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  1. gpbarth

    DX10 w/New Machine

    Hey! You guys are the experts. I will install the DX10 Scenery Fixer post haste!
  2. gpbarth

    DX10 w/New Machine

    But it's daytime, and there no lights in this scenery, anyway. I DO have the ORBX Global stuff for North America, so I guess it could be that. What gave you that idea? Have you seen this elsewhere?
  3. Long story short - old Win 7 machine died. Bought new Win 10 machine. Installed FSX/SE (same as before), loaded my ORBX stuff (same as before), and downloaded Steve's DX10 Fixer (but DID NOT INSTALL!). Fired up FSX, went to the Settings and set up my grafix for 1920x1080, Aniso/AA, and Preview DX10 (as Steve has suggested to make sure the sim would work with it BEFORE installing his fix). Loaded up my A2A P-51 at my local airport, and got this result: Bad grafix Turned off DX10 and the black boxes go away. I did not have this problem with Win 7, and want to go with DX10. Any ideas just what is causing this?
  4. I'm sure this has been addressed elsewhere, and it so, maybe you could just point me to that thread. But I've been out of the loop, so to speak, for quite awhile now. Before my computer bit the big one, I was running FSX/SE with "everything!" Running Win 7 /64. Reasonably well, I might add. A big part of that success was fine-tuning Win 7 to be as invisible as possible. No background processes, no screen savers, no nothing. NOW - I have a brand new machine running Win 10/64 with a faster CPU, hotter graphics card, and faster RAM. I've reloaded FSX/SE, and all of my previous goodies. And now I'm in the process of reconfiguring everything. And the first thing I've noticed is that Win 10 really takes control of everything. It even watches over my browser requests and decides what I can or can't reach. It downloads updates with no approval, and doesn't care what happens. This Windows Defender crap is worse than any anti-virus program. My question here is, how can I set up Win 10 specifically for FSX? This new machine is for gaming only. No personal stuff. No word processors, no email, no Facebook, no nothing. Only FSX and DCS World, and eventually Prepar3d. I don't want Windows to interfere with anything. No screen savers, no wallpaper, no background stuff. Win 7 was set up that way. Can I do that now with Win 10? And if so, how?
  5. gpbarth

    Moving to a new machine

    Sorry, but it took awhile to get my new machine up and running. I now have DCS 2.5 Open Beta installed. Do I copy over everything in the Saved Games/DCS folder to the Saved Games/DCS openbeta folder? Or just the Config folder contents? Or just the Config/Input folder? Sorry for the dumb questions...just want to get it right without over-writing the wrong files.
  6. Spent a lot of time setting up DCS 1.5 and my several A-10C controllers (X-55 stick, throttles, and rudder pedals). I am finally upgrading to a new faster machine, and want to import my current controller settings to a fresh install of the open beta 2.5 on that machine. So what files do I need to back up/save on my old machine to insure I don't lose these settings?
  7. gpbarth

    A Little Help Here...

    I've got Steve's DX10 fixer. Think I've got most of my bases covered. Also the NVidia tweaking tool. Guess I'll wait till I have everything installed and see what happens. Thanks for the input.
  8. gpbarth

    A Little Help Here...

    Thanks, Henry. I have 2 2Tb hard drives that will hold the sim stuff. Nothing will go into the Programs Files folder. And everything will have admin rights, just to make sure. I was running FSX SE on my old machine, with all of the DX10 tricks in use, and wondered if that's really worth it anymore. I'm just concerned with making FSX run as smoothly as possible, and as I said, there will be nothing on this machine but sim stuff. I may eventually go over to Prepar3d, but right now, I have a lot of money invested in the FSX aircraft, and I don't want to re-purchase all of it for P3D. Plus spend $200 for P3D, too. I do like that it's now 64-bit, and my new machine will have 32 Gb of fast RAM. Anywho, I'll be armed and ready when the new machine arrives. It's been a long time without flying, and I cant wait to get back!
  9. Been away for a long time. Old Win 7 machine took a big dump and I lost everything. EVERYTHING! Now I'm getting a brand new top-end machine running Win 10, and I'll be re-installing FSX SE, ORBX, most of the A2A and PMDG inventory, and everything, FSUIPC, TrackIR, EZDok, etc., etc. Question is, how do I set up Win 10 to run FSX SE clean and proper? Do I worry about DX10? Is there a list of things to change in the OS like there was in 7? The new machine will run FSX and DCS World exclusively - no personal data, no e-mail, no browsers, no nothing. Just 4 TBytes of drives and 32 Gb of fast RAM and a NVidia card with lots of RAM, too. Someone out there must have a list of preps for this. Any input will be appreciated. I can't wait to get back I the air.
  10. Highlight the title in the Profies entry box at the top, and then type MS. You'll get a pull-down menu with MS Flight, MS Flight Simulator 2004 and MS Flight Simulator X. Just click on the MS Flight Simulator X, and you're good to go. Incidentally, since it's Profile Inspector 2.13, maybe someone could update the picture of the newest screen. There's a whole lot more, and different, data on the latest screen than on the old one, and maybe some new explanations, too. I'm running the newest 2.13 Profile Inspector (part of the nVidia Inspector) and if you highlight the Profiles box and type in MS, you'll see MS Flight, MS Flight Simulator 2004 and MS Flight Simulator X. Don't know which method you're using, but mine works for FSX.
  11. gpbarth

    Tutorial Video - Tutorial 1

    Hi! Kyle, I'm with there any word on Tutorial #2? Flown 1 twice now, and 2 once. And there was supposed to be some advanced techniques included in 2. Not to rush you, of course. Inquiring minds (at least two) just want to know.
  12. gpbarth

    Take-off Ref speeds not appearing

    Thanks, guys! The culprit was the ADIRU. Although I double- and triple-checked the FMC, and the GPS coordinates LOOKED okay, I failed to notice that the ADIRU switch on the overhead panel was turned OFF. I loaded the house model, and there is nothing in the tutorial about turning anything on or off on the overhead. The only thing mentioned was turning off the central fuel pumps. I should have been suspicious when the POS/INIT didn't give me that little row of boxes at the bottom. All is fine now. BTW, I haven't checked, but is Tutorial #2 out for the 777 yet?
  13. gpbarth

    Take-off Ref speeds not appearing

    Been away for awhile and decided to refly the 777 Tutorial #1. I thought I had remembered the FMC programming, but when I reach the step where I enter the Flaps and CG numbers on the Takeoff Ref screen (everything else up to that point seemingly okay), there are no reference speeds showing for V1, VR and V2. I must've missed something somewhere, so what did I need to enter further back to make those VRef speeds appear? Simple question, I hope!
  14. I've been buying Saitek for awhile now, and have been satisfied. I had the X-52, now have the X-55, have the Pro pedals, and was looking forward to the throttle quads (2 of them). Ordered them from Amazon in mid-December, and was told a few weeks ago it would be "sometime in May" before they came out. I had to send them a support request to get that information. So I canceled the Saitek order and bought the CH quad instead. First off, one USB connection instead of two. Next, once I got the product, I got great support from the CH Web site, and although the docs were a bit cryptic, I got these things working great with my Flight1 King Air and RealAir Turbine Duke. I always thought the CH products looked a bit cheap in quality, but I'm impressed with the system I have now. I am in the market now for a yoke system, and may just go with the CH product. Any input, fellas?
  15. Madcatz is still saying that the throttle quadrant will be shipping in May. With all kinds of rumors about factory changes and supply shortages, it's hard to know exactly what they're up to. But I've been playing with the CH quad now for over a week, and seem to have it working very well. Haven't gotten into the PMDG models yet, but the Flight 1 King Air and the Real Turbine Duke , and the A2A Cessnas are doing just fine. I don't think I'm gonna miss the Saitek product. I've been using the X-55 and the Pro rudder pedals, and the CH hardware is a good addition.