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  1. Yup - something is still off with the cloud rendering. The same clouds seem to disappear and reappear at the same location periodically.
  2. And before these get over-analyzed: Source: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/257435-xp12-scenery-gateway-airports/&do=findComment&comment=2287133
  3. Hmm - I wonder if that Aircraft will be part of the base sim as well.
  4. It don't get thees "too late" comments. A lot of people complained about the lighting. Now they implemented major improvements in that regard and people say "it's too late". Should they not have done the improvements because it's too late, so why bother? I don't get it at all. I for one like what I see in the teaser. I always thought that X-Plane - even without any other change - could look so much better with better lighting and lighting is one of the reasons, some other flight simulators look as good as they do. Considering the video is titled "Preview One", I expect more to come though. And like many others I hope for major improvements with weather, clouds and vegetation. I am very curious to see, what will be shown next. I don't think the next version of X-Plane is that far away either. In recent years. Lamniar Research has been very hesitant to show anything that isn't almost done. They probably are trying to generate some hype with those teasers for a release in the not so distant future.
  5. Whatever Addon you get - make sure you have at least a decent joystick. For the longest time I had a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and thought it was basically impossible to fly helicopters halfway decent with just a joystick. Movement was always very jerky and unprecise. Last week I bought a VKBSim Gladiator and while I think in terms of ergonomics the Logitech felt better in terms of precision there is absolutely no contest. While I still would love rudder pedals and something this, I was very surprised to see how smooth and precise helicopter flying became even with just a regular joystick.
  6. Austin experimenting with aerodynamics ...
  7. It just means the pilot figure when in external view is Austin Meyer.
  8. I just noticed that the Stinson L5 has been updated. It seems to have much improved visuals and isn't hidden under "extra aircraft" anymore. Edit: ... and Its flown by Austin now .
  9. By "... a few more VERY NICE surprises ..." I guess you were talking about the customizable jetways? That's another very nice addition indeed. I am also amazed by the amount of new (1315) and updated (305) scenery gateway airports in this release.
  10. So - in an attempt to get familiar with WED (once again big thumps up to Jan for his tutorial videos on the subject) - I started tinkering with this stuff today. To my surprise I noticed that the documentation page has been updated the other day and now shows 4 different wall styles (glass and steel - as seen in the screenshots above, concrete, beige/yellowish bricks and red bricks) for all the facade types. This is getting better and better . Besides - whoever maintains that documentation page - he/she does a fantastic job - it is very well arranged, extensive and helpful. Unfortunately the new wall styles don't show up in WED yet. I guess I will have to wait for an update to get those.
  11. While this doesn't seem to get much attention the new Terminal Kit is a major improvement for Lego Brick Airports. It will probably help to create much more detailed airports and reduce the "all default airports look the same" effect. There also is an interesting tutorial video by Jan Vogel. Today I decided to download a few airports from the Scenery Gateway that are not yet part of X-Plane but probably will be added in the next beta version. Featuring CYVR (Vancouver International), I tried to create a few screenshots to compare the current default airport and the upcoming default airport that makes use of the new terminal kit: Current default: Upcoming default: Current default: Upcoming default: Current default: Upcoming default: Current default: Upcoming default: Here are a few additional screenshots that showcase whats currently possible with the Lego Brick system and the new Terminal Kit: Airport ZSHC (Hangzhou Xiaoshan International): Airport ZPPP (Kunming Changshui Intl): This just got me exited and I had to share it. Sorry if I bored you .
  12. You can see the water color thing at work in some of the HD Mesh v4 sample screenshots from Andras. Here are a few examples: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM-eG-J0J9F_S-II2u_aCZ4gewexTuUvLONEtOX4CuBXeLqIVHCE4acIXbDGOKo0w/photo/AF1QipNtFVckQ_nsENj3bBUviP49dV8JuZAJk1ykJT2O?key=YVZnbVlOMmxzamx3TmFUY3BpOXVQZ1lid3ZMWEFB https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM-eG-J0J9F_S-II2u_aCZ4gewexTuUvLONEtOX4CuBXeLqIVHCE4acIXbDGOKo0w/photo/AF1QipNbXe76JTWAG8HYy61_Tv-8o1WVMUYLeVO_6X5H?key=YVZnbVlOMmxzamx3TmFUY3BpOXVQZ1lid3ZMWEFB https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM-eG-J0J9F_S-II2u_aCZ4gewexTuUvLONEtOX4CuBXeLqIVHCE4acIXbDGOKo0w/photo/AF1QipN9T-Cwp3t1KshU3s-szWrRpz9gxX8u736_VyAw?key=YVZnbVlOMmxzamx3TmFUY3BpOXVQZ1lid3ZMWEFB
  13. Couldn't you just uninstall the default scenery tiles that are covered by the hd mesh via the installer to save space? My guess is that it should be enough, if the hd scenery is in the custom scenery folder for those tiles. That way you would avoid the update mess that comes with replacing lots of original X-Plane files.
  14. Yeah - but I think Colonel X wasn't talking about the new autogen in 11.10 in general but about "New & updated art assets." from the "Release Candidate 3" change log (at least that was my interpretation). All I was trying to point out is that this item on the Release Candidate 3 changelog does't seem to refer to additional autogen changes in Release Candidate 3 but only to airport items.
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