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  1. You can see the water color thing at work in some of the HD Mesh v4 sample screenshots from Andras. Here are a few examples:
  2. Couldn't you just uninstall the default scenery tiles that are covered by the hd mesh via the installer to save space? My guess is that it should be enough, if the hd scenery is in the custom scenery folder for those tiles. That way you would avoid the update mess that comes with replacing lots of original X-Plane files.
  3. Yeah - but I think Colonel X wasn't talking about the new autogen in 11.10 in general but about "New & updated art assets." from the "Release Candidate 3" change log (at least that was my interpretation). All I was trying to point out is that this item on the Release Candidate 3 changelog does't seem to refer to additional autogen changes in Release Candidate 3 but only to airport items.
  4. I sorted all files in the X-Plane folder by date and the following items have a date of today: Fuel Stations Marker Cones Runway Markers Traffic Signs Several Towers Several Hangars Silos This seems to all be for gateway airports - no new autogen
  5. You probably have reflections set to the lowest settings in the rendering options. In that setting the reflection content is updated very rarely. Increase the reflections setting one notch to get dynamic reflections whose content updates (almost) in real time.
  6. Version 3 was 125GB (unzipped) so I would assume it might be something like 150GB. But as far as I remember the actual download size was less than that due to zip compression.
  7. WOW - thanks a lot - very impressive indeed. Cant wait for this to be released. Every now and then I try ortho but the quality is varies a lot and it doesn't look too good when flying low so in the end I really prefer default scenery.
  8. This should be fixed in the default scenery as well. I noticed that Lake Constance was missing when X-Plane 11 was first released but I now have it. Just try to run the X-Plane 11 Installer and select "Update Scenery Online" on the first screen. @alpilotx: I'm a succer for screenshots. Would you mind showing some more?
  9. If they created their own high quality regionalised house models and trees and provided cleaned up and color corrected high quality ortho imagery there certainly would be enough added value to justify a price tag. But those shots to me look exactly like what you can get for free.
  10. Honestly those shots look like X-Plane with Ortho4XP and World2XPlane to me.
  11. Regarding shadows Ben wrote in the comments of Flightsimcon Videos:
  12. Awesome shots - that Cirrus looks 100% real.
  13. The screenshots show the updated global scenery (see here) which includes height data. HDR was active too. Both are from somewhere over Berlin.
  14. Some shots of the latest X-Plane beta improvements. Everything is 100% default X-Plane. New autogen models for European medium-height buildings Cockpit shadows are less blocky Sky banding is much improved Moon and stars are back
  15. Source: