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  1. Product is definitely not on par with ie. Aerosoft, Majestic, Quality Wings and PMDG. This is obviously reflected by pricing levels (my opinion - not the right quality / pricing ratio). Much cockpit shimmering and for some reason the product seems rather "rushed" in development. A pity as the E-Jet series could have much potential! Very mixed feelings... Herman
  2. $$$$$$$$$ Was planning to do the purchase but noticed at the last moment that the FeelThere webshop is indicating incorrect USD to Euro exchange rates. Total "SALE" price currently indicated for the E-170/75/90/95 series amounts to EUR 85,70 (inclusive of 21%VAT) I have notified FeelThere regarding the above. In fact, it is presently cheaper to do a purchase via SimMarket EUR 66,40 (inclusive of 21%VAT)! Herman
  3. Hi - anyone else with feedback in respect of the E-Jets v3 series? Thanks. Herman
  4. @blueshark747 are you referring to the 175/195 version 3? Thanks for your feedback. Herman
  5. Hi - Keen to have some feedback from current owners on Feelthere products as I'm rather tempted to purchase. Thanks. Herman
  6. Just received notification from Feelthere... https://feelthere.com/product-category/airplanes/?mc_cid=e38d84c1dd&mc_eid=242aba694f Sale period effective today until 5th September. Herman
  7. Thanks for the responses. I was indeed thinking along the lines of what was offered with the B777. In that case, I will just stick with the marvelous B747-400. Cheers, Herman
  8. Does the B747-800 package offer any additional benefit for the B747-400 as well? Thanks. Herman
  9. Just bought the B737NGXu yesterday!!! Boo... 😥 Herman
  10. Based on an actual flight... Thanks for looking! Herman 😀
  11. I have had several dealings with them since my FSX days. Very reliable and good service. The South African Rand is weak and that makes it extra attractive to purchase direct. Herman
  12. Applicable for all flight simulator add-ons... Starts: Wednesday, 16 June 2021 Ends: Wednesday, 23 June 2021 Website: www.nmgsimulations.co.za Herman
  13. A nice addition but will it also work with P3DV4.5? Herman
  14. Just wondering... has Miviz / ORBX increased the price and then offer a 30% discount? I'm sure I saw it at +/- 52 Euros last week. 🤔
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