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  1. I think they’ve said before that once you’re in the testing pool, you’re in it until release.
  2. It isn’t actually, it’s just a cursor (I should have waited until it disappeared but I’m an amateur :().
  3. Check your junk folders guys. That’s where mine was (an email from Microsoft, automatically placed in my outlook junk folder lol).
  4. I think I’d be puking all over the shop sitting in that...
  5. That’s cool, thanks. I was completely blown away how stunning the world looks around there - you pop over some mountains and suddenly there’s about 200 rivers all winding across the lowland.
  6. No one of my screenshots is in the update. It’s taken near Paro airport in Bhutan.
  7. Well the next test would be whether posting something like that here is a breach of their terms and conditions or not.
  8. Wait for release ideally. Whether the gpu is ok depends on what settings and resolution combination you’re hoping for.
  9. Off the top of my head (and pure guesswork): - building load on the servers - testing different combinations of hardware, different specific bits of hardware, internet speeds etc - adding more people from a broader varieties of countries - increasing capacity for bug and issue identification strikes me that periodically introducing more people into a private, NDA-bound alpha programme would be an odd way of attempting to build hype.
  10. I’m more and more fascinated to see what the Xbox series x will be able to do with this in due course, mainly the ultra fast IO stuff and how that might translate to optimum PC specs in the future, as well as the effect it could have on the sim itself.
  11. I believe it is already accepted by anyone under the age of ~40 or so
  12. If I was laminar I’d try getting xp12 on to UE5. From what I saw a few days ago with the tech demo, it’s billions and billions of triangles and new lod method that basically means no pop-ins anymore is perhaps one of the only chances for them to make msfs look dated in a few years time.
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