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  1. @guenseli out of interest does GSX expose the number of passengers it is boarding onto an aircraft? Does it expose how many it has boarded / deboarded?
  2. Well - if GSX finishes earlier you already have the option of simply right-clicking the boarding button on SLC to "instantly" complete it, same with deboarding.
  3. @Dazkentyes you can easily add your own sound packs just by providing files with the same name in another folder within "/soundpacks" you do not need all files, just the ones you want to use and SLC will revert to "Default" ones for the ones which are missing. It's quite flexible in that regard.
  4. Hi guenseli ... I thought we had spoken via email? If not, my apologies but for sure I will answer here: A few people are asking if integration with GSX is possible - I do not honestly know. What I do know is that I need to deliver on the "early access" features before I start adding much more new things and I have a development roadmap in place. I have to assume that not everyone owns GSX and so it needs to work without - if the workaround for now is that SLC needs to be operated alongside GSX then I see no real hardship. Having said that, I am absolutely interested in building integrations - once it is all constructed. I myself own GSX so will be happy to attempt an integration if I can because it is something that makes a lot of sense to do. Regarding compatibility with major addons - this is a slight point of contention. SLC does not talk to the addons directly- it talks to FSUIPC/SimConnect/XPUIPC to read simulator data. If 3rd party aircraft do not update the data within the sim, then FSUIPC will not read it and subsequently neither will SLC. Most addons I have tried work - but some, such as the FSLabs A320 do not update datarefs like landing lights .. so I have had to program a workaround. In this case, the workaround was pressing the seatbelt sign ON-OFF-ON on the SLC GUI to enter the Takeoff phase and notify the cabin crew to take seats - this happens automatically with other aircraft. What I can say is that I am constantly working to improve it based on user feedback, while further developing the functionality of the app - it's all anyone can do really within the confines of what we have.
  5. ITU6800: Haha yes - the crew are not subject to "sanitised" simulation yet - they are there now because I'm progressively releasing the software as it's built - the functionality will improve in new versions over the coming days / weeks / months. I did fix the issue with 2yr olds being drunk - I blame the parents 🙂 F737NG: I was having a discussion about the landing rates with members of the Discord server - we feel that maybe landing rates should be handled by those tools which are specifically written for that purpose, and that SLC should use more of a "feeling" measurement (pax would not know the actual rating after all). i.e. "great landing" "a bit hard!" etc instead of -155ft/min ... what would your thoughts on that be? A strawpoll resulted in a slight skew towards the landing rate being left alone but my gut tells me that I should display the "feeling" instead. I will take note of those TTS issues - might I ask you to send me an email (its on the website) telling me some details such as aircraft / simulator / etc and exactly what happened? I'm using TTS on most of my flights and its working great but I'm happy to take a look for you, no problem.
  6. Actually SLC does penalise on bad flying (excess bank / pitch / gforce etc) and each passenger gets affected in their own way based on their individual anxiousness / nervousness etc. It just does not currently penalise based on things like landing lights not being turned on (primarily because the passengers don't care about that anyway).
  7. Hi Alberto, Yes - I know that FSPassengers used to do that type of thing but I get the impression that a lot of people didn't enjoy it because some airline's SOP allowed them to perform actions that FSPassengers penalised them for. I suppose it would be possible to allow different configurations though. I do have this functionality "on hold" at the moment, I will add some notes to it and have a good think about the best way to allow enabling pilot performance as a factor in the flight.
  8. Hello there, Author here - yes, Self-Loading Cargo is still being actively developed and I appreciate the kind words ... I'm always open to suggestions and ideas. The development road map is already in place, but it is fantastic to have more opinions / debates over things that are possible, things that aren't needed etc. My aim is to simulate the "feel" of a flight with passengers onboard the aircraft. I'm a simmer myself and am very (very) familiar with the monotony of a long, empty cruise - my goal with SLC is to bridge that gap and bring a little more immersion to the simulator. Being entrusted to deliver those in the back safely and comfortably, it's important that they feel nice after a flight :) Thanks! Steve
  9. No, it is automated after purchase. There have been a couple of people who's email addresses have caused the system to fail but based on their payment receipt I've set up an account manually and had them up and running as quickly as their support email comes in.
  10. Hi - author here. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 It does a best guess of a realistic number of passengers for the current aircraft, and you can override it at start up with the number of passengers you'd like to simulate if you're not happy with the suggestion. There is a maximum of 600 (!) which is more than enough 🙂 As for a minimum ... there is a product roadmap > http://slc.lanilogic.com/changelog which I plan to allow for GA aircraft ... it is not currently in progress however, there are more pressing things.
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