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  1. H.Auer

    LHBP Budapest LHSimulation 50% off

    Thanks. Saw that the discount is available for ten days. They're celebrating their 10th anniversary! Herman
  2. H.Auer

    Labor day sale up to 35% off

    EDDN is also a little gem. Cheers, Herman
  3. H.Auer

    LVFR Laborday flash sale 35%

    Thanks! Got myself KMSY... would have been great if KMIA had been included too!
  4. Thanks to Bryan's assistance it is now fully functional... Never occured to me that the dll.xmp needed to be placed in the hidden directory "ProgramData\LockheedMartin\Prepar3D v4". Thank you for the wonderful support! Herman
  5. Ticket submitted... Herman
  6. Hi - I've been trying all sorts of combinations this morning all in Administrator mode and with Windows Defender in-active. I've uninstalled and even opted for the detect & repair option in respect of the 64bit access database engine several times. Performed standard installations whereby the dll.xmp file was left in the default "res" folder, then moved to the root directory of Prepar3d v4 folder, then replaced with the downloadable dill.zip file (also tried both folder locations as mentioned) and still RAASPRO does not appear in the menu "Addons". How can we proceed with this situation? Herman
  7. Hello Byork - Following your advise, I decided to install the 2016 version of Microsoft Office Plus today... that leaves me only 3 years behind! Was installed on the basis of the 64bits option. Unfortunately RAASPRO still does not appear in my Add-ons menu. Note that I installed it as Administrator and that I had de-activated my virus scanner (Windows Defender). I initially tried it as a straight installation of the product. When RAASPRO still did not show up, I moved the dll.xml from the sub-directory "res" to the root directory of Prepar3D v4.5 and it still did not appear under Add-ons. Next step was to replace the original dll.xmp with the file as enclosed in the alternative dll.zip download as per your website. Unfortunately, still not working. Appreciate your further advise. Thank you. Herman PS. When I install the product, is it correct that when I look under programs it only states a folder FS2Crew2012 with the only content " 01 Uninstall RAAS Professional Unlocked P3D v4 "?
  8. Okay, Byork. You guys must be making the boys & girls at Microsoft very happy! Guess I'll re-install my aircraft collection and maintain the locked versions until I decide one day to upgrade my Microsoft Office Suite to a 64bit version. In all fairness, it's perhaps an idea to mention the need of a 64bit database programme for installing the RAAS PRO product. Just my thoughts! Thanks again for your assistance. Herman
  9. Yes. Microsoft office 2007. I did do the entry AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 /passive via the CMD prompt previously. Was I correct in doing this, Byork? Thanks. Herman
  10. Yes. Obviously only after numerous attempts of a standard installation whereby I did move the dll.xmp from the res directory into the P3D root directory. When this still did not work, I then replaced it with the content of the dll.zip file. Unfortunately, still no positive results but will try again today going through everything step-by-step. Herman
  11. Thank you for your response, Byork. I followed the instructions as outlined above and tried several re/de-installations. Unfortunately, it still does not appear in the add-ons menu nor do I get any call-outs during flights. I note a difference re the dll.xml file. The RAASPRO downloaded consists of 517 bytes, dated 10/1/2014 and the dll.zip file (available in case the original is corrupted) is 699 bytes, dated 17/4/2019. Further assistance appreciated and if extra info is required please let me know. Herman
  12. I recently noticed that I wasen't getting any runway call-outs anymore... I've re-installed over & over and yet RAASPRO does not appear in the add-ons menu of P3Dv4.5 Installation was performed in Administrator mode with Windows Defender de-activated (no other anti-virus programme on PC). Aircraft installed include Aerosoft Airbus Pro 3xx and several PMDG series aircraft. During aircraft installation, I opted not to install RAAS (locked version) as I use the unlocked version. During installation, I notice that the "dll.xml" file is installed to the sub-directory of RAASPRO being "Res" whilst on the fs2crew website it refers to issues occuring 99% of the time concerning this "very sensitive" file that should be placed in the root-directory? I've tried both options but to no avail. I've also downloaded the dll.xml zip file as available on fs2crew.com and tried that too in case it was originally corrupted but this also did not solve the issue. Should I have opted for RAAS locked versions as offered in the Aerosoft and PMDG packages? Would this have an impact? RAASPRO was previously always working with the Aerosoft Airbus PRO 3xx series. The PMDG products were only very recently acquired. Assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Herman Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit P3Dv4.5 installation directory: C:\FLTSIM\Prepar3D v4\...
  13. H.Auer

    PMDG Sale, 22% Off All Products

    Thanks! Just got myself the B747. 😀
  14. H.Auer

    Flightbeam Studios Summer Sale

    Thanks for informing the discount. Already had KDEN & KMSP. Excellent products! Bought the rest of US airports & EDDN.