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  1. 120 dollars a year, i use that on coffee and donuts every month.
  2. Im not paying that much money to wear a spacehelmet while playing videogames, not in a million years
  3. Rudder pedals is a waste of money, i have a joystick that controls rudder and speed, works perfect, ofcourse if you want to play real pilot you can buy alot of expensive stuff, gl with that.
  4. First major expansion "Reno air races", omg how incredibly boring is that. Seriosly guys you have to come up with something better than that.
  5. Ofcourse they noticed, the question is why they didnt say anything.
  6. I dont see any difference, but most important the game runs superb now, no stutters and great fps, could not be happier,
  7. Nah i think they just like to moan, theres always that one to two percent that will never be satisfied with anything, thats just how it is.
  8. And this is the best update ever i downloaded, it is just freaking awesome, why are so "many" people moaning. This is the mother of all updates, it just dont get any better.
  9. I play many of the newest games, so everytime they notify me of a new driver i update, never had any problems with that.
  10. Yeah its crazy with these big updates, its just too much
  11. Drop the 4K, i have a 1080ti and 4K is a no go for me, either its fluid or i will not play the game, just forget about it, use 1080p and the game runs likes a dream and looks awesome on my 65" tv, i use RTSS for fps limiter and set it to 30, for me this is just heaven. Dont push the settings, find your magic point and you will love the sim.
  12. Ofcourse its a game, the name XBOX when starting the game tells you that. You can buy a flightsimulator, as far as i know they cost millions of dollars.
  13. Its driving me crazy, sometimes you have to go to the store to update, the next day it can update in the game, seriously Asobo can you decide, another thing is they are mega huge, let me buy them on a dvd it would be faster for me to get them that way, ffs its crazy. How about letting them download in background, cant be that difficult to figure out even Blizzard found that out.
  14. Tried VR in a store, im not impressed with it, first its way too expensive for what it delivers, and i cant imagine sitting with that helmet on for hours. Its been around now for many years and is pretty much still useless.
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