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  1. If it wasn't also for Dovetail Games and Steam, FSX would have languished. But it has been improved, and works very well with today's higher-end video cards and SSD drives. The only thing lacking, IMNSHO, is 64-bit processing. And I have most of the pertinent add-ons...everything short of VR! A whole lot of money to throw out if I were to switch to the new MSFS. We'll see...
  2. Well, I won't be participating in the new FS. My own personal decision. I've already branched out, as it were, to other simulations which are multiplayer online situations, like DCS World. As I mentioned, I'm an old fart with set ways. I have 4 TB of storage with tons of FSX stuff, and a bunch of other sims. I think I'll stop right here!
  3. Did you not read what I wrote? "...since this is ALSO being aimed at X-Box." Funny how the X-Box logo is splashed all over the teaser, eh?
  4. I have been flying with Flight Sim since the Sublogic days. And since FSX came out, I have been flying the latest "realistic" aircraft from PMDG, A2A, Flight 1, RealAir, etc. I've been flying with FSDT airports, Active Sky real weather, FS2Crew, Navigraph charts and FMS data, ORBX scenery. On Saitek HOTAS, rudder pedals and TrackIR. So I've had over 30 years of amazing flight simming, and now have a machine with a lot of speed, graphic power, and RAM. And in 20 years, I'll be 92 years old. Sorry, but I've had it all for a long time. I don't need to pay a monthly fee to do what I love to do.
  5. People are now gaming on laptops and tablets. They don't use joysticks, HOTAS controls, rudder pedals, etc. X-Box uses a controller. Personally, I have no use for keyboards when flying. But then again, I want reality, not a game.
  6. Only problem is that monthly fee. Right now, you can't "own" a lot of software. MS Office is a good example. You can't own and install Office once. You have to pay a yearly fee or it stops working. I don't want to subscribe to Flight Sim. And that IS the way all this is going.
  7. First off, did you see the PMDG response to this? Seems that they were originally interested in purchasing FSX from MS, but MS included a contractual statement that gave them the right to "recapture" the code and re-enter the market. PMDG backed out. Secondly, since this is also being aimed at X-Box, I'm making an educated guess that it will be a subscription deal. Hopefully, it will at least now be a 64-bit app, as it's pushing 4K video and real-world scenery. I doubt any of the current FSX add-ons will be transportable to the new app. I've personally invested a lot of money on my FSX add-ons, which is why I haven't gone to P3D. I think it's time to be satisfied with what I've got.
  8. I did do a search on this and the results dated back to 2003 or so. So I'm asking again: has anyone created a fix for the runways 9/27 becoming 10/26 at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, and where can I get the fix? I'm running FSDT's KFLL airport, too, and they've been talking "fix" over there for a long time. When you're using Navigraph and Aivlasoft EFB, it sucks to be using a SID or a STAR and using 27 instead of 26, if ya know what I mean. Since I use this as my home airport, it's the only one I know with changed runway numbers, but I'd like to get it right, if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Did a quick search with no results, so I'll put this out. You can answer or point me to ant relevant threads. I recently blew up my Win 7 machine, and ordered a new Win 10 gamer. Reinstalled everything with success, and then started setting up my A/C. I am running the latest FSUIPC. Started setting up my PMDG 737, and I cannot get the throttles to work. Since I'm using FSUIPC, I had turned off the controllers in FSX/SE, and no matter what I tried, I could not get the throttles to calibrate. I remembered something about the PMDG stuff not liking FSUIPC, so I deleted the FSUIPC.ini section for the 737, and turned on the FSX/SE controllers (I'm running Saitek X-55 system). and still can't get these things to work. Same results with the 777, so I know it's gotta be an incompatibility, probably with FSUIPC. Any input from the gurus up here? It seems that the PMDG A/C are the only ones with this problem. TIA! -= Gary =-
  10. That really looks spectacular! I haven't seen the default St. Barth's yet, but I have watched several hours of take-offs and landings there, and the FSX standard looks terrible, from what this shows. I will give it a shot! Thanks!
  11. Just a quickie here. I'm looking for a decent scenery file for St. Barth's. I'm aware of Fly Tampa's product, but at this time, I don't have an extra $35 to spend. So...anybody know of any good freeware (or cheaper) scenery for St.Barth's and surrounding islands?
  12. Had to insert my 2¢ here, as I had replaced my old Win 7 dead machine with two new Win 10 units, one a Cyberpower machine used only for running FSX/SE, DCS World and ARMA 3. I had no choice on the Win 10 OS...neither seller would install Win 7 on the purchased machines. I have found that MS now controls my machines. First off, I tried to purchase MS Office, and found that it now is "leased" and you must auto-renew or lose most of its features. I also found that updates are now mandatory, and your only choice is deciding when they will be installed. As a result, during a recent update, MS decided that Home Groups would no longer exist. As a result, I lost all networking between my two desktops and my wife's laptop. It's taken me hours to re-establish this network. it took me over a month to reinstall FSX/SE with all of the "extras" - ORBX, PMDG, A2A, FSDT, etc. At this time, I have no plans to do it all over again. But I would advise anyone in this predicament to consider purchasing Win 7 ( which MS no longer supports), and install FSX on it. MS now wants full control of your machines, and that is way wrong. Even their security software tries to keep other AV software from working. If you're serious about flight simming, stay away from Win 10.
  13. Hey! You guys are the experts. I will install the DX10 Scenery Fixer post haste!
  14. But it's daytime, and there no lights in this scenery, anyway. I DO have the ORBX Global stuff for North America, so I guess it could be that. What gave you that idea? Have you seen this elsewhere?
  15. Long story short - old Win 7 machine died. Bought new Win 10 machine. Installed FSX/SE (same as before), loaded my ORBX stuff (same as before), and downloaded Steve's DX10 Fixer (but DID NOT INSTALL!). Fired up FSX, went to the Settings and set up my grafix for 1920x1080, Aniso/AA, and Preview DX10 (as Steve has suggested to make sure the sim would work with it BEFORE installing his fix). Loaded up my A2A P-51 at my local airport, and got this result: Bad grafix Turned off DX10 and the black boxes go away. I did not have this problem with Win 7, and want to go with DX10. Any ideas just what is causing this?
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