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  1. Yaffa

    El Al - PMDG NGX 737-900

    Anyone willing to do it?
  2. Yaffa

    OOM errors and how to avoid them

    What sceneries have you optimized with the tool and how successful was it? What about sceneries from FSDT and T2G?
  3. Hi folks. Would you recommend upgrading to the new Skylake processor because of a boost in performance with P3D?
  4. Which one should I choose? Does P3D benefit from the four extra hyper-threading cores?
  5. Yaffa

    El Al - PMDG NGX 737-900

    Maybe we could find someone whos willing to paint it
  6. Yaffa

    El Al - PMDG NGX 737-900

    Sadly it aint the real livery! Thanks anyways
  7. This one is definitely missing!
  8. Yaffa

    Autosave for P3D?

    hi guys, long time ago with FSX I used the addon FSXSAVE AUTOSAVE which saved the situation every x minutes. Is there an alternative for P3D except FSUIPC?
  9. Yaffa

    PMDG 777 in Prepar3D 2.5

    Sounds http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/84776-vas-egll/#entry607424 RAAS Just like it has to be done with the FSX http://forum.avsim.net/topic/420821-how-can-raas-be-permanently-disabled/#entry2795866
  10. Yaffa

    PMDG 777 in Prepar3D 2.5

    You are going to get about 200-300mb if you set your PMDG FMC sounds to "selective" and if you deactivate RAAS in the xml file you will get another 300mb additionally.
  11. Yaffa

    Weather radar implementation

    So actually I just need this .dll?
  12. Yaffa

    Weather radar implementation

    Hey Stephen, could you or somebody else maybe tell us how we can get this combination work? Do we just have to install ASN and thats it?
  13. Too bad its going to take days till FSGRW has been updated
  14. Yaffa

    Question about Aerosoft A318/19

    Dave, have you chosen the dual throttle configuration in the Airbus configuration tool?