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  1. That was jaw-dropping! Very impressive!.
  2. These screenshots are the most realisitc I have ever seen in a flight simulator! Just WOW! Brilliant work Pascal, you've discovered something huge here. Great to see Ben and Andras from LR in this topic too. Rhydian
  3. PMDG's NGX took 4 years plus to develop...I think I read it on their manual.
  4. Thanks for the info Flo. I have a MSI GT70 20D 'gaming laptop' with a GTX780M graphics card. Unfortunately I don't see the 'adaptive' option only 'ON' and 'OFF'. I searched for a reason why and it is apparently down to MSI having their own version of the Nvidia driver (or something like that) which based on an older driver. I have had issues with updating driver versions before where I was stuck with 304.490 driver until MSI finally decided to update to the latest version. Oh well. Thanks for the help though. Rhydian
  5. Thanks flo and Ian for your suggestions. I still seem to be having screen tearing despite changing Nvidia Inspector to 'standard' and 1/2 refresh rate and then 'do not lock' within XP. @Ian, i'm unfamiliar with Nvidia Inspector, do I have to do anything with the X-plane profile after pressing 'apply' key once I changed to the setting you mentioned? @Flo, just wondering where 1/2 refresh rate is on Nvidia Control Panel? I see an option for VSync On but thats about it. Thanks for the help both. Rhydian
  6. Hi, I have this problem, tried the same thing with forcing Nvidia software to vsync (which mostly does the trick in other software) but i still get tearing. Could you point me in the right direction please and tell me how you fixed your tearing issue? Thanks
  7. I didn't notice that the first time round, until you pointed it out. Thats a neat effect. Should add to the immersion.
  8. I hope we don't get into a debate about who does what better. Can't we just appreciate what they* have done/doing for the flight simulation hobby as a whole? Rhydian *by they I mean both companies - PMDG and IXEG.
  9. Thought she was to be honest. I couldn't sleep myself. Thought I would do a bit of night web surfing.
  10. INCREDIBLE videos. IXEG have really done a great job. Love the fact that the filaments in the lights 'fade' instead of directly going out, its that minute attention to detail that makes this very special indeed. The whole package already looks great and is a huge milestone for the X-plane franchise... and we haven't even seen the FMS and weather radar yet! @Jan you have a great voice for documentary! Love your 40 mins 'ramblings' Looking forward to the next part. The wife caught me watching part 1 at 3 in the morning last night. Oops. Rhydian
  11. That is very very detailed. The Baku, Azerbaijian stuff is superb.
  12. If you listen to what IIya says in the development video for DCS EDGE WWII it sounds like large scale maps, procedurally generated, are plausible although a lot if work. Their reference building sounds similar to Laminar Research's Lego bricks! These 2 sims are closer than we think. Rhydian
  13. Didn't TABS from PMDG say he was a fan of DCS???
  14. WOW! That is looking really good. I find points 6 and 7 very interesting indeed!!! Could this be a new global flight simulator player on the market??? :smile: Rhydian
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