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  1. I play many of the newest games, so everytime they notify me of a new driver i update, never had any problems with that.
  2. Yeah its crazy with these big updates, its just too much
  3. Drop the 4K, i have a 1080ti and 4K is a no go for me, either its fluid or i will not play the game, just forget about it, use 1080p and the game runs likes a dream and looks awesome on my 65" tv, i use RTSS for fps limiter and set it to 30, for me this is just heaven. Dont push the settings, find your magic point and you will love the sim.
  4. Ofcourse its a game, the name XBOX when starting the game tells you that. You can buy a flightsimulator, as far as i know they cost millions of dollars.
  5. Its driving me crazy, sometimes you have to go to the store to update, the next day it can update in the game, seriously Asobo can you decide, another thing is they are mega huge, let me buy them on a dvd it would be faster for me to get them that way, ffs its crazy. How about letting them download in background, cant be that difficult to figure out even Blizzard found that out.
  6. Tried VR in a store, im not impressed with it, first its way too expensive for what it delivers, and i cant imagine sitting with that helmet on for hours. Its been around now for many years and is pretty much still useless.
  7. Who is moaning, hes just telling whats going on and the timeline.
  8. And thats what Asobo and Microsoft wants us to do, buy addons to fix the game, because they have no intention to do so, just wait and see.
  9. Agree it looks absolutely terrible, they have no idea what they are doing.
  10. Just take off, i dont have time to wait for all the bugs Asobo throws at me.
  11. Call your ISP, theres nothing wrong with the download servers.
  12. Thats not what i read about this, but maybe i was drunk, it happens, i love redwine.
  13. I dont think its useless, its just my opinion, í dont wont to fly in the middle of the atlantic ocean either, theres places i like and places i dont like.
  14. The next world update is not free, so if its in the USA i couldnt care less, i would not go there even in the sim
  15. It might not be horrible, but it certainly doesnt fix the probs the last patch introduced. But we will see.
  16. Im sorry did you say fantastic, exactly what is fantastic about this update, because i fail to see it.
  17. So its annoying, all these CTD´s started with the latest patch, never had a problem before. Considering how long it takes just to start the sim up i cant even be bothered with it until its fixed. I dont know who tests these patches, it cant be anyone with a brain, thats for sure.
  18. I think everybody, you dont need to know anything about flying to enjoy it, then the more you learn and educate yourself it gets even more enjoyable, soon you will buy advanced planes and scenery and you will be out of money, but you have a great hobby for the rest of your life.
  19. I couldnt care less about how many fps it gives extra, its way too expensive to buy for a game. Doesnt really matter if you have 35 fps or 60 fps in flightsimulator, if you dont use a fps counter you wont notice.
  20. Roads in mountains should be removed, it looks so stupid and weird, its totally useless in my mind.
  21. The lightning i have seen so far in the game looks terrible, doesnt look like any ligtning i have seen irl.
  22. I think this is what its going to look like for a long time, otherwise VR cant handle this game, very sad, cant even be bothered to open it anymore.
  23. I feel with all those people that bought the game and cant make it run decently, we cant all have supercomputers, i dont mind Asobo dumbing it down a bit until we can all afford some better hardware, it still looks awesome to me.
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