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  1. It was not me that asked for a good traffic program. Just wanted to mention it cuz I was hoping WT3 was able to show csl's for vatsim.
  2. But it's not able to use the models for showing traffic in vatsim
  3. I have "blurries" with Aerosoft Airbus and NGX
  4. I also really wanna know. Just beneath it's okay, the rest is washed out
  5. Is it someone that still develop xsquawkbox?
  6. Is there a way to improve the aircraft models when flying online?
  7. Nice pics! You don't fly xplane anymore, don't you?
  8. Wonder if it is a big difference between "Normal" and "Sparse" scenery complexity?
  9. Are you really sure that you don't see it? Picture 1,3 and 4 at least? City down below are a mess, river that floats in the middle of it are like pixel blocks. On the approach, trees were popping up like half a mile infront of me, you could see the textures where loading constantly and slowly. Click on the pictures and zoom and you will see what i mean.
  10. I have tried over at orbx support forum but no answer yet, so i tought i try here aswell. I have these "blurries" . I have tried with or without tweaks in my cfg to no avail. Sim is prepar3d v2.5 and is running on an SSD. Hardware is i7 2600K OCed 4.4Ghz, GTX 770, HyperX 16GB RAM
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