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  1. So i have converted the project Fokker models to work in p3dv4, all the animations work, it now has 2k liverys & paintkit, pbr and crj 200 VC, the only problem i have is the front wheel is still broken and i have used 1 from another ac, i will need to fix this before i can upload it anywhere. Il keep you posted, (70 is also in the same condition)
  2. So i thought id use the Emergency vehicle part of UGCX but when the fire truck arrived it just sat there. I remember it spraying foam last time used it. I was using V2.0 so updated to V2.6 and still no foam. Any ideas why ??? Thanks
  3. Sorry Byork This is fs2000 scernery from fs9 and im using it with p3dv4 and have modified the afcad with ade
  4. yes its an fs9 afcad maybe fsx, could you take a look ?? Its in the link above
  5. in red top of screen. sorry not this screenshot an erro has accured while trying to find a rounte to ramp 339
  6. Can one of you guys help me with this please, im trying to get a tow to parking to ramp ga large 339 but i keep getting an error. here is the ADE file https://drive.google.com/file/d/14ONz2HBNW9Wom6BdEO1sgtgGyahtbA3K/view?usp=sharing this is an image . so i stop at the line and call for tow to parking The error says an erro has accured while trying to find a rounte to ramp 339 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AgBwrfA15J8Pu2s9I7vnyUGPupcoluH5/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  7. Thanks that explains why i couldnt find it. So sorry for any confusion but my problem above is tow to parking
  8. Can you point me in the right direction, I click on tow to parking then click on the spot i want to goto but i cant see how i can see the route.
  9. Hi so Im getting a few random events when pushing back and towing to parking (which I love) Here is a video. The airport is EGNR and the aircraft is a converted Ai beluga XL, it tows and pushes fine at other most other airports. PS a longer tow bar would be great too Lol
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