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  1. Paul Deluca

    Challenger 650 coming...

    Thanks for the info Ryan. Just saw a video about the plane. Nice!!!!!!!!
  2. Paul Deluca

    float plane collision in Alaska

    Just read the story about Taquan Air shutting down due to the crash.
  3. Paul Deluca

    A question for all of you.

    That's allright Quack. I'll talk to you. I see you like woodworking. I like antique carousel music organs. 90 % made out of wood. Maple. poplar, for pipes,and wind manifold.
  4. Paul Deluca

    TWA terminal now hotel at KJFK

    To have a restaurant in the hotel serving meals that TWA served in first class. Lobster Cardinale, Cornish Hen Veronique, Filet Mignon, Lamb Chops. Info based from an early 1960's TWA ad. Vip service all the way.!!!!!!!!!
  5. Paul Deluca

    X-aviation support

    Thanks for answering my question Goran. With all new aircraft coming out, such as jets,and airliners at least you understood what i meant.🙂
  6. Paul Deluca

    float plane collision in Alaska

    So sad. Seems to be a neat airline.
  7. Paul Deluca

    X-aviation support

    Hi Goran: Any news from LES regarding new generation aircraft? Thanks.
  8. Paul Deluca

    X-Plane 11 Controllers?

    Hello Dougal : My setup is all CH. Reason for that is plug n play. I had saitek controllers and gave up on them.My opinion is stick with one brand for your set up. I have had very good luck with CH. I wish they would come out with a new design. Good luck!!!!.
  9. Paul Deluca

    X-aviation support

    Hi Goran: Any updates regarding the LES Saab? Thanks.
  10. Paul Deluca

    I might have asked this before, but for 2019....

    Hello John, interesting subject: Music i remember in my flying days were Honky Cat Elton John. Amazing that song would play when i was close to the airport. Seeing the metal take off with the heavy black smoke, 727, DC-9 etc. Where Is The Love Roberta Flack, Donnie Hathaway, and the corny song How Do You Do by the dutch duo Mouth and Mac Neal. Another time i was on board a 727 the song I Can See For Miles by The Who.Fun days!!!!!!
  11. Other planes missing are Maule [USA] Gippsland [Australia]
  12. Paul Deluca

    Carenado in X-Plane

    I think we will very soon. Ciao!!!!!
  13. Paul Deluca

    Carenado in X-Plane

    I came close Avgas: I was expecting a new generation airliner like the Mitsubishi MRJ. France 89 had it perfect. Good guess!!!!!!!.
  14. Paul Deluca

    Carenado in X-Plane

    I don't have it. Looks real nice though.