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  1. Hello Father Sorry you were disapointed regarding your search. Youtube has a video about oxysterol for cataracts.My mistake was not telling you about adding cataracts with oxysterol in your search Sorry.
  2. Yes Ray using cholesterol. My reason for postponing is due to yours truly. I don't like the use of certain drugs {Midazolam with Fentanyl ] for surgery, and Prednisone for aftercare. Ray: I have been lied to , and mislead by the medical establishment more than once so i have a cold war going on with them. The doctor that saw me the other day won't touch me because of my attitude. TOUGH!!!! I stand my ground. I'm scheduled to see his colleague in June. I expect the same song and dance. With Startpage or other search engines, type in Oxysterol.
  3. Good news Ray I was reading about a new concept of eye drop eliminating the need for surgery all together. The concept medicine is called Oxysterol. If the food and drug admin would pass this in the states . i would be first in line.My situation has been postponed until June.
  4. Hello Father, and Ray How are you guys doing post op?
  5. Glad to see you, and Ray are doing fine.
  6. Just checked the weather report for tornadoes where Father Bill lives. Please check in Father when possible .Hope you are ok.
  7. You will be fine Ray. The doctor gave me a 3 stage anesthetic meaning 3 different drugs. There is no way your eye will move.I felt him deburr the cornea with a slight pressure/tickling sensation. I sat up during the procedure looking into a device like an eye examination, He sat on the other side looking through powerful lenses with a rotary tool like i mentioned in the other post. I have gotten too old to do any mechanic work under my vehicle. After my first cataract procedure, just call me ONE EYED PAULIE.!!!
  8. Gosh Father I wish i could be down there to help you...
  9. Hello Ray I went through the same razmataz with CH. I asked them about building a tiller wheel . A big NO! With new stuff on the market i hope they get it together with their products[ HALL EFFECT ] better rudder, and brake springs. Yokes. throttle quadrants. I have their 6 lever quadrant. After some time the levers loosen up. In general not bad for plug n play. More bang for the dollar, pound. etc. They are dependable!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. My presurgical consultation is scheduled for April 14. My optometrist told me that i will need glasses after surgery. Fine with me. I have the same night driving issues like you Soren. I have to zoom in my screen to 150% so i can type this post. I see Father Bill is scheduled for surgery today. I wish him the best.
  11. I wore a full face shield afterwards Ray I can't work like that anymore . I let a repair shop do it.
  12. I just checked about my situation. US medicare covers 80% i pay the rest. Doctors here can be [you would put me on holiday for how i really feel with my sharp tongue $@&&###] LOL I have had rust in my eyes twice from working underneath my truck where the surgeon uses a micro tool like a Dremel to scrape the cornea The anesthetic is real good.
  13. I wish you the best Ray regarding your eyes. I fear the surgeon saying i can't because of US medicare, even with my copay being some good dollars. Not good for this US chap on fixed income. I will post the outcome within time.
  14. March 14 starts the process for me with a visit to the optometrist. for now, my eyes somewhat burn where i have to lie down, and wind up sleeping. There are times waking up in the morning i can't see 1 foot in front of me.Within 2 minutes i can see.
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