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  1. Very soothing video.Many thanks.!!!!!!!!
  2. Slowly pushing 70 here.Maybe XP 12 will be here before i turn 70, LOL!!!!!!!!
  3. This made my day. Awww!!!!!!! Thanks.
  4. Check out the old skyscraper construction videos from New York City Father. These dedicated men not only erected steel, they were the ones doing derrick crane jumping, moving them up two floors at a time with no harness, and take them apart way up there on top when finished.
  5. Lab head base, or bow wow recon.
  6. Rebel Pilsner. Czech import if i can find it.Love that beer.
  7. I make trips like that also Bjoern. Casino, Family outings. etc. I have an Embraer 135 for such occasion also.I don"t belong to any virtual airline groups so i can fly when i'm not busy. Nothing like flying high end virtual charters. LOL!!!!!!
  8. I hope so to Bjorn.I have had loads of fun with that plane along with the Airfoillabs King Air 350. I suggest flying in southern West Virginia in which some towns in the base of the mountains resemble Lugano Switzerland.HAPPY FLYING!!!!!!!
  9. Western Electric was one of the companies making that phone. I love it.!!!!!!
  10. Glad to see you back in the groove Noel.!!!!!!
  11. Brings back memories of my childhood with the forward control cab over pickup trucks with the hurricane engine. The grilles in the video are the same .
  12. Sorry to hear the news Noel We will keep her going here.Please stop in and say hello within time. I'm going to miss your stories along with your humor. Paul
  13. I hope they went home, sat down with their favorite adult beverage double the strength. and mellow out.
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