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  1. That's the first public beta, not the final release, so unless PMDG was/is a member of the team that tried 10.50 in the private beta test it's hard to tell if the DC-6 is 10.50 ready.
  2. Kyle stated that there're no external plugins because all is developed in-house, this mean that they compiled their own code and if Linux is not supported I assume that there's no working Linux version.
  3. Thank you Jesse but even that link doesn't work, as Paul already said. Sooner or later they will post something on their website or some forums.
  4. Tried again right now and same error, at this point seems to me that you have to be a member in order to see that. Oh, well, as I'm not a member of that site I'll wait to see images when them will be available through other channels.
  5. Good to know that. Those messages are very similar to those related to some missing libraries, thank you Tony to point us to the real problem.
  6. It's a txt file, just zip it and post it (no copy/paste).
  7. Hello, seems indeed a missing library(ies) problem, but you should attach the whole log.txt in order to check the problem not only a little piece of it.
  8. You're welcome! :-) Danish airports should be EKxx ones, EKCH could be my first choice.
  9. Tony, that's a wonderful work, great job!!! That's a totally new experience, really great to fly VFR!!!
  10. Thank you Robert for the update, can't wait to have the 777 (and others) ready for X-Plane!!!
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