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  1. I saw some of you guys saying 16GB of ram is sometimes not enough to use this. What kind of performance would I have to expect with only 8GB? Haha this looks really good but I can’t afford to lose more performance, especially if I am wanting to use VR! I remember you could get some performance gains with FTX global in P3D (or maybe it was just me).
  2. Trevor2497

    X-Plane 11 Native VR

    I found a video from a presentation at FS weekend 2017. They basically said everything you guys just wrote! Hopefully they deliver because I can’t wait. skip to 52:23
  3. Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve been on avsim! I recently purchased the Oculus Rift while it was on sale for Black Friday. One of the first things I did was run X-plane 11 with the flyinside demo. I was very impressed with how it all felt/looked. Except everything was noticeably more blurry than other native VR programs. I was a bit disappointed with the FPS I was getting too, however I am running a MSI Gtx 970sc so I can’t complain too much. I did some research and found out that the guys over at laminar are planning on bringing Native VR to X-plane after the 11.10 release. Also they said they were working on switching to the Vulcan API, which is very exciting for us summers that are struggling with low FPS. I haven’t really seen much info on where they are at with either of these things. Does anyone know when or if they will bring the native VR before the end of the year? There are only a few more weeks of 2017 so hopefully they will make it a Christmas present for us! Cpu: Intel Core i7 4770k haswell (quad core) Thanks for reading! Hopefully someone has some info because I want to get flyinside, but I don’t want to purchase it then have X-plane come out with native vr! Good things come to those who wait😬
  4. I read on a news article that DTG is going to find a way to re-code the multiplayer. It seems that it would be difficult and time consuming to do this, but if they do. That would be great, because I dont really enjoy direct connect. I have tried vatsim, but its very confusing and stressful. I hope you dont have to buy the steam edition ( You probably will) to get the updates. -Trevor
  5. Thanks for the link. I will try to work on this later. -Trevor
  6. Can you provide a link. I cant find the tutorial
  7. Trevor2497

    MS Flight continues... new rumours

    The game just vanished from my hard drive (I did not delete it). I just straight up copied the files from my laptop onto a flash drive then onto my computer, and it works now :) I wish I had the hawaii expansion pack. I have all the dlc except the Hawaii pack, but is there a way to buy it. the market place wont let me buy it, and if the gfwl servers are going down, I need to get it.
  8. Trevor2497

    MS Flight continues... new rumours

    I cant even re-install flight :(
  9. Thanks For the reply The tools/ shapes folder has 4 files. I cant get a pic so I will Just type them. HPX_St.George-------Xml Document HPX_St.dbf-------------DBF File HPX_St.shp------------SHP File HPX_St.shx------------SHX File Sorry for the late reply haha Here is the link to the tutorial that I am using
  10. Trevor2497

    Just Bought Rex 4 Texture Direct.. Now What?

    I just noticed that the ground textures are brighter than the auto-gen. Does anyone else know about this?
  11. Trevor2497

    Just Bought Rex 4 Texture Direct.. Now What?

    Thanks guys I got it working. It looks GREAT! :lol: Now I am thinking of getting ftx global
  12. I just bought Rex 4, and i already have Rex Essentials. I don't know if i'm supposed to take out the Rex Essential textures before I load the Rex 4 ones in. Does anyone know what to do, and sorry if i'm not being clear about my situation. Thanks Trevor
  13. I think you have to get on their teamspeak and its in the downloads. It could also be on the website somewhere.a
  14. Fsx-Mp is going to host the 2014 Oshkosh Fly-in. Who is going, and Spread the link so there will be more pilots!!!! This is going to be my first "Virtual" Airshow LOL. Here is the link to the Fsx-Mp website
  15. Trevor2497

    Where can I download missions?

    Same here