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  1. 0.1%? actually I’d imagine it’d be considerably less than that really, otherwise there would be some noise about the lack of both dog fights, and it not being on Xbox yet.
  2. You said “probably” though. So what makes you think it’s probable that most of them are “casual” gamers (whatever that means), versus lapsed flight sim enthusiasts or other types of gamers? Don’t mean to single this post out particularly, but it’s dripping with sneary ‘serious flight simmer’ elitism. personally even if a proportion of those people don’t play longer than a few months (which is pretty normal for most games anyway), I’m really pleased that many more people have experienced something as exciting as this sim. And hopefully a good proportion of new players will stay and help freshen up the scene a bit. It’s also why I have been surprised for a while that more wasn’t built in to try and engage people within the game in a more structured way from the outset.
  3. This is what happens when games are popular, much more credible stuff very cheap or free and done for the love of it.
  4. I don’t know if this was in relation to my post, but I know - that’s what the thing I linked to says in it. In the forum he said they’re also testing their whole product line in fs2020 right now. Can’t say at the moment whether it will be a straight quick job, or a long and complex one. Don’t know where this nothin for 12 months thing is coming from. There’s a couple of stock aircraft in the base game that are tiding me over fine anyway, especially the tbm.
  5. I’m sure this has already been posted, but I lost the will to live after the first page of this thread. FWIW - https://a2asimulations.com/a2a-simulations-fs2020-p3d-and-the-aerostar/
  6. On the tbm at least, you can find ils frequencies on the ‘waypoint info’ button on the mfd. just put the airport’s iaco code in and the rest should be self explanatory (there’s literally a section called ‘frequencies’. Haven’t tried on other planes but presume it’s similar.
  7. The 3070 will most likely be good for msfs I reckon, if it does turn out to be a bit faster than a 2080 ti, though the 3080 will obviously provide that bit of extra headroom (especially with the faster vram) which is never a bad thing. That also depends on what sort of cpu it’s being paired with obviously. There will be an interesting choice for some people now I reckon - I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3070 is in the same price ballpark as the Xbox series x when it comes out... will be fascinating to see how the performance of all of these things compares.
  8. 3090 is the only one of the new cards that does support sli, according to nvidia’s chart.
  9. Have a look at benchmarks between 1070s and 1080s (on as recent benchmarks as possible) and see if the differences would annoy you. Far from an exact science but gives you an idea of what the trend might be through the cycle - early benchmarks are quite often a bit mental and unreliable. It’s similar with the 3070 being faster than the 2080ti thing - I’ll wait and see some objective benchmarks on a range of settings before believing that - they said the same about the 1070 v 980 ti and it wasn’t more often than not.
  10. Yeah I think I probably will too, it’s about the price I was expecting it to be. I’m interested to see how the 3rd party manufacturers handle pricing with these - they should be slightly cheaper than the founders edition if you take most history into account, but I think that got bucked with the 20xx series?
  11. 3070 for the best bang for the buck 3080, for less value but more bang 3090 if you are fully lost down the gpu upgrade rabbit hole and have lost any sense of perspective. I don’t think I’ll really know which of the 70 or 80 I’ll get until I buy it. I’d like to think it will be the 70, but wouldn’t bet on myself.
  12. I’ve been using it for the last 3 or 4 months with 16gb ram and haven’t had a single memory crash. The only time I could make it crash was with a very particular location that always seemed to cause it problems (and I’ve no idea why, it was basically a very small airport in the middle of nowhere!). Fine in the gold master.
  13. No, I think it’s that people have an extremely broad interpretation of the word ‘fact’ means.
  14. Yes it’s exactly like being pilots in wartime.
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