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  1. Hi - can anyone possibly advise if they encountered similar issues using P3Dv5.3HF2 / Aerosoft Airbus Pro aircraft A318/19 & A320/321 series v. The switch functions but the light option dim & bright do not work. I've checked the amount of items in the respective Airbus "effects" folders and 51 are indicated (50 + 1 texture folder) whilst previously I believe there were 55 in other versions. Can someone please confirm? Thank you. Herman
  2. Seems it was indeed introduced with P3Dv5 onwards. I am able to manually dial into the relevant 8.33KHz frequencies so will do it that way. Thank you for your efforts... Herman
  3. Hello Mark, Yes, it indicates FS ATC Chatter v1.2.2 Peraps your product update is 100% but that the issue involves the Aerosoft products. I've sent a query to the Aerosoft Helpdesk just in case as well. Will provide feedback as soon as I've received a response. Herman
  4. Mark, I followed your above instruction to the letter and unless I've overlooked something, I still get the 8.33KHz pop-up warning message. Appreciate assistance. For your additional information, I am running P3Dv4.5HF3 and aircraft is from the Aerosoft Airbus Pro series v1.4.3.2. Platform: Windows 10 Pro Am overall very impressed with FS-ATC-Chatter but just a pity that I need to skip certain frequencies. Thank you. Herman
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