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  1. A couple of versions ago there was introduced a bug that the game ignores controller inputs while you are panning around with right-click. Now a new bug has also emerged where if you use middle mouse button to pan, the view keeps jumping back, so you can't pan this way together with zoom anymore. It sort of makes flying a PITA because looking and zooming the view around is something I've grown to do habitually in FS. Though I don't know what the "way of working" is. Maybe those bugs take so long to be fixed because no one else really has the same problem I do. Actually my most preferred way to look around is FSX/Xplane where you can use the hat switch, but in FS2020 the hat switch makes the camera jump to specific preset locations instead of letting you freely look.
  2. I'm wondering if it's just the game being funky with me, but since recently the copilot in my game is in some kind of T pose, with her legs sticking through the underside of the plane. I only have it with the DA62 for some reason. Is it the same for others or just me? I haven't found anything about it when Googling for it.
  3. In update 6 they fixed it, but only for external view, still broken in cockpit view... sigh. I don't mind Flight Simulator not being perfect, I don't expect it to be. But they clearly have a quality control issue at Microsoft. Every mandatory update the game just.. totally breaks. 6th update and 6th time in a row that I want to start the sim, and it's just stuck in an update that doesn't run correctly. And the bugs introduced in my opinion relatively severe that they should either be caught before the release, or quickly patched right after (like not being able to control the plane when you're panning the view around.. really?? I find the sim responding to your controller a pretty important part in flight simulation software). Between U5 and 6 we haven't even been able to play the game at all because it always crashed to desktop.
  4. Oh yeah, after installing the Xbox App, THEN opening the MS Store again, it will show the update for the FlightSim app. I hope I'm not just the only one thinking that the way this works is completely illogical. I wish I was a professional and not just a regular end-user so I could give MS a piece of my mind on their update mechanism
  5. I installed the Xbox app. When I started it, it logs me in right away and flightsim is listed as the one game I own so that's good. However when I start it from there, it still says there's a mandatory update available and just quits to desktop again right after I click ok.
  6. In true MSFS2020 fashion, the update stops the game from starting again and I (once again, like with every other update) need your much appreciated help. The symptoms I have now are this: When I click on the icon, the game says there's a mandatory update and the game has to be updated in the MS Store. Then it closes itself and opens the MS Store. But there when I go to updates, nothing needs to be updated, and if I look up the MIcrosoft Flight Simulator app the blue button just says "Play" with no option to update. What to do? I wish MS would get notice of these issues because this is the 6th update, and the 6th time the update just breaks the game that I can't even start it anymore without going online to get help on forums 😤
  7. There is a new option called "AI piloting in cursor mode" in the assistant menu, but it happens regardless if it's on or not. But I think that option is new who knows that's what introduced the bug.
  8. Hello, Since the new update, the behavior seem to have changed a bit. When I use the mouse to look around in the cockpit, the game stops responding to joystick inputs, until I release the right mousebutton again. Anybody else have the same thing?
  9. This is probably the fifth time MSFS refuses to start and I keep wasting time following guides and steps, trying to fix it but I still have no luck. I'm extremely frustrated at Microsoft now for their shoddy store programming, I really wish they had made MSFS2020 independent of any store, like X-Plane or the previous iterations, those were much more stable. Clicking the Microsoft Flight Simulator icon, either dekstop/start menu or from the store, just opens the MS Store on "Gaming Services". I followed a guide which told me to A) install all updates for the MS Store B) go in settings -> apps -> reset Gaming Services C) Run Windows updates Still no dice, the only thing that's changed now is that in the store, gaming services has an "Install" button instead of "already installed", howerver clicking it just makes it think for 2 seconds and then say "error".
  10. I accidentally put my computer in sleep mode while i was flying. When I woke it up again I was back in the game, but it told me I had to sign in again. I did that but now all the settings are back to default, and all the progress is gone too. My logbook is blank, the progress counters are gone etc. some things remain like the achievements. Any idea how to get the logbook back?
  11. Hello. I'm planning to make an application to facilitate using the G1000 in FS2020, because for me it's a PITA turning and using the knobs in the virtual cockpit. The way I'm thinking of doing it is as follows. A small (USB?) monitor connected to the PC and detected by Windows as a standard monitor you can use to put windows on. This would show a C# application with a picture of the G1000 (minus the actual display, it looks like it's turned off), with clickable button regions, and clicking those regions are then transfered to FS2020. Possibly (and hopefully) it would also be possible to pop out the G1000 window in FS2020 and have it displayed in the external G1000 instead of its own window. If I'm successful I would share it , although I'm wondering, is this something that is technically feasible? As I know how to create applications in C# but I have no experience with interoperability with FS2020 and what's possible and impossible to do.
  12. Hello, I'm having trouble with the live weather. 50% of the time, I choose live weather and there is not a single cloud, and the altimeter setting is the default 2992. I try changing servers etc. but nothing helps except quitting flightsim and restarting, then I have weather again. Until the next flight theres a 50% chance it's gone again and I have to restart. When the weather is gone, I do still have the tags of other players flying and the clouds on the world map. Another issue I have is that I frequently fly with my dad. I tried adding him as a group member but still, it is extremely inconsistent whether or not we can actually see eachother. Often I see him but he doesn't see me or the other way around. When this happens sometimes we still see a ton of other players zooming around but we're invisible to eachother, again the only resolution is to quit flightsim and start over. (restarting the flight doesn't help). Any idea what could be the problem? It's frustrating because it takes us half an hour to get started, and restarted, until we both have weather working AND multiplayer planes working right. Another thing I wonder, is it possible to reduce the range that the nameplates of other players appear.
  13. Is there a way go solve the white lightning flashes? That's kind of a dealbreaker to me.
  14. I can't really think of any noob tips, except go to the ingame marketplace, tick free content and make sure to "buy" the world updates. And then go to the content manager and make sure everything is downloaded and updated
  15. You have to activate TrackIR? I have a TrackIR 5 I bought a decade ago and all I need is the TrackIR software installed to make it work. It's one with reflective bits on a baseball cap
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