal. Now, I'd like to know how you guys are doing. What's the best way to add manually installed sceneries? 1. Use the modern way, through Add-ons folder and xml 2. Use the old way, through Scenery Library
  13. It's ON, together with all realism settings. I'm surprised no one else had experienced this. Other thing to notice is that this always happens on ENG #3.
  14. That was a good try, but was not the case. It happened more than one time, with different aircraft (as you can see on the images) and always after the flight. It never stops, even with the aircraft in cold & dark state. The only way to make it stop is to reset the flight.
  15. It's all closed. Could be a bug with effect itself?