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  1. I bought a new expensive PC specifically for this new simulator. I had some fun but unfortunately after just a few weeks the computer died on me. I've shipped it back to the vendor and waiting a replacement. In the meantime I'm forced to use my old computer and the only sim I can play is FSX. They released a new patch but I'm still waiting. In FS2020 I had chosen the hot female copilot avatar, now I'm thrilled to find out she will also SOUND like a hot female copilot when she's handling my comms. For now I'm just back on FSX (mostly default, I was never a big addon spender except a few planes). I'm having nostalgia replaying the missions, some are super easy, some are just unfairly difficult (I'm supposed to visually land this plane in thick fog I can't even see 100ft ahead). Bigget gripe is just how basic it feels now, the sounds are unimpressive and terrible, graphics are too, the instruments look blurry, 2D panels that you can only look dead ahead above the panel). I'm bored.
  2. To me, after FSX died of old age, X-Plane became its successor, and as of today the choice is either between X-Plane 11 as an established/matured sim with a lot of complex addons, and quite good looking.. and FS 2020 that has a bright future and huge user base pushing it forward (possibly to overtake X-plane in a year's time) I have only tried P3D 4.5, not v5 but it was antiquated and has terrible scenery. I was disappointed to find that even my hometown of 70k pop is STILL entirely absent in P3D 4.5 being just random farm fields, just like in FSX from 2006. While it is quite nicely present in X-Plane 11 with the correct street layout, it looks much like FS 2020 when you turn off the Azure streaming.
  3. I've had autopilots try to kill me and then turn back to working normally after manually trying to trim some Also engaging the autopilot with settings far off (like a completely different heading or altitude) sometimse make the autopilot try to kill you It's best to make sure the selected altitude and heading are the same, and change them after enabling the autopilot.
  4. Can you show a screenshot or give the location? I could check if it's the same in my game
  5. I disagree on the amount of praise Google gets and flack Bing gets on their data. I agree Google has more (maybe vastly more) areas in 3D, but "nearly entire countries" is an exageration. Many continents (Africa/Asia) are barely covered even by decent flat satellite and I've seen many such areas where Bing has better and clearer data than Google. 3D in Google is much more cities, but more cities and suburbs, it's hardly entire countries, at the end of the day even if you put the best of Bing and Google together, you'd still have plenty of areas where "guesswork" with sometimes ridiculous outcomes is inevitable.
  6. Not sure how people modding the game and adding stuff into it can be seen as a bad thing. Games that don't have an active community are dead games that don't sell well. People adding Google Earth stuff into the sim is hardly a failure either, despite its occasional kinks here and there, FS2020 looks more gorgeous than any sim that came before it. Google Earth also isn't competing on the flightsim market, and on the satellite data market, well, Google Earth is pretty much the defacto ruler for everyone but I very often encounter areas that Bing has better imagery than Google, one may be superior than the other over specific areas (like streetview) but I wouldn't say one is clearly the underdog.
  7. In the Cennsa 152 leaning does do something, but the behavior seems quite different to FSX (only other sim I have experience in) In FSX the effect was gradual, when you were at high altitude leaning would gradually restore power as you lean. In FS2020 I feel like leaning has no effect until you hit a very specific range and then performance shoots up, and the travel range is very limited before you lean too far and performance cans again. I don't fly IRL so I can't say what is more realistic.
  8. Maybe a little too bright but not by much. My biggest lighting grief is the lightning flash fade being so slow.
  9. I ignore the controller when he says that I just keep descending at my own rate, the FSX controller had the same problem.
  10. It's not a bug the ATC controller just has a fear of heights.
  11. I'm getting to grips with the autopilot and autothrottle of the Cessna Citation Longitude. One thing I can't figure out is the autothrottle with Flight level Change mode. You can select either knots or mach. But if you choose mach, it doesn't reflect the mach speed on the airspeed ribbon,and it also doesn't keep a specific mach speed during the descend or climb, instead maintains amount of knots since last time you changed the knob. EDIT: Also, I set the full tank sliders to 100% and did an IFR flight at FL450, but despite the 3k or so range, I didn't even make it across France before running out of fuel, anyone know if I'm missing something obvious that could have made the consumption very high?
  12. I didn't know that I'll have to try it out! I often did that in FSX (it popped out the PFD as a window when you clicked on it in some of the planes)
  13. Anyone else notice the ILS glideslope needle is very jerky in the Cessna 152? It moves like there are only a few preset positions the needle can be without in betweens. On the Diamond aircraft I get the same but with the localizer needle.
  14. This is something I experience with most of the glass cockpits but most so with the Cessna Citation. Now I don't know if my eyesight or screen are bad, but I find it very difficult to read the airspeed and altitude, the numbers are very small on the regular piloting view; I can zoom in to see the instruments better but then I hardly see outside. Anyone else who has the same experience?
  15. The female avatar has some curves on her, she's my copilotess now.
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