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  1. Hello Max: That very subject was presented to Laminar Research.With new advances to X- Plane, we might see the changes.For example, people who operate virtual airlines would like see company aircraft parked , while they taxi to the gate.We might see company ground equipment. I'm just speculating for now. Wait, and see i guess. HAPPY FLYING!!!!!!!
  2. Hey Skully My machine stopped accepting vulkan. Worked good as we know last time. I'm looking at new hardware.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I don't use VR.Don't give up.!!!
  4. Now that vulkan is in place, the latest talk is to improve small details at the gate, and cities. Numerous suggestions have been made to Laminar. Thumbs up!!!!!
  5. I'm getting 77fps also Skully Looking good !!!!!
  6. The 2 planes i tried were from third party. I just tried it again with the same planes . Good so far. Windows was giving me a problem before i downloaded 11.50. The planes are Auctus Evektor EV-55,Carenado Saab 340, Carenado Cessna Caravan i forgot to mention. The caravan was okay from the start. I had a good framerate to begin with . I installed vulkan and noticed a stronger rate of course. We shall see.
  7. The problems i had was engines shutting off, and one engine running on the runway. i rebooted the sim 4 times. Running good for now.
  8. My thoughts, and prayers to his family. He e- mailed me a while back. Very sincere man.RIP Jim.
  9. Nice plane, good choice. I had one back in the days of Microsoft sim 2004 I had good time flying it.Good luck with it. HAPPY FLYING!!!!!
  10. Hello Ralf: Wait for the BN Islander coming to market. I have an Evektor EV-55 Outback which is STOL for XPlane 11. I have flown into John Osborne Airport in Montserrat with a runway of 553 metres/1,814 feet full stop.Takes practice of course. The islander is the perfect plane.I might buy the islander after reading reviews. Nice looking plane so far by TorqueSIM . HAPPY FLYING!!!!!!
  11. Alaska Airlines operated a 737 combi into Dutch Harbor Alaska years ago. Hugging the water, and a right turn slam dunk onto a runway roughly 4000 ft long under some of the worst weather. To me , that is bush piloting. Discovery Channel had the video. My mouth dropped when i saw that one. YouTube has clips of the documentary.
  12. I know the feeling Greg. I have a few years over you. I'm going to be positive over this illness. Chin-up!!!! I have family members that are older. Joking around, I'll be found with my left hand on the yoke, right hand on the throttle quadrant, and feet on the pedals in a petrified state. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hello Goran: Got an e-mail regarding the BN Islander. Looks like a keeper so far.For the folks wanting to see the plane, go to the forum section of X- Aviation. Aircraft is for X-plane only.Big change since developers are always distributing in P3D, FSX. first. Thanks.!!
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