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  1. Thanks. I noticed now that many of the top-range cards are reference cards. That's good for your CPU, but they still suck in warm air from the case. I've always invested in a top of the range CPU fan, and then added two fans to the case, one sucking from the front, and one at the back expelling air. It's always worked for me.
  2. Hi I came to this forum with almost exactly the same question in mind. I have almost identical specs to yours and I also have recently moved over to P3D v3. I was expecting to see a nice increase in frame-rates and stability. Instead they are the same - disappointingly low when you have heavy aircraft and scenery add-ons. With the ORBX England package, I was getting about 9 FPS when flying low using the P3D F-22. I don't have all the sliders to the right, and I have turned off all reflections. So, yes, I was surprised and disappointed. Especially after playing other simulators like DCS where I get much higher framerates. Even games like War Thunder, where you have amazing scenery and many players connected with superbly detailed aircraft, I'm getting well over 25 fps. I suspect the real problem lies in the nature of aging Microsoft ESP code. It's not optimised for today's hardware. But like you, I looked at my aging PC and wondered if upgrading the video card might help. I can tell you that it will, but don't expect a miracle. One test you can do is to set your resolution in p3d to the lowest possible setting, and then see if there is an improvement in frame-rates. Resolution is determined by the GPU, so if having your simulator set to the highest GPU setting causes a lowering of frame-rates, then a newer, faster GPU will help. In my tests, with my resolution set to the lowest setting, I was getting 15fps, whereas in the same area with the highest resolution, I was getting 8 - 9 fps. Not a great difference but enough to make landing more than a slideshow. However I'm not sure what card to get. I had a look at this chart and the ASUS nVidia GTX 970 seems to be reasonable card to go for in terms performance per buck. The aforementioned Radeon R9 fury X is just below and carries a much higher price tag. So I'm thinking of going for nVidia GTX 970. http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/high_end_gpus.html Hopes this helps. /Jason
  3. Yep! I missed a very simple thing - to apply Europe! Thanks.
  4. Hi ! I just bought FTX England scenery - my first ORBX add-on. I wanted to post this on the ORBX support forum, but when I click on the forums link there I don't see any forums, just a couple of images. I've tried in both Chrome and Mozilla. So that's why I'm posting here. I'm using this in P3D, and it doesn't appear to working correctly. Firstly, I can see road traffic everywhere, but no roads. Another problem is that areas where there should be water are covered with ground textures. These two issues make it almost impossible to use the software for VFR, since nothing is recognisable. The default FSX scenery is more accurate with regards to water than this, so I'm hoping this is a bug and not a design! Can anyone help? /Jason
  5. Hi Thanks! I'm also in the UK and was thinking of getting the England package...presumably this just sits on top of any other ORBX global scenery. I use A2A aircraft, as well as Aerosoft's Otter, quite a lot and in FSX at UK2000's Manchester Airport Extreme and the B-377, I was getting about 14 fps on the tarmac. I haven't noticed anything different with the same set up in P3D v3 yet, which is disappointing, but my computer is due for an update, as you can see (actually my nVidia is a 660). I think I'll probably go for the FTX Global base, then add individual areas I want to enhance. /Jason
  6. Hi I want to get some scenery for P3D - moving away from the default. I am not really knowledgeable on it and there seems to be several mainstream alternatives. From what I can gather by reading various threads, one way to go seems to be to install FTX Global base scenery, then get vector and openLC or even UTX scenery for any specific areas I want to enhance, and finally, specific airports on the top layer. Does this sound ok or is it problematic? /Jason
  7. Hi, thanks! Yes, I checked that and everything is ok!
  8. On the PMDG 737NGX, I am ready to taxi, but when I move the throttle levers forward, engine 1 is not spooling up. Also:Engine 1's idle only is 20.3 N1, while engine 2's idle is 22.6.Engine 1 oil temperatue is 9 deg, while engine 2 is 103 deg.Both the animated power levers are moving when I increase thrust, and engine 2 responds normally.There are no warnings or failures indicated.Any ideas?/jason
  9. I didn't know you could set the terrain mesh resolution! I have the slope with the ugly water patches. Really I just wanted to find out if that was default FSX or not. So say it is and some say they have no slope.In real life there is a sloping beach but it's more rounded.Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks!That's weird then. I wonder where my slope has come from? I haven't installed any scenery. Is the altitude of the runway 88' ?
  11. HiI have a slope at the western end of the runway at VTSP. Would someone mind having a look and confirming if this is present in the default scenery or not?ThanksJason
  12. Thanks. I'm getting some help now from the developer, who has sent me an update link.
  13. Thanks. As I stated earlier on, I haven't made the AFCAD, the developer produced it as an update but did not provide very clear instructions about what to do with it. I did open the AFCAD file to check it anywa, and the NAVAID list did appear to be in order. The main thing that disturbs me is that on the FS9map airport data, it's showing the new designators but the wrong magnetic headings...
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