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  1. Hi, I have the feeling that the recommended requirements are a little bit low.... I cannot understand how all this level of detail + the flight dynamics we watched can be processed by the following hardware.... CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better RAM: 16 GB OS: Windows 10 64-bit VIDEO CARD: Radeon RX 590 or GeForce GTX 970 PIXEL SHADER: 5.1 VERTEX SHADER: 5.1 FREE DISK SPACE: 150 GB DEDICATED VIDEO RAM: 4096 MB Regards....
  2. Hi there, there are many issues with various addons. They said that it is a sim connect issue. I have tried it twice but it crashed to desktop. So i gave up trying. I have many addons installed so i cannot do experiments with it. For more information check the sim connect forum. Regards
  3. Hi there, i have the feeling that they are gathering info about hardware and it's overall performance and maybe they want to know what kind of add-ons we use. I don't think that the new sim will be compatible with what we have already installed. Every add on will be rewritten to match the requirements of the new platform plus i believe that many add-ons we usually use for FSX will be already included or won't be needed. By the time MS announced the new platform i have noticed, correct me if I'm wrong, that there are no updates for FSX's major add-ons like aircrafts. The announcement of MS's comeback, has created a shock wave in the sim market, with the biggest impact unfortunately on FSX related products. My best regards
  4. Hi could you please post a list of your working add-ons? It will help many people who are interested to get an idea. So my list of add-ons is. Sky Force 3d, ORBX Global + Europe + Vectors, PMDG B738-9 +744, FSLABS A320, AS16, DX10 Scenery Fixer, GSX, IVAP and some airports + EFASS. I have noticed that the error comes from couatl.exe (GSX) the problem is CTD during splash screen refering to couatl.exe. Regards.
  5. Hi, yes i have already tested it twice but unfortunately with no results. Then i opted out beta, successfully. I don't understand why they released this beta when no one uses FSX's stock settings (Aircrafts, sceneries, weather etc). I think that the best idea would have been to release a beta supporting all the addons we use to get the big picture. Or perhaps they could do some reading here in avsim.com. I am sure they can find more answers here than gathering info from an obsolete platform. Their target group are simmers who use addons (plenty of them), or in other words they need something more than the fsx "stock experience". Or not? My best regards.
  6. Ok, is there any list of addons that are not compatible with this beta or is it a combination? My best regards.
  7. Hi there, Can anyone explain what External beta stands for? Is it something that runs outside the original installation? Regards.
  8. Unfortunately someone had this terrible idea to try gathering information from a platform which is patched with tons of add-ons just by issuing a non compatible beta 😁. I am curious, what they were thinking.... We will see. By the way is there anyone who has managed to run this beta? Regards.
  9. Hmm maybe every add on must be reinstalled one by one. I couldn't even reach the main screen...
  10. Hi, my system: I7-6700k @ 4.6Ghz, GTX 1080Ti, Asus Z170 Pro gaming, 16 GB of RAM at 2533, M2 Samsung 970 EVO 21:9 monitor 2560X1080. I have ORBX EUROPE, GLOBAL, VECTOR and 4-5 airports + 747-400 PMDG 738_739 PMDG and FSLabs airbus. I am from Greece and i usually fly around Greece. My FPS is around 24 on the ground 37 at FL>150. Once, I decided to fly from EHAM (SCHIPHOL) . I had 8 FPS on the ground. A few days ago i watched the trailer they' ve released. And it brought me to my knees. What kind of hardware can deliver this level of detail? OK, someone might say "this is a commercial it has to be perfect" but the level of detail cannot be compared with FSX maxed out or with P3D nor with anything else. That is why opened this topic. I agree that it's up to me to decide. I hope that MS this time will and should be honest about it's recommended hardware demands. Not only to run, but to run decently. We always hear stories about a promising software and the results it produces but we 've never been told how. My best regards.
  11. Yeah that's right as long you as you don't need to pay for them, again.... 4 add on air crafts + ORBX + REX + AS16 + ? (hardware) = 💲💲💲💲 . But i know how it works, future does not come for free....😎
  12. One thing is for sure, the blast wave from this MS bomb was tremendous.... Maybe (hopping) to our benefit...
  13. Well, first we have to wait and see what is all about. I was ready to move to a X64 platform. Now i have to wait again. Surely it's frustrating to be obliged to mess with cfg files and affinity masks and all this strange settings, (i just wanted to fly the d*** plane!!!!) struggling to gain 5-6 fps more and then stopped by OOM error. But 3rd party developers can offer a discount for all buyers sometime. If one platform is better, it is better for all us, buyers and developers. But we'll see...
  14. I have a strange feeling that we have to buy all our addons again,,, plus a new PC ( i have watched the trailer, this can't be happening....😲)
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