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  1. Ok, thank you!First I will install fsx with some add ons like rex, ftx, enb, a2a feel and airbus x extended and if I'm satisfied (mostly I wont be because I really like FBW system, METAR display which is next to the down ecam and the taxi aid camera. If I dont like the configuration I will switch to x-plane 10. Thank you, again! Hi. I think of upgrading my video card to ati 7k hd series but for now I cant spend a lot of money because Im saving for my atpl course.
  2. thank you for the fast reply .Do you think that I can run x-plane 10+jardesign a320 or peters' a380(I would like vc) on my pc. Because I don't meet the requirements. The other think that I can do but I dont know if it's possible is to run x-plane on two machines- one pc and one laptop with the same specs.
  3. Hello. For now I've been only using fsx for simulation but it seem quite unrealistic when it comes to physics. This year I am going to make something like an airbus sim (I prefer a340 or even a350 but I don't mind if it is a320)with oculus rift because it's the cheapest way to make a sim. For now I have saitek pro flight system and a pc which specs are: -amd athlon 5800+ 2.8ghz duo -ati radeon 4830hd 512 mb -4gb ram And this is not enough for x-plane 10 which supports jardesign a320. So can you please give me a suggestion and tell me which of the two softwares (fsx-x-plane9) I should use. Thank you and sorry for my bad English!
  4. Hi im going to build a home cockpit. First I wanted to build an a320 I got all the plans but I don't have enough space in my room for it. I'm searching for a plane which is light and have more procedures to be done until the flight(its more interesting when you have what to do until the flight) I have fsx and x plane 10 but im not sure that my pc is enough powerful to run x plane 10. Here are the specs: Cpu: amd athlon 5800+ dual core 2.8 ghz Ram: 4gb kingston Videocard: amd radeon 4830 hd Win 7. ------------------------------------------ So can you give me advice with the plane and x plane 10 vs fsx for my pc
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