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  1. Yeah there isn’t unfortunately. I’ve tried, it lets you move around the cockpit but won’t let you into the cabin. Some aircraft have cabin views in showcase mode but you can’t look around.
  2. I concur. it took me a few hours to get the feel of the plane but after that it's actually the most pleasing airliner to fly. or maybe it's because the other two have horrible flight modelling...
  3. Seriously? I didn't even realize. I hope this gets addressed, I got the Premium Deluxe just for the aircraft and so far practically every one of them has at least one issue or oversight 😕
  4. Ok so I haven't really seen anybody else complain about this so maybe it's just a nit-pick of mine, but WHY is there no wing flex on the Longitude?? It's so disappointing especially since I was so impressed by the wing physics that the airliners have. I know it doesn't flex a whole lot IRL but the plane just looks so lifeless to me. It's a shame too because I genuinely like the aircraft. Just a few degrees would be nice...
  5. If you can do Carenado planes, Please repaint the Piper Archer II with registration N8346H, Thank you!
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