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  1. I guess its tomorrow, but im really hoping for today. Anyway im just kidding, its not that important to me, or is it.
  2. After trying the multiplayer in euro truck simulator 2, im never going to use multiplayer again, what ever you are doing in the game i can garantee you that someone will ruin your day.
  3. Is there still a 10 min delay for the real time traffic in the US.
  4. Couldnt care less about multiplayer, i just want good ai.
  5. Passengers or im not buying the game, cant fly around with empty seats.
  6. Wow major update, well it turned out to be a major disappointment
  7. Omg i can finally sleep in piece, im so happy now.
  8. I think they said mid February, so im not getting my hopes up for anything special until next week.
  9. Cant login either, but i doubt theres anything to see in there that we havent seen.
  10. I have seen many of his videos, but i prefer to watch 310 pilot, i can watch them over and over, never gets boring 😍
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