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  1. Good point Bob. I will not resort to eating my fur covered buddy Mr.Blazin [cat], or bambi either. LOL!!!!
  2. People ate possum during the depression, along with domestic animals.I'll pass on the possum dish. Good story Noel.
  3. This is great. Good news!!!!! Thanks Randall
  4. Thanks Jim I remember those commercials.I'm trying to hide my feelings about these commercials. Since this is a family oriented website, i'll keep quiet. LOL Judy didn't last long when they merged with Pan Am.. The new National Airlines wouldn't permit this today. Thanks for the memories Jim.
  5. Since we are on this subject Christopher, how about the women working for BOAC, and BEA, Air UK. woohoo!!!They were dressed to the hilt without the hoopla.
  6. Sure was Christopher. I remember the days of Pan Am in the late 60's. These girls were dressed with such finesse without all this hoopla. Class a all the way . . I miss you Pan Am.
  7. Hey Paul [Paolo] Welcome back. I have family, and relatives in the Lazio region.Ciao!!!.
  8. Hey Dan:After reviewing the package that's available for this plane from the manual, i can see why the going price is $74. 00 and change in US dollars.This is even better than the Saab 340 your company built.Thumbs up!!!!!!!
  9. Laminar just released 26 mb of improvements. Nothing is posted in developer. Just installed it here. GETTING BETTER!!!!!! Folks.
  10. Just got another update. Thank you Goran, and J Gregory.
  11. About time a tiller came out for a sim. I hope this tiller is ready for other aircraft in the future. Thanks for the post Chuck.
  12. My ex girlfriend forced me to watch Sound Of Music GRRR %@#^&*.
  13. scott s. Wow Scott: Never heard of the man until i looked him up.He was brilliant with the old choreographs in the movies.Thanks.!!!!.
  14. Good answer Matt. It seems that they took a financial bath with Dehavilland. Time to go back making snowmobiles i guess.
  15. The 220 seems like a good seller for the time being.There is talks of the Dornier 328 going back into production. Turboprop so far.
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