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  1. Life’s too short for this sort of thing I think! Just set the game up to run well in a demanding scenario and leave it at that. You’ll be spending a lot less time fiddling about with stuff, and more time (virtually) flying.
  2. I don’t know whether to be impressed by that or horrified. It’s certainly committed!
  3. It’s still mental to me that people pay for stuff like this. Imagine if the same existed for something like assetto corsa! Surely things like this should just be built into the sim/game in this day and age?
  4. I’m not so sure this is such a ‘small hobby’ anymore. I guess the section of it containing people willing to pay as much as the base game for one new aircraft might be small, but I think msfs has heralded something of an explosion in the basic installed user base. Also, may just be my mind misremembering things, but I’m sure PMDG regularly have these sort of single point of failure issues - one person being sick shouldn’t delay an entire plan, especially if it’s a relatively straightforward update. Anyway, hope they’re selling more of their products than ever before!
  5. Terrible time to be building a computer imho. I’m half joking, but you may get more vfm by just trying to buy a series x now and wait a year until the tech supply problems calm down a bit and you don’t have to swap kidneys for GPUs.
  6. I’m not sure why the flight sim community gets so het up about whether something is a sim or a game, or why that matters as long as you’re enjoying yourself, but I think this is as much a ‘sim’ as most driving sims in terms of the breadth and depth of things it simulates. It may not be as advanced as some of the competitors, but the overall package is much better imho - especially in terms of immersion. I have both the Xbox and pc versions and use them for different things. I use the Xbox version to chill out, start airborne and just explore the scenery in a place I’ve never been and I’m never likely to go to - the visual simulation is incredibly good and is the only flight software I would use for this purpose. The PC version I would use if I wanted to fly a complex airliner or wanted to be more focussed on the technical aspects of flight. I have to say that I probably use the Xbox version more at the moment, but that’s partly because I don’t have the time to spend hours playing with the PC.
  7. The video I saw the guy (Koch?) using his own computer - i7 9700 and Rtx 2060, so no slouch but pretty solidly mid-spec I’d say. He was demonstrating a jump from ~40 to ~60 FPS over Manhattan at the same settings. I’d imagine a lot of things were set carefully here to demonstrate the benefit, so I’m conservatively expecting in just normal scenes it’ll be a sort of up to 10fps boost with bigger differences happening if there’s a lot going on.
  8. 0.1%? actually I’d imagine it’d be considerably less than that really, otherwise there would be some noise about the lack of both dog fights, and it not being on Xbox yet.
  9. You said “probably” though. So what makes you think it’s probable that most of them are “casual” gamers (whatever that means), versus lapsed flight sim enthusiasts or other types of gamers? Don’t mean to single this post out particularly, but it’s dripping with sneary ‘serious flight simmer’ elitism. personally even if a proportion of those people don’t play longer than a few months (which is pretty normal for most games anyway), I’m really pleased that many more people have experienced something as exciting as this sim. And hopefully a good proportion of new players will stay and help freshen up the scene a bit. It’s also why I have been surprised for a while that more wasn’t built in to try and engage people within the game in a more structured way from the outset.
  10. This is what happens when games are popular, much more credible stuff very cheap or free and done for the love of it.
  11. I don’t know if this was in relation to my post, but I know - that’s what the thing I linked to says in it. In the forum he said they’re also testing their whole product line in fs2020 right now. Can’t say at the moment whether it will be a straight quick job, or a long and complex one. Don’t know where this nothin for 12 months thing is coming from. There’s a couple of stock aircraft in the base game that are tiding me over fine anyway, especially the tbm.
  12. I’m sure this has already been posted, but I lost the will to live after the first page of this thread. FWIW - https://a2asimulations.com/a2a-simulations-fs2020-p3d-and-the-aerostar/
  13. On the tbm at least, you can find ils frequencies on the ‘waypoint info’ button on the mfd. just put the airport’s iaco code in and the rest should be self explanatory (there’s literally a section called ‘frequencies’. Haven’t tried on other planes but presume it’s similar.
  14. The 3070 will most likely be good for msfs I reckon, if it does turn out to be a bit faster than a 2080 ti, though the 3080 will obviously provide that bit of extra headroom (especially with the faster vram) which is never a bad thing. That also depends on what sort of cpu it’s being paired with obviously. There will be an interesting choice for some people now I reckon - I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3070 is in the same price ballpark as the Xbox series x when it comes out... will be fascinating to see how the performance of all of these things compares.
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