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  1. I just hate PMDG

    Hi there, I have some questions regarding PMDG products. I have bought 738 and 744 for FSX, I want to move to P3D V4. Do i have to buy them again or not? If i have to buy them is there any discount or offer? Regards.
  2. Well, what about maximum cloud layers?
  3. Hi there, do you use AS with the same settings as you did or tried out different ones in combination with SF3d?
  4. I agree with David, they reply fast. I don't really understand what went so terribly wrong with the release of this Software,(Looked as if there was too much pressure to proceed with the release). I had some issues with Setup, I couldn't pass Step 2, and the map didn't work. Their Support was very fast, i admit that and replied to all my e-mails. I didn't have the time to test it like you did.So Can any of you summarize what are the main issues with this software and what to look for? Regards.
  5. Try changing your current PC date to 22/1/2018 and see what it does....
  6. Ι It was said that they had an issue with regional settings..... did you apply their HOTFIX?
  7. Or is Just the USA date/time format....
  8. I think that many developers will benefit a lot from it, we are using their software, we just say what we see ...
  9. It was like flying over a chess board....
  10. Hi Jeroen, two things 1) at FL410 I noticed clouds below this FL forming a big grid, (is there any solution? I doesn't look realistic) 2) Sky Colors look faded (or it's just me?) I use, SF3d with AS16, FSX:SE Regards.
  11. AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide

    Hi there, my System is Z170 Pro Gaming MB, Intel i7 6700K OC @ 4.6, Memory 16GB @ 2400, Asus GTX 1080 TI FE, SSD EVO 850 250GB Windows 10 Pro X64, FTX Global BASE Pack,FTX Global VECTOR, FTX Global openLC Europe, AS16 (Proposed Affinity Mask = 84), REX Essential + Overdrive, GSX, Various Airports. Aerosoft A320/321, PMDG 738/739 and PMDG 744. Although i followed your instructions regarding FSX settings, especially with PMDG 744 my FPS are between 13-29. Do i miss something or is it normal for my hardware? Regards.
  12. Efass NG?

    I use EFASS , I like it although it is not supported anymore. Together With navigraph updates it is a very powerful tool....
  13. Efass NG?

    Try to Exclude EFASS Folder from any Antivirus Software or Windows Defender. Also disable any Firewalls ... . Do the Setup as Administrator and Run as Administrator, check UAC= disable. Regards
  14. 747-400 nose missing

    Hi there, (I am Greek) i have the same problem but if i finish and exit from flight the aircraft looks OK. It is strange, any suggestions? Regards.