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  1. My recently installed FSX SE has been successfully operating the PMDG 737NGX however recently the configuration of the throttle levers on my Saitek Controller has the engines in full power mode on start up and control is very erratic. I have tried a number of times to reconfigure the axis on the controller without success. Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution. Mark
  2. Well I went back and unplugged all the monitors reconnected one and started FSX. Then closed FSX and re plugged in the other two monitors and set them up with Nvidia management for Surround. Restarted FSX and away it went. After making a few adjustments to the view positions etc it seems to work fine on the small aircraft. Unfortunately it crashed (white out) when loading the PMDG 737NGX so I will have to address that one some time. I have to say, thanks for your prompt replies, especially gb, it certainly demonstrates the value of forums. Not all work as well as that. NB: If anyone knows any knowledgeable enthusiasts in Melbourne Australia I would be pleased to hear from them.
  3. I would be interested in that if you put one together as long a non IT person can run it. By the way are any of you from Melbourne, Australia. I am looking for someone who could come on site to help me set up my system. I would be happy to pay for this if someone was able to do it. Thanks again, Mark
  4. Thanks to you too Jim. As you can see from my replies to gb I'm finding this whole issue very confusing. I have spent a lot of money on hardware and software so far but it's not really getting me anywhere. This is important to me so I am willing to spend more if necessary but I am trying to work out where best to put the money. Mark
  5. I take your point gb re the over-kill with water cooling but my PC builders thought it was a good idea for gaming - bit more revenue I suspect. My understanding was that FSX only supported one screen and therefore it struggles with more. Would the GTX 980 overcome this and would just one do if I was to add a fourth, or more, later? Unfortunately I'm not too clued up on peripherals etc as you can see and I have been struggling with this for some time so I'm grateful for your input. I would be happy to reject the existing cards I have if I'm confident that I'm not going get white outs with a new card and things running smoothly. I'm trying to do some flying training in on this and it really frustrating. When I previously tried to utilise the Nvidia Surround I found that the instrument panel was far too close and Was not able to to move the view back further. Did you experience that and if so what was your solution?
  6. Many thanks for you reply. I'll certainly have a look at that. I would be interested in anyone's thoughts about the fact that FSX only supports a single screen and you have to drop windows and resize them every time you load up a flight. This has caused me problems in the past and the Matrox box actually takes a single screen image and splits it in three and distributes each on three separate screens and FSX thinks its feeding the one screen as I understand it. That possibility is attractive to me as it leaves the second VGA card for more secondary views for CDU or ATC etc use if needed for large aircraft such as the PMDG 737 800 NGX. My current VGA cards are water cooled and quite expensive so it would be good to keep them if possible.
  7. I have had FSX installed on my system for some time and I am trying to run multiple display monitors. I am running 2 x GTX 570 Video Cards and have attempted Surround Vision and Multiple Screen settings without much success. Therefore I thought I might try using a Matrox Triplehead2Go box as a last measure. However I have seen that there maybe some problems doing this with FSX for some reasons and wondered whether anyone who has used Matrox boxes could give some feedback prior to outlaying $500 for a unit and which unit is the best. My configuration is: Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.2Hz 6 x Core DirectX 10 RAM: 24.0 GB HD x 2: 1x 500 GB - 1 x 2000 GB Graphics: 2 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Gaming Graphics: 4095 MB Total available memory – 1280 MB Dedicated graphics Operating System: 64 Bit with Windows 7 Professional Monitors: 3 x 1920 x 1080 resolution (1x Dell, 2 x Asus) Any comments would be appreciated.
  8. After having installed FSX for some time with reasonable outcomes, I have now install the PMDG 737NGX program and after some tweaking and following the instructions and some tutorials it worked fine on a single 24" screen. I actually have 3 screens installed and in multi-screen mode it is OK but I have to drag windows etc around each time I fly. In surround vision over 3 screens it operates but will not allow me to to move the view back far enough to see the panel and the view ahead so I have stuck with the simpler multi-screen mode for now. My real problem at the moment however, is that I have since installed EXdok and FSCoPilot and FS2CoPilot and now FSX crashes completely (Fatal Error) before it has even loaded. My ideal solution is to find someone who lives in Melbourne, Australia who could come out and assist in the complete set-up of my system. Otherwise some patient on-line instruction would be warranted. I am an aviation enthusiast not a IT expert and don't want to be going from one system problem to another as I take my flying seriously in furthering my aviation education. Can anyone help??