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  1. Hi Rob, I believe I have followed the readme, but I get a can’t play sound window each time it wants to. I’m using P3Dv4 and the 64bit version. If I could add an image it would help.
  2. Any news on a Fokker Jet for P3Dv4?
  3. P.S. thankyou Sergio and others for supporting the helicopters simmers, we love you.
  4. I have been Flight simming for many years, and whilst not the majority of my flight time, but almost, is in rotary wing aircraft. I hope that MS or someone develops something that is adequate for us rotorheads to enjoy. Maybe it’s the recent rate of change, but things ten yrs ago were fairly stable. Yes it was probably no competition, but with our market today, add-on developers don’t know what to target. I bought P3Dv4 and XP11 after my PC crashed and was unrecoverable. After jumping between the two, it wasn’t working so I have uninstalled XP11. Slowly we are catching up with useable helicopters from the FSX days, but it is slow. Whilst rotaries are not the biggest percentage of the market for a flight sim developer, they are dedicated and keen. Payware and add-ons for helo’s are a business, and could be supported in any new sim. its amazing that back in fs9 or maybe before that, Jordan had payware helicopters that had winches, and other aminiations, yet today nothing.
  5. No news is bad news??? I'm new to P3D and hope for a G550. Will the EasterEgg global Express install into P3D? Or at least a freeware GIV work in P3D?
  6. Using Google Earth I have created a very simple version of each listed. Makes for great island hopping.
  7. Nice work so far. Any updates. I've located in the Spratly Islands construction on; Cuarteron Reef (helicopters and ships) Fiery Reef (Aircraft, Helos and ships) Mischief Reef (Aircraft, Helos, and ships) Zhubi Reef (Aircraft, Helos, and ships) Gaven Reef (Helos and ships) Hughes Reef (Helos and ships) Johnson South Reef (Helos and ships) But so far can't find much FSX scenery, so have been trying my best.
  8. Hey Chris thanks for doing the blue bottom version, any chance if I ask really nicely of doing a white version when you get time. USAF has more whites than blue bottoms I think. Eg 02-0202
  9. I think that they are all now MIL registered rather than CIV as this one displays..... I'm keen on this and the all white version of the C-40B and C, so if it comes now or the -700 it would be fantastic.
  10. Has anyone heard whether the -600/700 release is still programmed on 23SEP same as SP1??
  11. OK, major fail. Can anyone help me out with this repaint please. trying to get the rego on the stbd side doesnt work for me. http://jetphotos.net....php?id=7148760
  12. You guys are master craftsmen with those paints. Excellent work.After having a look, I'm going to give the #02-0202 a go using the PMDG repaint kit. The manual seems to be fairly logical, and with DTX and GIMP2 I'm hoping I can get something similar.
  13. I've just changed over to a new computer and no longer have photoshop etc. FSX is a learning curve for me also. If anyone could possibly find time to do a plain white repaint of the 800WL I would really appreciate it. I wanted to do a C-40C like #02-02020 found here http://jetphotos.net...=7165391&nseq=2 but could easily settle on a plain white bird. I know you guys are busy, but if anyone whilst doing repaints could save a base repaint all white..... PS I know the C-40 is actually a 737-700 with 800 wings, but until I find a BBJ variant I can easily make do with a plain white -800WL
  14. Rob,Thanks mate. I test flew another one of the tight STARs into Sydney using OVFY and the tolerances were much better. I am more than happy with it now.Thanks for your help,
  15. Rob, Thanks for the point out on the OVFY key. To be honest I have never noticed it and not seen it in the manual. That isn't to say it isn't there, I just haven't noticed it.The ability to OVFY is what I was looking for at this stage. If this doesn't fix my problem I may look further. I know of a payware FMC that allows the parameters to be changed in a config file, which inlcudes the distance before the acft trks the next waypoint.Anyway, a huge thank-you as I think the OVFY will work.
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