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  1. Am I dealing with children or serious people???? - I KNOW PERFECTLY THAT THIS IS NOT THE FULL LIST OF SU15 CHANGES - I only mean the poor changes in this next beta version after a break of several weeks..... GOOD LORD 😄
  2. .... I know perfectly well that there are other priorities now, when talking about the number of employees - take it as a metaphor... what I mean is that when you get such a change log after a few weeks of nothing... you feel so powerless... then it's pathetic... are they postponing Su 15 by another week? why do we need such nonsense "fixes" to then say with "pride" - THE BIGGEST SU 15, THOUSANDS OF CHANGES, ETC, but what? mostly insignificant....
  3. this is word not allowed not change log.... 200 hundres people working in Asobo... this is a yoke... bad yoke
  4. only This one - 414 Cessna by FLIGHTSIMWARE.... and Learjet is also great 🙂
  5. Hello Chris, great news, as a super satisfied Fulcrum user, I'm looking forward to the throttle. Personally, I really appreciate your professionalism and contact with me when I had "problems" with Yoke. For me this is not a new chapter - you just came back from a long trip and are back in the game. Good luck !
  6. why dlss swaper still doesnt show 3.6 version??
  7. I wonder if anyone has tried to implement FSR3 for MSFS... what are the results? https://github.com/Nukem9/dlssg-to-fsr3/releases/0.3 brds
  8. is this HOLY GRAIL setup working in VR? is there any benefits? brds
  9. you can understand all the problems that the company has, etc... but the lack of a CLEAR AND AT LEAST ONE POSITION FROM THE OWNER'S PART is unacceptable... this is simply not how you do business
  10. ...............You should try the PMDG 737s in MFS ! Even the ground physics look so much more convincing that you can more easily wait for upcoming updates to the base ground physics ! If you say that ground physics is better in pmdg in FS than, for example, in Zibo in xp12... then in my opinion you are very wrong...
  11. yea, I wonder how it is different from this one... https://github.com/drunkwinter/MSFS2020.ARPC testers, give us some comparision shots..
  12. Thanks again Sergey for your great support !! As Sergey said, his design of this damaged part is perfect, and if anyone has a similar problem, feel free to use it. brds Martin
  13. Hi, Thank you all very much for your suggestions and advice, I will have to deal with it myself, I see, because "SUPPORT" is dead... sad, but it looks like this company has ceased to exist.... brds Martin
  14. I remember that from the very beginning when Fulcrum was sent to me, one of these screws was slightly loose... perhaps from at the beginning there was a small crack that was growing I used it all the time, very gently, I never pulled it hard or nervously, etc
  15. https://ibb.co/xj10rDXhttps://ibb.co/xj10rDX Hi.... a broken plastic sleeve at the entrance of the shaft - inside a box This plastic part is holding shaft centered..... https://ibb.co/xj10rDX https://ibb.co/44DZrdY https://ibb.co/MnhRb2v
  16. hello, what's going on with Chris and the company, I'm sending e-mails because I have a steering wheel failure and complete silence, no one responds... does anyone know what's going on?? brds Martin
  17. hello, what's going on with Chris and the company, I'm sending e-mails because I have a steering wheel failure and complete silence, no one responds... does anyone know what's going on??
  18. They CHANGE NOTHING.... stop writing nonsense, unconfirmed by anything, the sky is still red, purple and very often unrealistic
  19. Hey, there is VIDEO Tutorial how to change this manualy step by step....
  20. Hi, it's neither a stupid nor a cynical question... it's just that we ALL would like to know what's going on with you Chris, and why you're not active on this forum? I hope that everything is fine with you privately, greetings users
  21. can you see now how important it is to have a MEGA campaign across all channels to make them hear us? I suspect if it hadn't been publicized, no one would have been interested in it....
  22. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I asked Chewwy via e-mail to get Asobo interested in this case... I thought his new position was a link between us and the developer... unfortunately I was wrong, and so far I don't understand what it is about his next role... 🙂
  23. I don't want to brag, but it's thanks to the fact that I wrote a post to vote on this issue on 8 groups.... 😄
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