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  1. Superdelphinus

    Grab your X-Plane 11 beta, guys!

    I tried it for a bit last night. I'd be lying if I said it blew me away at this stage but it was a nice (slightly gentle) upgrade from xp10. I was getting similar performance to xp10 on my computer (win 10, i5 3570k, gtx 1070) - around 30-35 fps at 4k with highish settings - though it does seem slightly less 'smooth' than xp10, but it's very early in development I guess. Are they going to give more flexible graphics options in later releases? Oh the other thing I wanted to ask was if you buy the game now, does the beta allow you to fly anywhere or is it still limited to ksea?
  2. Superdelphinus

    XP10 GPU in 4k

    I have a gtx 1070 and a g-sync monitor and it runs fine in 4k - i don't actually find a huge difference in fps terms from 1080p to 4k unless i do crazy things with shadows. It just overtly illustrates the cpu limits. g-sync may help to smooth things out a lot though. i also find i need to only run fxaa at that resolution.
  3. Superdelphinus

    Update GTX770 to 1070

    I went from an r9 290 to a 1070 and that was definitely worth it - can now run in 4K with high settings and never really dip below 35-40 fps in most places. I do have g-sync though. I can't remember if the 290 is closer to a 770 or a 970 but either way it's only worth the jump if you can justify what is basically the cost of a home console to get a frame rate boost/ resolution bump.
  4. I think the next properly big change will be in 2 or 3 iterations of x-plane, personally. They seem to have finally started to move towards a more 'commercial' offering and as soon as it starts having decent ATC and weather out of the box, amongst other things, it will make the fsx-legacy applications very uncompelling. The basic engine is so much better than anything else there is at the moment and you can see with 11 that they're starting to add some properly modern gfx tech into the sim. I hope there will be a new player on the scene (I really don't think the new dovetail game will be it, given it seems to be yet another fsx derivative) that makes the whole experience a bit more compelling for people who don't get bored after a while flying for pretend airlines in their head, or pissing about with .cfg files to get 3 more fps. It won't happen until flight simulation moves away from only really appealing to geeky middle age men with too much time and money on their hands (pretty much like me!) though. Anyway that was a bit of a stream of consciousness - in conclusion I think that a 64bit version of p3d will make almost no difference to 90% of the people who use it, so no.
  5. Superdelphinus

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    I did have it set as full screen and windowed but have now just set it to full screen so it doesn't try and engage when p3d is running. I had the label thing on so I knew when it was on - that's how I knew that when I clicked on a menu, g-sync deactivated and the frame rate skyrocketed. Thanks for that, that's basically exactly the problem. Will see if loading up a proper full screen game first makes it work.
  6. Superdelphinus

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    I know right, this is the only app I've had any issues
  7. Superdelphinus

    P3Dv3 G-sync

    I recently got an Acer ips 4K g-sync monitor and it's doing weird things with p3d v2. Generally the monitor is fantastic and makes 4K gaming a lovely experience with high gfx settings (I have a GTX 1070) because it smooths everything out with dips below 60fps. However, I noticed yesterday that for some reason it can cause the frame rate to absolutely tank in p3d. For example I can run the majestic q400 with the sim on maximum settings at 4k (I don't have all the shadows stuff ticked on though) and it will sit at about 45fps on the runway at Langley with reasonable cloud cover. However if I turn g-sync on it will go down to 10-15. If I open a menu button so the main screen loses focus it will shoot back up again. It's really weird! Also sometimes it will just be fine and not have that effect. With x-plane it's completely fine (and stunning by the way). Any ideas?!
  8. Superdelphinus

    How's The Amd R9 290 ?

    I think the r9 290 is the best price/ performance card there is right now
  9. i've just bought an r9 290 so will let you know how that performs (my cpu is an i5 3570k running at 4.2ghz) - most benchmarks put it slightly ahead of the gtx 780 (not the ti version!), which is pretty amazing considering it's about £100 cheaper.
  10. my thumbs have almost run out of twiddle
  11. Superdelphinus

    A350 from FlightFactor

    PMDG is an outlier though. By all accounts the flight simulation genre is on its arse, I won't blame developers for wanting to release things to market when they are good enough to start making them some money.
  12. I'm not angry with them in the slightest, they can do what they want. I am massively keen to throw my wallet at them at the next available opportunity though, I've not looked forward this much to something on a flight sim since x plane went 64bit
  13. I'm going to set fire to my computer if there's no news today
  14. I'd love that to be honest. Something that I don't already (roughly) know how to fly