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  1. Hi there, all we want is a platform to run our Setup Files and then have a nice flight from A to B. Who cares about what is running underneath FSX or P3D? Every router has a standard firewall and IMO everyone can enjoy his/her flight safely enough. All that been said, i use Win7 (no other software installed) for my flight simming tasks and if i want something else, i just reboot my PC to windows 10. And i will continue to do so till i buy new hardware which unfortunately will not support Win7. Regards.
  2. I saw activity on their site, can anyone tell us what is going on? Take a look here. http://efass.net/portal/ Regards
  3. Dio

    Please Educate me

    Hi to all of you, 1) P3D is DX11 capable 2) Moving to P3D is something we can't avoid in the (near?) future, If you want to use eye-candy addons you must go to 64bits. I don't have the feeling that FSX is going to be supported by add on developers for along time. I have spent a lot of money for addons and i get very nervous when i see OOM errors over schiphol after flying for 3 hours. So i decided that buying addons for FSX is like throwing my money away. I know moving to P3D demands a considerable amount of money but i 'll take the plunge. Regards.
  4. Hi there, which Version of FSX? When FSX loads it asks you for the weather engine on Free Flight Menu, there should be Active Sky in drop down menu. Do you run the setup as Administrator? Do you run AS as administrator? Have you excluded FSX and AS folders from antivirus or the Windows defender? From the FSX side when you load a flight do you see active sky menu in add ons list? Does it work if you request weather for the airport you are? Otherwise you should talk to AS support. Regards....
  5. Hi, In my opinion you should move to P3D. The reasons are 1) FSX has become (silently) obsolete, you will never get any updates because there is no development for FSX. 2) If you spend money for FSX addons you have to re buy most of them moving to P3D 3) P3D, performance wise, can use and take advantage newer hardware better than FSX(FSX is DX 9 compatible) plus it has 64 bit architecture so no more Out of memory crashes in hi density areas. 4) Check the minimum and the recommended hardware spec by visiting p3d site before buying a new PC to get an idea. But the final decision is yours of course. Finally I can tell you i spent a lot of money buying add ons for FSX and now i have to spend a hefty amount of money to re buy most of them if i decide to move to p3d. Regards.
  6. Dio

    Advice for returning simmer?

    More than this, FSX is becoming obsolete, day by day. There are no updates from steam. So any problems for example, caused from a Windows update(it happened before) will be a stopper for FSX. I paid a lot for FSX addons 😭 which I have to re buy for P3d but it is something i can't avoid. The sooner you move to P3d the less money you 'll spend. And i have the feeling that Flight Sim companies are silently stopping updates for their FSX related products. It is just a feeling i have. If you own a PC with good specs you must go for P3D. Regards.
  7. Well done, I have the same issues with DX10 but while flying everything is better. You should try a b738 or a320 to see how is your performance over areas like Paris, London etc. Regards
  8. Hi Braden, how was your flight? (Performance Wise)? Regards.
  9. If you feel you have to reinstall Windows use the MediaCreationTool from Microsoft site. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10. You can use a USB Mem Stick for installation. It will install the latest version of windows. Regards.
  10. Especially if you use a MS Account to Sign in....😟.(I don't). So we can't avoid them. What we have to do is to keep only the software we really need and use. And above all we must frequently take backups of our systems. And remember...... MS is the ultimate Administrator. Regards.
  11. Actually i mean two different drives with 2 different Windows Installations 1) One HDD with Windows Installation + Sim software 2) One HDD with Windows Installation + every day stuff If you use the let's say the HDD2 the 1 is not affected. Keeping your system as simple as possible is the best way to avoid Update problems. And is very easy for Backup- Restore operations. THink about it, Regards.
  12. I agree with Vortex, i had no problems with Microsoft Updates. A very good solution is to have a dual boot system. I have 2 HDD both with Windows 10, one just Flight sim software and the other with my normal everyday stuff (I use it for my work). And before a major update I backup the entire partition to an external HDD (Just in case...) Regards.
  13. Dio

    FSX-SE saved flights will not load

    You are a very lucky person then.......... Feel free to ask whenever you want. Regards.
  14. Dio

    Maddening Fuel Issue PMDG 737 NGX

    It is mandatory that your default flight is the trike. You have to read the manual. You cannot select 737 after you have finished a flight for example with an airbus 320. Another approach is to put the Total Fuel Amount where it says Total 1 Left LSK. Also PMDG has a fuel calculator from downloads/miscellaneous/737NG Fuel Planner if you don't own one. Regards.
  15. Dio

    FSX-SE saved flights will not load

    Hi there, keep in mind that If you set UAC to the lower setting it is not completely Inactive, you have to disable it from the Registry. Only windows Administrator account by default has Really full access to your system. Also i' ve never used Explorer or Edge. There are many other browsers (You know them, i suppose 😉) they are far more better than Edge or I.Ex. Finally you must run antivirus from a Safe boot Disk, to be completely sure. There are many practices regarding Online Safety but then we will go off topic. Generally if you feel that you PC has a strange behavior, a fresh installation of Windows is always a time saving solution.(Format) Regards.