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  1. Well, slight less weird that the fastest single core cpu and the fastest gpu you can buy gets ok performance 🙂 Yes, yours and mine are similar enough though, I can get around 45 but the compromise is clarity that I dont have to compromise as much in my other flight sims. This sim is not unlike many other titles where people that have similar machines can get wildly different performance so I expect things to iron out. What does make things a little harder to compare is what flight simmers take as acceptable. Most pancake games have very defined benchmarks for fps at specific resolutions and you know exactly what to expect but with flight sims it's never that simple. On mans great performance, as good as you could ever want, turns out to be 30fps (but smooth 🙂 ) and not great for someone else..
  2. I know it can be done, but what he says at the end is that he has a pretty beefy pc and struggles with the framerate and says 'may the framerate be with you' I am running a 5800x and 3080 and it struggles, some things are better than others. I vaguely remember my first time in VR flying and performance back then was not good but it was certainly a wow. So I understand the people going wow but the performance is not on par with others and it's not bad to benchmark something against something else. I can see it being pretty awesome when the performance improves.
  3. Well that is true, to an extent. Some arrangements of rgb in the pixels can give you better quality when talking about the same resolutions but there is no comparing something like the rift S and the G2. The oddysey has less SDE than others at the same resolution but it is also know for a slightly softer image. Not having noticable SDE is good, that doesnt mean the image is clearer. When you want clarity, there is no better way than throwing resolution at it, the others may do things to try and hide less resolution but it doesnt make it compare. It was the obvious way to try and get the best from what was the state of tech at the time. Higher resolution does give you the issue of performance and thats its only real con. The rift S and odyssey didn't have a 'method' they juts had what was available to them at the time and within constraints of average consumer hardware to run it.
  4. Also only got MSFS for VR. Although I have bought every version going back to the commodore 64 days I would not have bought it if it didn't support VR. I hope the performance is OK, I have no issue in DCS or xplane at half framerate, they are very smooth so I am not worried about not getting 90fps. If it doesnt make 45, or enough for reprojection to give a smooth experience then I will wait a bit longer.
  5. Looking forward to it. I don't really have a good screen, only VR, for my simming so have been waiting to fly msfs2020. I did try it the other day with opentrack and virtual desktop. Looks much better watching peoples screen recordings than it actually is ding it this way.
  6. No, not really. I guess because they often can't get 90 anyway so end up in reprojection. I didn't AB them but my first impression was that WMR reprojection technology was smoother so I forced it on with an option WMR gives of 'motion vector' and it feels like it is 90. No issues there at all. For my sim racing I still get the 90 I had but things are a lot clearer, it really is great. That is currently with an amd 5800x and a 1080ti. I may have a 3080 at the end of the week, otherwise next week and I look forward to seeing what it does.
  7. I received mine a week ago and I am really happy with it. The clarity is so much better than my index. Of course I cant use MSFS yet but aircraft in DCS, il2, there is nothing I cannot read. Even in DCS's F16, the small MFD's which are a lot smaller then the ones in the a10, f18 are easily readably.. No more leaning in or setting up specific views to quickly get close to them. Maps no longer strain your eyes as your nrain tried to focus on something that can't be focused on as it's not out of focus, it's just lacking resolution. I can't wait, MSFS has been long gone from my library because I went VR only some time back but this should be awesome.
  8. It's great that it will support all headsets, I thought that they initially were only supporting WMR which as you say, they seem to be at this point. So if it came out today I would be holding out as well until the index was also able to run it. Although I am waiting for my G2.
  9. He has a point if MS go ahead with only an initial WMR release for FS2020, no point getting it for other headsets until it supports openxr/steamvr, something that will work with a non WMR headset.
  10. I don't know the weight but I can say that I never feel the weight. The current vive and rift dont seem to have any complaints but I do hear that the oculus is generally thought to be a bit more comfortable. The way they are made teh weight is distributed fairly well. It does not feel like something heavy on the front of your face. You can look through a small space around your nose to see keys. I would use it as more as an occasional thing than want to do it often so I map what I need to my controllers and also use voice control in some apps for the odd thing. You can use your own controllers, the only thing you lose is the ability to use the mouse. So if you were using the mouse for something then you either need to map it to a controller or keyboard or use the VR hand controller to interact with the VR cockpit.
  11. Thanks for that, I see it's a recent update so will install and take a look.
  12. Ah yes, good point. It's easy to not think how other people do stuff when you do things another way :) I sit in a seat with s stick center mounted and throttle to the left and nothing around me so I can wave my hands all over the place and not touch anything. I have found the controllers pretty sueful for things I dont have mapped or is easier to use with the controllers. E.g. I dont fly heavies much so find using the aircraft throttle with controllers will be much easier than trying to map the funcitons to my TH throttle.
  13. I too am waiting and have heard that it could be before christmas. A bit like waiting for my xplane 10 disks to arrive just in time for christmas, hard to believe that was 5 or more years ago! I am finding flyinside really good but I hope xplane can polish a couple things about it. One thing I would like is for in game throttles to be able to be 'grabbed' with closing your hand rather than hovering a finger over it until it becomes sticky. It sounds like they have someone that is enthusiastic about VR and from that can come something good.
  14. I ended up getting it from the Aussie server, made sense from NZ. About 40 minutes from there. The servers are working well.
  15. Lucky Glenn, I will be waiting for the rush to die down I think, I am just getting timeouts. I have all the torrents running but while I am seeding at about 30Mbit I have only managed to pull down a few tiles over 10 hours. Everyone wants it now! :) Nice work again Andras, look forward to seeing it all in VR soon.
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