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  1. I don't have any real problems with Little NavMap and MSFS2020, but in flying a pre-built VFR flight plan, I wanted to add an approach to an airport, not as a procedure but just as two additional waypoints, which are valid Navigraph navaids. The plan is PAHO to two user waypoints to PAMR. PAHO W1 W2 PAMR I want to remove the 2nd user waypoint W2 and add YOHOE and RICKR to the plan. First, I can't find anything in the manual about inserting a waypoint/userpoint, Like clicking on the particular waypoint and having an "ADD" (or Add Before/Add After) function. PAHO W1 YOHOE RICKR PAMR So do I just create a userpoint for each of the navaids? And then what is the best way to insert those waypoints into the plan?
  2. Can't get mine working in FS2020 with or without the Control Manager. Without the Control Manager, Win10 can't see the 12 switches in the axes. And with the Control Manager calibrating the Quad, FS2020 can't see any of the switches - they show up when binding, but do not register when activated. If there are any tricks anyone knows, I'd really appreciate it.
  3. Sorry that I'm not an active VATSIM member yet, but I highly recommend any of the Razer headsets. I have a Razer Electra V2 (USB) that I use for all of my online gaming, and it holds my TrackIR Track-clip perfectly. Not sure if Razer still makes it, but if you get one of their wireframe headsets, it should work fine with the TrackIR. The mic is detachable (I never take mine off), just in case. And the mic quality is excellent, too!
  4. That's all I needed to know. Figured as much! Will wait a few more days and will try again. Thanks!
  5. I have a different problem: after quite some time away, I came back (for FS2020) and read where I should just recertify my old account, which I did. Then I went to login again, and couldn't get in, because of the wrong password. No matter what I tried, and I had logged in before, it wouldn't take. So I went to the "Forgot password" screen, typed in my VATSIM #, and my e-mail, and VATSIM said that within 24 hours, I'd get an e-mail with my new password. Well, 24 hours later no password, so I went back up and tried it again. Waited 48 hours...nothing! And I can't put in a ticket, because you have to be logged in to do so. I'd just like to get back online and start setting things up. Is VATSIM having problems with membership issues? My VATSIM # is 1243475.
  6. I wondered what you were talking about, as I never heard of the USB ports shutting down before. But then I realized that my gaming machine never goes into "Sleep" mode. I've got it set up so that it never even goes into Screen Saver mode. I reboot it every few days, and turn off the monitor when I'm not using it, but it runs 24/7365 otherwise!
  7. Okay! I'm a bit ahead of you, but still no joy! I gave up trying to use the quad without the Control Manager. The Win10 calibration was a joke! I re-installed it, moved my quad to a USB 2.0 connection, recalibrated it with the Manager (everything worked perfectly), and then went to FS2020. I did exactly what was suggested here - I created an "Empty" profile for my X-56 throttles (no programming of anything), and went to the quad to set it up. The axes seemed to work fine, and when I went to program the switches (axis and front panel), they showed up in my profile with their number. However, when I went and tried to use one, the profile didn't light up the chosen switch - none of them seemed to be active. To be sure, I launched the C152, and tried clicking on one of the controls (flaps, on the first front switch) - nothing. Tried all of them, nothing worked. The axes were working seemingly fine, but no switches. So now I'm back to my X-56, having made an "Empty" profile for my Quad. The quad works perfectly in FSX/SE and DCS, so I know it's not the controller. What else can I try? BTW, all of my controllers are showing up - X-56 throttle, X-56 stick, CH throttle, both Cougar MFDs, Orbweaver, X-Box controller, TrackIR, and of course keyboard and mouse.
  8. Well, no CH Throttle Quadrant yet! FS found my "clean" throttles (no Manager), but nothing seemed to work. Buttons programmed but didn't work when used. All 6 axes registered, but showed half set at the neutral position, and full when clicked down. And when I tarted the sim, the controls were all ove rthe place. Should I reinstall the Manager? Hmmmm... I really want this to work, but still haven't figured out how.
  9. I uninstalled the Control Manager (which requires unplugging the device), then re-booted. Then plugged in the device. Nope! Soo I re-booted again, with the throttles plugged in, and they now appear. I haven't tried using them yet, but I was checking the buttons and axes in Win 10. Everything worked with the exception of the switches on the levers. Win 10 can't see them. Any ideas?
  10. Maybe it's the HDMI. Do you also have DisplayPort in/out on your graphics card and your TV? I don't know if TVs even come with DP inputs, but if yours does, try switching.
  11. Ever heard of the Flying Cowboys? Or follow Trent Palmer and his Freedom Fox on YouTube? Those guys are always flying low and slow in their Carbon Cubs and Kit Foxes and landing in out of the way wilderness spots. That would be a cool thing to do! I'm in!
  12. I know that FS2020 recognizes the Warthog, like it did my X-56 HOTAS, but I'm still trying to have it recognize the Cougars. They DO show up in my Peripherals list, but I can't program them. I got into Squirrel's tutorials immediately, but so far, I didn't see them mentioned in his Peripherals video #2. Did you do anything special?
  13. I'm going to try this today! I also have DCS World, which uses part of the Quad for switches, but I can live without that. I'll let the group know what happens. Now, if someone can tell me how to get my Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs working... Strangely enough (and probably because it's just a keystroke copier), my Razer OrbWeaver is so far working fine. I'm using it for all of the camera shots.
  14. I had previously posted that my Throttle Quad worked, but when I fired up the sim the other night, although the device showed up in the sim, and the previous programming was still there, nothing worked. Even when I un-programmed and re-programmed them. Then I launched the Control Manager, which crashed, and the quad disappeared from the sim. I haven't tried to re-boot yet, but I thought I'd browse the forums and find out if others had a solution. Should I uninstall the Control Manager? Not sure, but I'm game to try anything.
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