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Found 11 results

  1. I am Alcides, this is my story. What a month May has been, I have produced three videos in May and I am really excited to see the work I have put out. I thought that my story might motivate some of you young future pilots out there. I have been in Flight Simulator since 2003. I fell in love with aviation because a pilot from US airways showed me the cockpit in a flight from Nashville to La Guardia when I was 10 years old. I remember seeing that cabin and seeing the crew go through their flows and thinking " This is my destiny". Since that day I did anything possible to stay connected with aviation. Flight Simulator was my only refuge. I remember thinking that flight simulator was the only part of my life that made any sense to me. Being from a lower income family I did not have the means to have my single parent send me to flight school when I was in my teens so I was forced to work my way through a retail job so I could one day pay my flight school. I got my break when I became a manager at the company I worked for. Quickly I fueled my way to perform better than most in my area because I knew that I could soon start to pay for my flight school. About two years ago I decided that it was time for me to start. Being a Lancaster,PA USA resident I searched on google for flight schools and came in touch with this flight school. www.aerotechservices.com. I told them my dream and I quickly found my self in the left seat to do my discovery flight. I remember that day being 3500 feet in the air that I felt a power and a sensation I can only describe as euphoric. The "Once you touch flight you will for ever spend your days looking towards the skies wondering when you will return" where all I remember thinking about, I had to continue my dream, no matter what. My sister helped me by using helping me get a signature loan so I could get the PPL license. My wife (Got married early) kept me in line and continued motivating me to continue, I cant help admitting that making her proud was one of my biggest motivators. Of course my mother who bought me all my computers and helped keep the dream alive when it seemed against all odds when i was a young boy . I owe everything to those three women. With the money to begin I started my journey. It was hard, there were times that I wanted to cry, perhaps even pound my head against a wall but I kept thinking about that boy in the past that spent hours hoping to one day reach his goal flying in the simulated skies, looking up every time a plane flew by and praying that I will reach my dream. So I continued down the path. I got paired up with my instructor Brandon. We quickly became good friends and it was very apparent to me that he was going to get me through it and he wanted it just as much as I did. There were times that Brandon would call me, text me, send smoke signals in the air to get me to go fly and get it done. Of all the things what I was most terrified of was crosswind landings. It felt like I was never going to get it right but Brandon always told me to be patient and just keep trying. Eventually I got better and it was time to take my check-ride. I passed my check-ride on February 27th,2015. It had to be the happiest day off my life. I spend maybe three weeks sitting at home and I quickly found my self bored so I said to my self "Keep Going". A week later I started my instrument training. Today I am half way done with my IFR training and I am not stopping no matter what. I still fly with Brandon, I will forever thank him for teaching me . Along the way I started making these short movies to better tell my story. I will continue doing so and hopefully I will motivate some of you in your journey. Above all, don't give up continue working towards it. Even if its at snail pace eventually you will all get a break and it will rocket you into your dreams. Moderator please delete. Duplicate
  2. Recent Photos of a VFR flight from KMTH-KTMH with A2A simulations piper Cherokee Enjoy the shots gentlemen. http://www.vataware....flight/13548817
  3. I did a quick search around this forum and didn't see anyone bring up the fact that the A2A Piper Cherokee has been in beta testing since the beginning of March. See this post on their forums. I must say, after buying their 172 and seeing how it has progressed with the past updates, the Cherokee will be an instant buy for me. They posted this photo of the cockpit around Christmas time. It looks great!
  4. As a request from a member of the VATPAC (VATSIM Pacific) Forum, I have been asked to drop the following story in here for your enjoyment! I hope you enjoy reading it, more than I enjoyed experiencing it! Well, it's high time I shared some wisdom from my 100hrs of flight time! After many months of weekends spent at Cessnock Aerodrome (YCNK) with Hunter Valley Aviation (Basair), it finally came time for me to do solo circuits! As any pilot will tell you, your first solo circuit is the most cereal experience you will ever have flying. Firstly, because your Instructor has taken enough Vallium to sign you out to do a circuit with out him/her sitting next to you to grab the controls on late finals, and Secondly, because as the Instructor gets out of the aircraft (possibly popping a few more Vallium) it hits you, your totally in control.. On the morning of my first solo circuit, things were conducted as normal, Pre-Flight Brief, examination of the weather and how conditions will affect any points in the circuit, and finally, Pre-Flight inspection and taxi. We went up and did a few circuits with a light crosswind, nothing more than about three to five knots. after forty five minutes, I was instructed to conduct a full-stop landing and taxi clear via the third taxiway. The instructor gave me a five second prep talk and a pat on the shoulder with one of those "you'll do fine" looks. So with the instructor out of the aircraft, I nervously proceeded to taxi to the run-up bays. I will tell you now, I'm sure I spent at least ten minutes doing my run ups in the poor little Cessna 152. Finally, I taxied to the holding point of Runway 35. I did my look out, made the radio call and lined up.. Once line up and checks were completed, I looked out along the runway and taxiways again, just to make sure everything was right.. I slowly inched the throttle on, and started to bounce forward down the runway.. "First Gabble, IAS rising, Centre Line on the nose".. Then... Out of the drainage ditch on the side of the runway, the one place where I couldn't see anything, let alone look to see anything, jumps Skippy... A five foot Eastern Grey Kangaroo.. And guess where Skippy was hopping.. Yeh, that's right, straight out onto the runway, 30 - 50 metres ahead of my quickly accelerating aircraft! At this point, what do I do? I had only a matter of seconds before I had Skippy in the cockpit with me.. So I did the only thing I could have done, pull!! At 40kts I pulled the control column back as hard as I could, and began to rotate.. Now, as any experienced pilot, or even someone who has passed their Training Area Solo will tell you, low level stall equals a whole world of hell. So rotating at 40kts in my little Cessna with very little to no Short Field experience meant I was in a whole world of hurt. That, and at 40kts, I needed to pray for enough lift to clear Skippy.. What happened?.. Well, the little Cessna sluggishly pulled free of the ground and very slowly, with the stall warning blaring, began to climb. To this day, I have no idea how the hell I did not stall and smack straight back down to earth, but I cleared the Roo, and as I did, I placed the nose inches back down and slowly put back on the speed. I continued to climb on Upwind, turned Crosswind, and then Downwind.. On Downwind, I had a miniature fit over what had just happened before pulling myself together enough to realise, "Hey, I still need to land this thing!!" I made a radio call, and requested to the other aircraft in the circuit (one of our Kiwi Instructors) if the runway was clear of an Animal Hazard. As I would find out after the flight, he saw the whole thing from the holding point, and he apparently had found the funny side.. He found enough words between fits of laughter on the radio to tell me the runway was clear. So, I turned base (well after I should have) and finally, Finals.. I was out on very long Finals. Anyone familiar with Cessnock will tell you that if your on approach to Runway 35 from the south side of the Prison, you are way way too far out! But still I plodded along, and rather gingerly landed between the numbers and the second taxiway. I taxied clear, and back into the parking, tied down the aircraft, and went in for my debrief. The instructor was sitting in the Office with my normal Instructor, and the Kiwi Instructor. They all looked up, and smirked.. It was then the Kiwi Instructor said "If you want to be a Pilot, it's best not to kill your future employers mascot on your first solo!" We all sat in on the debrief where I was told that I had only cleared the Roo by a few feet, but had managed to scare the thing stupid. Apparently as I flew over it, it had tried to spin around to get out of the way, but ended up tripping itself over. I asked what I should have done in that situation. The response, "wear two pairs of underwear next time!" Since then I have gone on to complete all my Solo Circuit Checks, my Training Area Solo, GFPT, NaxEx's and now next week, I finally sit my PPL Flight Test. I've been praying that Skippy and I stick to our now mutual arrangement that, as long as he stays of the Runway, I won't scare him, or myself for that matter, half to death!! It's been a long road with many fun stories, and embarrassingly learned lessons.. But with the great team at Hunter Valley Aviation, I'm looking forward to now moving on to NVFR, IFR, MEICR, and CPL to eventually fly for Virgin Australia (Yes, not Qantas... Bloody Kangaroo's! ) Regards,
  5. Parked at 11S All SET...back-taxiing for takeoff Rolling....V1 Turning Upwind Enjoying the scenery Short Final Enjoy
  6. Flying the Alabeo Piper Tomahawk around CZST Stewart BC. I love FSX, but I'm enjoying X-plane as there are some really great addons becoming available.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been wanting this plane in my collection for a while now, N8308L, it was my training aircraft for a while and was my favorite color to this aircraft. (Cant post picture due to copyright issues, just look up N8308L on google) I've been learning how to do reprints myself, but I'm not good enough to get this plane done correctly. Anyways, thanks to anyone who replies!
  8. Well after so many progress checks, Weight and Balances and Hard landings it was my turn to solo. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe!
  9. Hello, I was Hoping someone could make a livery of this aircraft ... This was the very first plane I ever flew, a Piper Archer II, and I hope someone could make a repaint of it (On Carenado's Archer II would be the best), If you need more pictures of the plane just look up N8346H on google. I would really love this plane in my Colection. Thanks to anyone who replies.
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