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  1. I found them. Then I lost them again.
  2. I'm just in the (long) process of reinstalling my FS9 setup. I'm looking for some liveries for the Fifty North 737 which I'm absolutely 100% certain I had at the end of 2016 but didn't backup (I know, my bad). I spent pretty much the entire evening yesterday trying to locate these liveries on multiple sites with file libraries but had no luck. The ones I'm looking for are: Fifty North 737-300 Easyjet Fifty North 737-300 Delta Colors In Motion/Deltaflot livery Fifty North 737-300 & -500 United white/blue pre-Continental merger livery If anybody has these liveries or can point me to where I can find them I'd be very grateful. BTW, I know HJG have recently released a really nice 737 Classic model. At some point I'll have to try and merge it with the Wilco/FT 737 Classic panel, but at the moment the HJG model is quite new and is missing lots of liveries until the painters catch up.
  3. The Tu-95 *is* a contemporary of the B-52. The two aircraft are very close in performance - the B-52 has a marginally faster cruise speed, but the Tu-95 has a little bit more range and payload. The current version in service is the Tu-95MS which was built from 1981-93. As such the Bears you see the Russians flying today are actually a lot newer than any of the USAF B-52H. The Tu-95MS is a cruise missile carrier. Depending on the specific sub-model they can carry up to 16 Kh-55 cruise missiles which can carry a conventional or nuclear warhead up to 200kt and have a range of 1,600nm. Some of the Bears can carry the Kh-101 and Kh-102 which are low observable (stealth) versions of the Kh-55. Lots of people look at the Bear and see the props and think it's just an old piece of junk. It's not.
  4. Flying Stations do a Buccaneer S.1 and an S.2 which is pretty nice. Dave Garwood's freeware Hunters are not only better than the Virtavia ones, they also come in a lot more flavours, including the trainers. The Aerosoft Lightning is indeed a diamond... much better than the Just Flight model. The JF Canberra PR.9 was superb, but their Tornado GR.1 was a disappointment. Apparently there is still one last service pack in the works that I hope will save this aircraft from collecting dust for me. JF have also hinted that they may possibly have plans for a Jaguar. What I'd really like is a first generation Harrier. The Wilco ones are passable, but not great. The Iris Vulcan is getting a bit long in the tooth now... I'm surprised nobody took the opportunity to contact the people who were operating XH558 (final flight was today!) and collaborated on a new FS model. I'd love to see a Victor and Valiant too, but I know this won't happen. With the arrival of the Mil Viz F-4E and the other group making a really nice looking F-4B, my wish list would also include some British Phantoms, but again I know they are too niche for the market. I think a nice Jet Provost would also be a lot of fun, as would a Javelin or Sea Vixen done to contemporary standards. Don't even get me started on British airliners.....
  5. There's a former USMC AV-8B pilot on SimHQ who says the Razbam has the more accurate and functional cockpit, but the SSW model has the more realistic STOVL modelling.
  6. There are issues related to seaside airshows as well. As has already been mentioned, it's impractical to charge for admission, therefore all the costs of the airshow must be recouped via sponsors. Flying aerobatics over water where it is more difficult to judge one's altitude, especially on a hazy day where the horizon is ill defined can also be dangerous. This was cited as one of the major factors in the loss of an L-29 at a seaside airshow local to me some years ago. You lose the ability for static displays, which can also be an attraction for runway based airshows. What are you going to do about people who decide to park their boats right underneath the air display? I've seen this done when my own ship was used as part of the backdrop for the Bournemouth Air Show in 2010 (I got a much better view of the flying than the people on the beach did, believe me :wink: ). There were all sorts of pleasure craft dotted all around the water underneath the display area. Finally, overwater airshows would mean the end of extremely popular airshows such as Biggin Hill, Duxford, Fairford, Farnborough and many others. As I wrote earlier, Saturday's fatalities were the first ones to occur on the ground at a British airshow in sixty three years. That alone should stand testament to the safety of British airshows.
  7. I've been discussing this with some people who aren't overly familiar with aviation. The general theme seems to be abject horror that people going about their business driving along a main road were killed when an antique fighter jet crashed on their heads. - "It's an old aeroplane maintained by some anoraks working out of their garden shed!" This "antique fighter jet" is operated by a very professional outfit that is regularly audited by the aviation authorities and the aircraft itself is insured to the tune of millions of pounds because it is a very valuable asset. It is not maintained by amateurs working out of their garden sheds, - "They shouldn't have been doing stunts with such an old aeroplane!" The Hunter was designed as a fighter. It was designed and built to do far more than what it was doing at that display. The manoeuvres performed at the display are specifically performed so as not to place too much stress on a valuable airframe. - "The pilot was showing off!" The pilot was a 51 year old ex-RAF Harrier pilot now flying an Airbus for a major UK airline. Not someone likely to be "showing off". He will have a special dispensation to display that aircraft, and to gain that dispensation he will have had to demonstrate to the aviation authorities that he is capable of safely and competently displaying that aircraft. The display routine would have been extensively rehearsed and will have been approved by the airshow organisers. - "The aircraft came down in a built up area!" Go and look at Google Earth. Yes Shoreham airport is sandwiched between two towns, but the runway and therefore the display line are aligned in such a way as to avoid these towns. The aircraft did not come down in a built up area. It came down on a road junction where traffic was queueing to enter the airshow. Pretty much the worst possible place it could have come down other than on top of the crowd itself. This incident was akin to being struck by lightning - extremely unlikely. - "The Red Arrows won't display at Shoreham because it's unsafe!" The Red Arrows are a display team consisting of nine fast jets. Their display footprint is huge, far greater than a single aircraft. - "Airshows are so dangerous they must be banned!" The last time anybody was killed on the ground at a British airshow was at the SBAC Farnborough Airshow in 1952 when the prototype DH.110 broke up and one of the engines came down on top of the crowd. British airshows are among the most heavily regulated in the world and have the safety record to prove it. The sad fact is more people have been killed at football matches in the UK than have been killed at airshows. So the problem is we have a sensationalist media running 24/7 coverage over the weekend, giving us a minute by minute updates on the death toll accompanied by all sorts of shocking pictures and videos. The facts are lost - even ignored - in the rush to put out the next shocking and hysterical headline. The CAA had its hand forced by the hysterical media coverage. To be fair I think the restrictions announced were the minimum the CAA could realistically do to placate public opinion and take the pressure off themselves. From what I've read the new restrictions will only affect a relatively small number of displays at the remaining airshows of the season. But hey-ho when did we ever let the facts stop a good public lynch mob in this country? Food for thought.... if BA38 had suffered its double engine failure just a couple of minutes earlier it would have come down on central London with hundreds left dead. Yet nobody went bananas over the hundreds of airliners flying into and out of Heathrow over the centre of a major metropolis every day.
  8. I've been browsing through the file library at the Org in the last few days and have picked up some really nice airports. Can anyone recommend some good airports, or some authors who have good stuff? So far I've been really impressed by the airports made by MisterX6, FoxThree, Xwind2406 and RikNilsson. Does anyone have any other recommendations?
  9. @OP Do you have one of the laptops that have an integrated graphics card *and* a discrete graphics card? You know the ones that switch between low power consumption/heat integrated graphics for basic tasks and then switch in the high power/heat discrete card for games? If so you might want to check FSX is actually running on the discrete card and not the integrated. I've had this before on my laptop when the Nvidia software failed to recognise FSX as requiring the discrete card and would start it using the integrated card.... at 5fps. You can use the Nvidia settings in the Control Panel to force FSX (or any other application) to use the discrete graphics card.
  10. Remember a few years ago now when the Lotus Sim L-39 was released for FSX and many of the users' comments received were how such a high quality model could have so little impact on framerates? If I recall correctly the developer had a lot of experience in developing console games. He was used to having to achieve maximum optimisation in order to work within the console's hardware limitations. Therefore he knew how to properly optimise his models and textures and achieve an excellent model with no framerate impact. Now compare this to the recently released Just Flight Tornado GR1 which is bloated beyond belief with its 100MB+ VC model and ridiculous number of draw calls. If anything, the flight sim development community could learn a lot from the console developers.
  11. Indeed. Rockstar made an entire city with hithtero unseen levels of detail, utterly immersive and got it all running on the relatively modest hardware of a console. It's an amazing achievement in software coding, even if the game itself is of no interest to you as a "hardcore non-entertainment totally professional and not having any fun on my $5k PC flight simmer." It's kind of disappointing but perhaps not surprising that there are still quite a few people in this thread who look down their noses at consoles and console titles. It's obvious these people think consoles haven't moved on from the days of Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros. Landmark titles like The Witcher 3 or the upcoming Fallout 4 seem to totally go over these peoples' heads yet they fawn over an old code base that struggles to maintain 30fps on a $5,000 PC and OOMs with anything more than a few additional addons or modules installed. Even on page one of this thread somebody asked if flight sticks were coming to consoles... http://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Aviator-Flightstick-Xbox-360/dp/B001EYU1W8 This was available over five years ago. A flight stick. For a console. Gents, if you're going to engage in elitist snobbery directed at consoles and console users, at least try to have a clue about stuff.
  12. If by unusual you mean "off the path beaten by so many developers" then I can recommend the Sibwings An-2 which is a work of art. The Just Flight Canberra PR.9 is also very good. There's a freeware Tu-144 on the Russian flightsim sites, as well as the very highly regarded freeware Tu-154. Flying Stations did a freeware Westland Wyvern, and there's also a freeware Edgely Optica available too (I forget the developer). I don't have it, but I understand the Xtreme Prototypes X-15 is also pretty good if you're into that sort of thing.
  13. For those that aren't familiar with the UK judicial system, the majority of convicts only serve half the sentence they are handed by the courts. I very much doubt anybody is ever going to serve ten years for software piracy. I could go and get steaming drunk now, jump in a car and run a child over, killing them... and get a lot less than 10 years. But hey-ho.... corporate lobbying is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
  14. - A totally new engine written from the ground up. No backwards compatibility, a clean break and a fresh start with no legacy code or technological limitations. - 64bit - Written to properly support multi-threading from the outset. - Better atmospheric effects (see Real Terra Haze for XP10). - Better lighting to reflect time of day and weather conditions. - Proper, dark night time. - Better support for instrument and panel lighting configurations. - Better modelling of turboprop engines. - More convincing precipitation, including rain drops/streaks on the windshield like FU3 had all those years ago. - More convincing ground handling including friction dependant on runway conditions. - More convincing water handling for floatplanes. - Runways that follow the terrain contours. - Easily updateable nav aids database. - More realistic and flexible ATC that is good for both VFR and IFR, and supports both FAA and ICAO phraseology. If we're going to get carried away let's also have the accents of controllers and AI aircraft reflect the part of the world. - Better support for aircraft damage or mishaps.... hard landings, burst tyres, etc. - Visible airframe icing in the relevant conditions, and which realistically effects aircraft performance and handling. - Make weather conditions actually matter. - Support for vectored thrust (and finally Harriers that don't rely on trickery to make them fly like the real thing!) - Better modelling of helicopter flight dynamics with stuff like ground effect, translational lift, retreating blade stall, vortex ring, etc. - Better tools within the sim for managing large numbers of scenery entries or addon aircraft.
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