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  1. Could someone please assist. Been away for a while. When I try and launch the sim, I am told there is a mandatory update in the store. But I'm not seeing the update in the store! Am I missing something? Please help! EDIT: Found a video regarding this, and have it sorted now. Thanks!
  2. Hi Jim..... I'll chime in here, although I hope (and believe) Dave will also respond to clarify anything I may suggest. P2A does not communicate with AI aircraft., making ATC chatter the only option. Personally I use 'X-ATC Chatter'. It is not too expensive, is easy to integrate with P2A, and works very well. X-ATC Chatter Like I said, I'm sure Dave will be in here in not too long. Stay safe!
  3. Greetings and a Happy New year! I have a very peculiar problem with mapping the SayIt Button. Every time I start P2A, I have to change the mapping of this button. It will work perfectly during the flight, but after I shut down P2A, and then start it up again for another flight, the mapping doesn't work, and I have to remap it. I am currently using Ctr+F3 and Ctrl+F8, having to switch between the two each time I am planning a flight. Of course this also means that I have to change the button mapping on my Tartarus gaming keypad. I have my PTT button mapped (Ctr+F2), and there is no problem whatsoever with this one. I am sure this is not how it is supposed to work, and indeed I may be doing something wrong. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. No SID's or STAR's where included in the flt. plan I imported into P2A, as is stated in my original post. Thanks.
  5. OK.... many thanks for that Dave. The string was a direct copy/paste from SimBrief. Maybe their string format does have an issue, and one has to be aware of that when copying and pasting. When and how can we expect this fix? Thanks.
  6. Good morning Dave, and a Happy New Year to you! I am having a bit of a problem importing a flight plan from SimBrief into P2A. It is a flight from EDDK-KSDF, and the SimBrief route (less dep/arr airports and SID & STAR) is: WYP P64 TENLI L602 SPY DCT LONAM L7 FORTY DCT OSBON DCT 62N010W 63N020W 63N030W 62N040W 60N050W DCT VESMI N726A ALSOP DCT HENDY DCT YVO DCT GOPUP DCT ROD DCT CVG When I import into P2A, everything between 'FORTY' and 'VESMI' is missing. (I should mention that I am copying and pasting the route into the import window). Could I be doing something wrong? I have imported other shorter plans, and do not recall having had any issues. As usual, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Nope...... you explained it exactly as it should have been explained! Forgive my ignorance. I never really took any notice of that setting in the sim, so I was completely lost. Do remember, I am only a couple of months into X-Plane, having been a 'die hard' MSFS user since '95! But I have found the AI Aircraft setting now, and will report back to you pronto! Many thanks! EDIT: Well you did it!!! I followed your instructions, and I now have ground and airborne traffic showing up. With a little bit more help, and I'll soon be a real P2A pro!!! Hey, thanks Dave. You are appreciated! Stay safe.
  8. OK..... so I understand ALMOST everything....lol. When you say "I need to populate the X-Plane AI Aircraft", what exactly do you mean? How do I do that? So sorry for the trouble! I have LiveTraffic 'TCAS Controlled' checked.
  9. Thank you Dave. But I don't quite understand what you mean. Does this mean that if there are not up to 19 AI aircraft showing at one time in X-Plane then they won't display in P2A? If this is the case, maybe I can increase the radius of the shown traffic in LiveTraffic.
  10. Greetings. I am running P2A on X-Plane 11.5. I also have the LiveTraffic (by TwinFan) plugin installed. Unfortunately, while sitting on the ground, with AI traffic showing in the sim, P2A does not show either the ground or the airborne traffic. Is there a setting that I am missing, or is this not possible with this plugin? Thanks!
  11. Ok... thanks for that. By the way. I just have to say this again. This is truly an awesome piece of software. I have done quite a number of flights using it, as I continue to learn about it. I have also learned how to use the Taxi Mnt feature, to actually add/edit the taxiways and gates to a custom airport. Still quite a bit to learn, but coming along nicely. Thanks again!!
  12. OK... its me again!! If I make changes to the config settings during a flight, do they take immediate effect, or only on the next loading of the software? In particular, if I increase the speech speed of one of my voices, will I notice the change immediately (during a flight)? Thanks.
  13. Thanks a lot for this @Crokybird I downloaded your updated version, and it is perfect! Many thanks and stay safe!
  14. Thanks Dave. Having read through a lot of the threads here, I must say that your support and feedback is truly top notch. Much appreciated. 1. I did what you suggested, and that took care of that problem. 2. As suggested, I will try and make note of any phrases I come across in future, and get these back to you. 3. I downloaded and installed Reader and set it up as instructed, and it works as it should. The only problem is other than for P2A, I really don't need Reader, as I already have Acrobat. Any chance you could look into the possibility of getting Acrobat to work with P2A, seeing that they are both Adobe products, and Acrobat is really just a 'big brother' to reader? 4. Not a biggie, but would be nice if this could be sorted. Again many thank! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the Sunday. Now back to flying...... with Pilot2ATC!!
  15. Greetings, and a Merry Christmas! Having flown flight sims for about 15 years, I must confess I am only now coming onboard with Pilot2ATC. And I must say... truly amazing piece of software! I downloaded the software, installed it and had a look around. About 15 minutes later, I had paid for a license, even before my first flight with it. So far. no regrets whatsoever. Thank you for this. I do have a couple of questions (at least for now), if you don't mind. First off, I set up a flight with an airline called Arik Air (ICAO Code: ARA). In the Config>P2A Setup tab, if you enter ARA in the Airline Lookup box, it pulls up the airline correctly. However, when using SayIt to contact a controller, the word Arik is actually spelled out, so you have " A-R-I-K Air", instead of "Arik Air". Funny thing though, when the controller responds, he/she calls the name correctly, as in "Arik Air". As can be imagined, this can be a bit irritating, and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to rectify this. Secondly, I have found that on some occasions, when I respond to ATC using SayIt, although I hear the audible response, the text box does not show a green confirmation, but the gold text with the tilde remains. So there is no confirmation that you have actually responded, although if you try and respond again, it does nothing. Again, a bit of an irritant. Thirdly, I have Adobe Acrobat Pro as my default .pdf program, and I have not yet got it to work with P2A to get the TERP's to show 'in' the program. I know it is recommended to use Adobe Reader with P2A, but I am wondering if there is any way to get Acrobat to work. Finally, I have installed X-Chatter into P2A, and it all seems to be working correctly. I just dropped the whole Regions folder from X-Chatter into the P2A>Sounds>ATC_Chatter folder, as I believe is the correct way. I have 8 Regions folders. But looking in P2A, under the Config>Sounds tab, under the Default Regn pull down, there are only 5 regions available to select as default, including the Custom region folder, which in my case is empty. How can I choose a region that is not shown, to be my default region? I would really appreciate any assistance with these items, although they are definitely not stopping me from using the software in any way whatsoever. Again, many thanks for this really good addition to my flight sim tool box. Stay safe!
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