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Found 18 results

  1. In anticipation of thier forthcoming B-777 release, PMDG has opened a forum specifically for this soon to be released add on to FSX. The T7 was announced at the flight simulation show held in Germany last month. PMDG's CEO, Rob Randazzo, announced the T7 and showed a number of screenshots of the new addition to their product line. You can view the AVSIM article that shows the cockpit view screen shots here. You can access the new B-777 forum here, but you must be a registered member to participate in the forum discussion.
  2. Hi all! So. In every flight with PMDG 737NGX im getting an problem that destroys my flight. After departure and when i reached my final altitude everything is fine. LNAV and VNAV is on such as Autothrottle. The plane is following the ''Purple line'' on the navigation display and everything works perfectly until about 70-100 Nautical Miles (NM) from Top of Descent (T/D). My plane starts to fly it own way and its not following the Purple Line. Then the plane starts to descent slowly and after a while it starts to climb again above my Maximum Altitude. Its like rollercoaster. I tried to disconnect LNAV and VNAV and CMD A (Command A) and sets up the plane right. I then turn LNAv and VNAV such as CMD A. It dont work, the plane does the rollercoaster and won't follow the route correctly. What am i doing wrong? I've set up everything right (I think) and have watched many YouTube flights from famous YouTuber's and flown them myself but still getting the problem. Anyone out there who has/have the same issue? Here are some screenshots at my situatuon. http://gyazo.com/ded79aad6fcf7201ec3dacf958a7b2da http://gyazo.com/a0375bd940e5f423b66f522e811dbb3f Thanks!
  3. I would like to update everyone regarding the system issues that appeared to crop up over this last weekend and the steps we have taken to remedy those issues to the extent that we have been able. First, let me put this rubric to bed; the system issues WERE NOT caused by the addition or modification to the forums software. Some people like to harp about us adding functions and having things "break" when we do. That is not the case and in fact, we have not added new functionality in quite some time. If anything, we are guilty of removing TOO many functions. We noticed issues started to crop up on the morning of June 27th; that's last Thursday, and it started just before 10:00 a.m. We noticed a barrage of hits from the Verizon system and they numbered thousands over a very short period. We have reported that activity to Verizon and have requested they let us know the result. We'll see if any of that happens. The next thing we noticed was that there was a hundred plus attempts to crack into our Admin Control System. The crack attempts came from an IP that showed the attempts were originating in the Netherlands. We took a step that we had postponing doing simply because of the effort necessary to accomplish it; we "hid" the control system. We have software that can sit in front of the forum software and repel DDOS attacks when we recognize them. We brought that online over the weekend as we continued to get hit. The downside to this action is that it has an impact on all users logging in from anywhere in the world. The major consequence is system slow down for everyone, but certainly faster than what was existing during the DDOS itself. We started looking at modules as well to determine the impact they have been having and the possibility that something broke. We did a complete removal of all but the most fundamentally important modules, and what you see today in the forums is the result. We may bring some of those back online once the system stabilizes. One of the other things we did is shut off access to all of the forum structure by GUESTS; that is, people who have not registered. We did that to lighten the load on the system as well and to give us an opportunity to measure the positive or negative aspects of that move. As of an hour ago, we have flipped the switch and have let guests back into the forums. However, over the next couple of days, we are going to be removing access by guests to certain forums to maintain a fair balance and sustained performance for our registered members. So, as I write this, where are we? We have re-installed TapaTalk for all of the 30 or so users that access our forums daily using it. If it proves to be problematic again, we will permanently remove it and never re-install it. We have removed various modules as indicated above and we will selectively bring back online some of those depending upon performance impact by them. We have a system now in place that looks for and prevents proxy server access, access from unidentified locations and so on. Performance today is very good. We are not seeing the slow downs that we have seen over the last couple of days, and we are keeping an eye on accesses and locations. Okay, so that is where we stand at the moment.
  4. For quite some time now, the AVSIM forums have been managed somewhat on an ad hoc basis. That is, moderators voluntarily taking on responsibility for specific forums of interest, and without much of a guiding hand from me or other AVSIM Senior Staff. As with all other areas of AVSIM, we have teams in place with a leadership "structure" to provide continuity and a common direction; the library management team, review team and editorial team are just three examples. With the massive amount of work being done to bring the new, fully integrated AVSIM to life, it is very apparent that we need to have that same kind of volunteer team in place for the forums. We invited Stephen Wilcox, aka SpiritFlyer, to consider the position of Forum Manager, and he has graciously agreed. Stephen has consistently shown his ability to bring a level and fair approach to all his interactions with members of our community and has provided a mature and balanced view of all aspects of our hobby. We are confident that his steady hand will continue to benefit members and our hobby in general. Please join me in congratulating Stephen on his new position within AVSIM!
  5. If you view the system statistics (http://forum.avsim.net/stats/) you will see that we have over 2.2 million posts that are active in the database. Those date back to 2006, when we brought this version of forum software online. Although our systems are fast and powerful, that many messages do put a load on the system, especially when users do searches. This poll is an attempt to obtain an understanding of your view on archiving (which means that for all intents and purposes, archived messages become unavailable to you). It does not necessarily mean that we will do archiving, or that if we do that, we'll do it from a time frame voted on here... Please let us know what you think.
  6. We are happy to report that MILVIZ today opened a support and updates forum on AVSIM. MILVIZ delivers some of the highest fidelity simulation add-on's available. If you have not seen a MILVIZ product, we suggest you visit their web site at MILVIZ.COM. You can visit their brand new AVSIM support forum here. To our friends at MILVIZ; welcome to the AVSIM forums!
  7. My friends, Each day we see members generate a repetitive posts here at AVSIM because they did not bother to first search the AVSIM forums or take the time to first search a product manual. Sometimes this leads to the original posters receiving a very negative response from members of the community, which at best embarrasses (or should) and at worst creates ill will or possibly alienates someone from our community. Someone might wonder why this is important. After all, we're all aware that AVSIM has unlimited disk space and bandwidth (lol). The answer is quite simple. The AVSIM forums are a valuable resource and wealth of information which allow the community to quickly search and receive a wealth of information on almost every topic or issue in flight simulation. The problem is that these repetitive posts eventually "sit" on top of original posts which usually contain the information needed to understand or address an issue, and can eventually obscure the the informative contained in the original posts. If something isn't done, I'd argue that searching the forums will at some point become an exercise is sifting through countless, repetive (if not worthless) posts rather than leading one to the answer one is (or should be) searching for. I know first hand how hard the moderators are working, and they're doing a great (but thankless) job. But something else has to happen. I won't be so bold as to think that I have the answer here, but maybe two suggestions to start the ball rolling towards developing a solution. 1. Send a SHORT email out to all AVSIM users about this problem (anything more than three or four short sentences and I question if people will read it). 2. Create a short, two or three sentence notice that new users will have to read (and answer) informing them to search the forums before posting. I realize these are not solutions, just something meant to get the ball rolling. Thanks for your time.
  8. We have updated our menuing software and now are doing some experimenting with its new features. You may see some funcalities but not to worry. We'll announce any permanent changes if we implement them. Otherwise, just have a look, take a deep breath, accuse me of mucking things up AGAIN, and then just ignore them. They will most likely go away. A change that is now in effect... The FORUM tab must be double clicked to get the Forums to refresh, and the same is true with the LIBRARY tab. Double click it and it will take you immediately to the library.
  9. With the upgrade of our forum and content software over night, we have introduced a new feature which we think will be a great addition to your use of the system. This is the ANSWERED function. What this does is provide the ORIGINAL topic poster (the OP) to decide which of the following answers to his question was the right answer. When that OP gets the right answer, he can annotate it as such for follow on readers to note. Mods and Admins can also designate messages as 'answered' and they can also deselect them as well. The next message following this one is an example of that function.
  10. Version 1.0


    These are some screen shots of the AVSIM Forum Statistics for the entire year of 2013.
  11. Some folks have asked where the "First Unread Post" function is now. If you look closely at the screenshot below, you'll notice that all unread posts are highlighted in soft blue in the leftmost column. There is a dark blue dot icon in the leftmost column as well... ...clicking on that blue dot will take you immediately to the "First Unread Post" in that thread. If there is a blue star instead of a dot, that means that you've made at least one reply in that thread. In the center of the screen note the black circle with a white down-arrow. Clicking on that will allow you to "Preview" the thread without opening it. That makes it quick and easy to see if there's anything of interest for you. Folks, there's a wealth of functionality built into this new forum software. Don't be stuck with old habits, but be brave and explore! :Peace:
  12. We have now opened the Forum Upgrade Project Tracker. You can find it here:http://forum.avsim.net/tracker/Or by selecting the MORE tab and then PROJECT MANAGER in the menu selections above.We encourage you to enter issues you may find, and suggestions for improvements in the tracking system.
  13. The only issue that we detected after the upgrade this afternoon was that the BLOCK FORUMS FROM SEARCH was not compatible with the new OS. That module has been removed, and will be replaced when the author updates it to be compatible with the latest revisions. If you detect any issues after the upgrade today, please post those issues in the TRACKING SYSTEM here.
  14. Drawbridge Design, a commercial provider of scenery for X-Plane, today opened their forum on AVSIM. What is notable about this is that Drawbridge Design's forum is the first on AVSIM for an X-Plane developer. We hope to see many more to come. Drawbridge has a single product out on the market at the moment, and that is an advanced design of an airport add-on, for the X-Plane simulator. You can access the Drawbridge Design forum here.
  15. Hello, Sometimes, while browsing these fora, I need to save some snippets of useful answers (it may be a code fragment, picture, text, link, anything) for the future quick reference (IPB search is a PITA). The easiest way to keep such a collection for me (and I guess for the other community members) would be using this very forum software (IPB). For instance I would like be able to collect at least Bookmarks to the interesting posts. And yes, I don't need or want to subscribe (and thus follow with notifications) to the whole (lengthy) Topic, even though I might be interested just in the couple of useful Posts within such topic. As far as I know, IPB is capable to provide its users with this kind of service. For example, in my Control Panel I can see: * Pages; * Blogs; * Gallery; * Links Directory Nothing of this, unfortunately, is available me. Is there any other convenient way to do notes here? /Thank you!
  16. Over the last 24 hours we have done some system work and added a few functions. First, the system; The pagination issue on the news front page and with the comments is still not fixed, although we though we had one. We are getting some assistance in getting this taken care of. At this point, that is all I dare say about it, because every time we think we have our solution, it disappears on us. You may have noticed a new feature, without realizing it. If you place your mouse cursor over a topic or post, you will shown two or three message summaries of that topic before entering the topic itself. This is called a PREVIEW function, which we think will a popular one because it prevents you from having to enter a topic to get a feel for what the topic might really entail. Don't know if you have noticed, but there is now a time indication on the user profile to the left of topics. That indicates the current time of the user's location. It is a not too subtle way of saying; "YO DUDE, DON'T EXPECT A REPLY IF IT IS 0300 HIS/HER TIME.." (or, in my case any time before 1100 and after 1200. :Nerd: We have also attempt to revive the award system, but have decided to move off that and on to another alternative. There are a lot of little tweaks and things that we are doing to improve your AVSIM Community and we'll keep you appraised as we have enough to report on.
  17. For those of you that have not seen the notice, we have opened an unofficial Majestic Dash 8 forum for questions about the product and sharing the experience of flying it. You can find that forum here: http://forum.avsim.net/forum/603-unofficial-majestic-software-support-forum/ Please post your Majestic Dash 8 related messages there.
  18. there is a nice option in Control Panel called 'Manage Notes'. it says, "You may store post snippets, or any other information you need to keep here".however, I can't see any controls which would allow to insert any content there.
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