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  1. I don't know the weight but I can say that I never feel the weight. The current vive and rift dont seem to have any complaints but I do hear that the oculus is generally thought to be a bit more comfortable. The way they are made teh weight is distributed fairly well. It does not feel like something heavy on the front of your face. You can look through a small space around your nose to see keys. I would use it as more as an occasional thing than want to do it often so I map what I need to my controllers and also use voice control in some apps for the odd thing. You can use your own controllers, the only thing you lose is the ability to use the mouse. So if you were using the mouse for something then you either need to map it to a controller or keyboard or use the VR hand controller to interact with the VR cockpit.
  2. Thanks for that, I see it's a recent update so will install and take a look.
  3. Ah yes, good point. It's easy to not think how other people do stuff when you do things another way :) I sit in a seat with s stick center mounted and throttle to the left and nothing around me so I can wave my hands all over the place and not touch anything. I have found the controllers pretty sueful for things I dont have mapped or is easier to use with the controllers. E.g. I dont fly heavies much so find using the aircraft throttle with controllers will be much easier than trying to map the funcitons to my TH throttle.
  4. I too am waiting and have heard that it could be before christmas. A bit like waiting for my xplane 10 disks to arrive just in time for christmas, hard to believe that was 5 or more years ago! I am finding flyinside really good but I hope xplane can polish a couple things about it. One thing I would like is for in game throttles to be able to be 'grabbed' with closing your hand rather than hovering a finger over it until it becomes sticky. It sounds like they have someone that is enthusiastic about VR and from that can come something good.
  5. I ended up getting it from the Aussie server, made sense from NZ. About 40 minutes from there. The servers are working well.
  6. Lucky Glenn, I will be waiting for the rush to die down I think, I am just getting timeouts. I have all the torrents running but while I am seeding at about 30Mbit I have only managed to pull down a few tiles over 10 hours. Everyone wants it now! :) Nice work again Andras, look forward to seeing it all in VR soon.
  7. If you still have XP11 installed on your old one copy it on to a USB drive and copy it over to the new PC. It will work fine just copying the directory but will ask for your key again.
  8. CPU is new, for 4/5 years prior it was an old i5 series @4.5 that made it chug along OK as well. All subjective of course but the performance still kept me away from a screen.
  9. I am using a 1080ti and happy with the performance in flyinside, cpu is 8700k@5GHz as well. The demo is free, if native support is just around the corner so to speak then I would be waiting to see what that is like but the flyinside support is pretty nice.
  10. I use a rift so I can't test on triples any longer but I believe from a number of demonstrations I have seen that you can do this no problem using xplane and not using nvidia surround. I think xplane gives you the benefit that nvidia surround doesnt that it renders three views so that you dont get the macro lens effect on the extremes of the views that you do in a typical game using nvidia surround. Flyinside has a few issues. If you are thinking of spending money which could go to a rift then I would do a bit more research to find if the FI issues will effect your type of flying much. If it was me, (which it's not!) with the hindsight of using a rift, I would use the rift and then fall back on to a very nice monitor which you already have on the odd time that FI doesnt work well enough for you. FI will probably fix issues in a reasonable amount of time. I can't fly with a monitor any longer so if there was an issue with FI, then I would adjust my flying so it would work, e.g. not bother with a certain add-on until it's compatible. You might not be like me though
  11. Last night I turned off AA in xplane and put it to 8x in FI using 3840 res. It looked good but I didnt do a back and forwards. In fact I didn't restart xplane as FI used to say if it needed a restart for the change to come in to effect but now I am wondering if I needed to as I dont remember much of a change. Having said that I do think there was a FPS dip. I was flying in NZ with the HDmesh and some added airports. I was getting in the 30's and 40's for FPS with deta 5. Now, one thing I never did which I find myself doing in VR is taking a seat in the passengers seats! I never really flew big stuff but it can look so real replaying a landing while sitting back in a window seat looking out as we come down. I have been doing it a lot in various planes. The only thing annoying me there in XP11 is that I can't save quick views or go to them. It takes far too long to use the arrow keys and ,. to move around the aircraft and back to the pilots seat. I also can't seem to make the equivalent 'fast' version of the move work. I dont know if this is an xplane bug or an issue with FI but it would certainly make the seat hopping a lot easier. I still don't have xenviro yet. Partly the $$ but mostly the combination of the $$ and the fact that it only gives you the weather thats happening right now. I dont always (or often) want to fly in that weather
  12. A TV can certainly show things differently than a monitor so I wouldn't expect what we see on our monitor to look the same as what he sees on his TV. Unfortunately, a screenshot will show us all different things. He may have the most realistic view of all of us but we won't know as we can't see his screen.
  13. I was about to go and try it as the beta should have downloaded by now. After some time away from xplane, FI and the XP11 beta got me back in to giving it a go and so far I am really liking it. As usual the night flying is really good but suffers badly from colour banding, as does DCS the other sim I use with the rift. I have been meaning to give it a good go playing around with different graphical settings to get the best quality/FPS compromise. Interesting to read that the FI AA does little. I was hoping that turninf FI to 4k with max AA and no AA on XP11 would do the trick. Anyhow, thats all what I was about to do right now.
  14. Your card certainly won't be helping but I think you should be able to do better. It might be a matter of turning the settings well down past where you think they should be based on what you do for FSX. KSEA on the ground is a bit intensive so see what happens in the air as well. It could be some other conflict as well.
  15. Nothing I said has taken away from that. Take my post in context, as a reply to the OP. He is new and wanted to understand if there was an easier way, I explained there wasn't but if the folders arrangement was different then perhaps there could be. I think it's better to have posts that address the questions than posts that tell people they should be grateful and not be lazy. I am happy with my contribution to help the OP, yours does nothing. OK, what you can do if you use 7zip is to copy all of your zip files to the earth nav directory. Then select them all in the windows file manager and right click, choose 7zip->extract here. That will extract the data without the zipfile name as the base directory, so the directory +20xxxx etc will go directly in to the earth nav directory and will do all your files in one click. This of course doesnt need the file structure changed in the zip files so I am sorry for thinking out loud! You do get a solution that only requires a couple clicks to do all 100+ files though. Got there in the end.
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