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  1. Highlight the title in the Profies entry box at the top, and then type MS. You'll get a pull-down menu with MS Flight, MS Flight Simulator 2004 and MS Flight Simulator X. Just click on the MS Flight Simulator X, and you're good to go. Incidentally, since it's Profile Inspector 2.13, maybe someone could update the picture of the newest screen. There's a whole lot more, and different, data on the latest screen than on the old one, and maybe some new explanations, too. I'm running the newest 2.13 Profile Inspector (part of the nVidia Inspector) and if you highlight the Profiles box and type in MS, you'll see MS Flight, MS Flight Simulator 2004 and MS Flight Simulator X. Don't know which method you're using, but mine works for FSX.
  2. Hi! Kyle, I'm with there any word on Tutorial #2? Flown 1 twice now, and 2 once. And there was supposed to be some advanced techniques included in 2. Not to rush you, of course. Inquiring minds (at least two) just want to know.
  3. Thanks, guys! The culprit was the ADIRU. Although I double- and triple-checked the FMC, and the GPS coordinates LOOKED okay, I failed to notice that the ADIRU switch on the overhead panel was turned OFF. I loaded the house model, and there is nothing in the tutorial about turning anything on or off on the overhead. The only thing mentioned was turning off the central fuel pumps. I should have been suspicious when the POS/INIT didn't give me that little row of boxes at the bottom. All is fine now. BTW, I haven't checked, but is Tutorial #2 out for the 777 yet?
  4. Been away for awhile and decided to refly the 777 Tutorial #1. I thought I had remembered the FMC programming, but when I reach the step where I enter the Flaps and CG numbers on the Takeoff Ref screen (everything else up to that point seemingly okay), there are no reference speeds showing for V1, VR and V2. I must've missed something somewhere, so what did I need to enter further back to make those VRef speeds appear? Simple question, I hope!
  5. I've been buying Saitek for awhile now, and have been satisfied. I had the X-52, now have the X-55, have the Pro pedals, and was looking forward to the throttle quads (2 of them). Ordered them from Amazon in mid-December, and was told a few weeks ago it would be "sometime in May" before they came out. I had to send them a support request to get that information. So I canceled the Saitek order and bought the CH quad instead. First off, one USB connection instead of two. Next, once I got the product, I got great support from the CH Web site, and although the docs were a bit cryptic, I got these things working great with my Flight1 King Air and RealAir Turbine Duke. I always thought the CH products looked a bit cheap in quality, but I'm impressed with the system I have now. I am in the market now for a yoke system, and may just go with the CH product. Any input, fellas?
  6. Madcatz is still saying that the throttle quadrant will be shipping in May. With all kinds of rumors about factory changes and supply shortages, it's hard to know exactly what they're up to. But I've been playing with the CH quad now for over a week, and seem to have it working very well. Haven't gotten into the PMDG models yet, but the Flight 1 King Air and the Real Turbine Duke , and the A2A Cessnas are doing just fine. I don't think I'm gonna miss the Saitek product. I've been using the X-55 and the Pro rudder pedals, and the CH hardware is a good addition.
  7. Bought the CH product, and so far, it seems to be acceptable. The calibrate procedures show the raw data during the calibrate, and I have noticed that very few of the levers will cal at either 0 (top end) or 255, (bottom end). Nor are they all equal at the detent. Been told that this is acceptable by the CH crowd - just go ahead and do the cal procedure and then go and set up your aircraft. Again, I just couldn't wait until May, when I ordered the Saitek in mid-December (and learned that some have been waiting since last summer). My big problem is that these companies just can't be honest with you - just tell me, "We're changing tooling, or factories, or countries, and it may be another 6 months before the product is available again." I know, I know...that would be too honest.
  8. Decided tonight - going with the CH throttles. It will cost me about $12 more through Amazon, but that's with free 2nd day shipping. I'm not waiting till May, IF it will be May. I'll be flying with my new throttles on Friday. Bye, bye, Saitek.
  9. Posted on another thread, but here goes: Saitek contacted me this morning via their Facebook page, and told me that the throttle quadrants would be shipping in May. Really? I went to their site, and they're gearing up for Space Citizen and other space sims, with all sorts of fancy gaming mice and other controllers, but they can't seem to produce their regular product line. Methinks they're bailing on the old stuff, and putting all of their resources into the future. Sad. I really liked their products - had an X-52, have the X55, have their rudder pedals, really wanted the throttles. Now it looks like I'm stuck with the CH throttles. I'm not waiting until May, when they'll probably say, "early November." And as for wireless? I won't be holding my breath on that, either.
  10. I've been on the Saitek site, and also follow their Facebook page. They're gearing up for the newest, latest Space Citizen craze, and are even accepting pre-orders for new controllers and mice. You'd think they're doing a fantastic business. Yet their current product line is being held up? Where did you find this "latest topic?" I'd love to subscribe to it. Wireless? It's the right idea. Right now, anyone seriously into computing is using at least one powered multi-port USB hub. I personally need two 7-port hubs to support all my peripherals. This could get interesting.
  11. Just this morning, I received the latest guess-timate from Saitek on the throttle quadrants. They are now expecting product to be available sometime in May. I wonder if that would be the "July" part of May, or maybe the September part of May. And so I ask my Avsim family for advice. Aside from the CH set, which I am not too thrilled with right now, is there any comparable product out there that won't cost me more than my mortgage? All suggestions will be humbly received.
  12. Well, my FSX works just fine without these Saitek quads. So I'm not really down and out. And the price on Amazon is still $59 per...I'm not spending $400, or even $80, just to get the product sooner. I'd just like Saitek to speak up and tell us what's up.
  13. Where did you get the April date? I contacted Saitek directly, back in January and was told "late January, early February." Well, it's late February right now, and still nothing. I tried contacting Saitek again and this time they aren't returning my queries. It would be very nice if Saitek would comment on this publicly, since there are a whole lot of us who use their products. Else, there may be a mutiny, if and when someone comes out with a competing product and a fair price. We're getting tired of this, ya know. Did you see that e-Bay ad? One hundred and four sold, at $445.88 per? Damn! Saitek Pro Flight Three Lever Throttle Quadrant PZ45 by Mad Catz ** PS2 type **$445.88 Buy It Now 104 sold
  14. I've been following this news for awhile. I ordered 2 throttle quads from Amazon on December 17, and was told they were out of stock and I'd be notified as soon as they were available. I went to My Pilot Store, where I found this message: STOCK STATUS: Out of Stock. There is a massive, world-wide, back-order situation on all Saitek Pro Flight merchandise. All orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Order now to reserve your spot in line. You will not be charged until the order ships and you can cancel at any time prior to shipment. Orders placed now are expected to be shipped in 6 to 12 weeks. So I contacted Saitek directly, and was told, "late January, early February." Well, here it is, the end of February and no joy. Saitek hasn't replied to my latest query, so I'm wondering if they're in some kind of trouble. I was going to buy the CH quad, but they look like crap, and the throws look like they might be a couple of inches max. I guess I'll also be looking for a different product. There are some Saitek quads available from EU and Japan, if you want to pay $160 USD apiece for them. No thanks.
  15. Hi! Dave! Been awhile, eh? Anyway, I have decided to go with a pair of Saitek quadrants (after watching one of Froogle's videos). The throw on those CH levers seemed to be awfully short...I couldn't imagine how fine-adjusting controls would work. But the Saitek levers look much better. Now I have to pop for the tray they sit in, for another $40 or so. And the new ones are out of stock everywhere - supposedly available in late January of February. I'm patient. Just hope the price doesn't increase.