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  1. As you can see, working like a charm now. Thank you guys!! Now it's time to fly! 🚀
  2. I’ll try this late today, and report the results here. Thank you both guys to be so helpful! I love this aircraft.
  3. Yes, the AP works fine. This issue just affect the lights. Thank you Ark!
  4. Same issue here, but on P3D v4.5 HF2. I just updated my Lear to v4.3 and now my AFCS lights doesn't work. It was fine on v4.2g. This image is showing the light test.
  5. I notice another solution. As soon as you load up the simulator. Make the AFCS test and check if the lights are working. If not, just load the Learjet again, over the current flight. It works 100% times here.
  6. Updated link: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=195863
  7. I thought this was a F1 related issue, but since you say RXP also has the same issue, this make think it's something related to the Garmin Simulator software.
  8. Exactly the same here. Let's hope there is a solution for that.
  9. Sorry for the dummy question, but does the paint kit available the website bellow include the latest Lear 35A textures (with PBR and improved resolution)? https://flysimware.com/website2019/flysimwares-learjet-35a/#
  10. Does anyone using Flight1 GTN750 has the DCT TO button not working? All softwares are updated: Lear 35A v4.2G, GTN 750 v1.16, P3D v4.5 HF2.
  11. I was having exactly the same issue here. The solution was to create a new Scenario as @Boeing or not going said (thanks buddy!).
  12. Somebody needs to give @Raphael_Chacon the deserved attention. It passed one year, and we still don't have a good profile.
  13. Same issue here guys (back panels and no LG). I'm still on 4.3, and planning to stay there for a bit. I hope you can fix it.
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