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  1. Hi Chris, just get some teaser, shots of 737 handle.... its too long ... please 🙂 brds
  2. today we got new build, and at some VR changes...at last... General: Several crashes have been fixed across the title Memory optimizations VR: Fixed the default opening position in VR In flight panel window positions are now saved after closing and reopening from the toolbar in VR Fixed Toolbar Panels opened in VR are still opened when switching to normal mode Fixed the raycast not being aligned with the arrow and the white dot when moving the motion controllers in VR SimConnect: It is now possible to request final approach leg, missed approach leg and multiple Indicator while requesting Approach type using NavData API Some keys used by NavData API have been rewritten
  3. Yes indeed CU1 - precisely is CONTENT UPDATE 1 - and this time is bunch of German airports, Cologne city 3d, some Poi and Dem elev.. PERIOD
  4. Hello, CU1 = Cologne city in 3d 🙂, more news from MSFS at Gamescom tomrrow, as new plane, Heli news, and little more... brds
  5. will be a new update soon for Fenix know from good source... 🙂
  6. Hello Chris, any news about project? brds
  7. the cockpit looks like the current standards of good addons require it (just flight GA, Simware 414, milviz etc), let's not go crazy, nothing better or worse ... more important is what it will offer additionally, and it can be very valuable and unique only for A2A standards..
  8. Hi Chris, Can you answer my question in free time? brds Martin
  9. Hello, 1.are you also planning this type of levers? https://www.etsy.com/listing/1010028571/business-jet-flight-control-set-cessna, for example, a buissnes jet model? this type is very comfortable for the whole hand and very versatile for most airplanes ... 2. Will it be possible to easily print other versions on a 3d printer for the throttle sheets? brds Chris btw . still love your Yoke one..best on market for me
  10. hello, does anyone use this Tiller (Schiller) and can confirm that it works with PMDG 737 and Fenix without any problems? Brds Martin
  11. Yes, you are right that probably the biggest problem would be to send someone who would meet everyone's requirements ... I think it could be someone from the streamers (e.g. Fabio :)? , first thought : ). The whole idea is to raise common questions from different sides, not just with Avsim of course, so that everyone has a share of it.
  12. I would like to share with you my idea, on how to fix communication between our community and Asobo (MS). It is clearly visible from today's Q @ A that this communication is missing or we are completely misunderstood (example of Sebastian and fps in the menu .. etc ..). What would you say if we would select representatives from our community - two, one people who would be well versed in the topic, what are we missing, what are the mistakes, what to do first, etc. etc. and if these people could go directly to Asobo studio and talk to them face to face, at an appointment, and present all our problems in a clear and specific way. The issues of financing such a trip are on our side and I think we can handle wiith it. Such a meeting should take place once every 6 months, so that everything is clear and obvious to both parties ... I don't know, I am giving this idea what do you think about it? Maybe crazy one? but ??... brds
  13. I just checked my register, and already have value of 4.... and never looked into? how it is possible that default is value 2? brds
  14. this is completely incomprehensible .... this is a simple bug that should be quick fixed, and what?
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