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  1. Hi @Virtual-Chris Have you had a look at SimBrief Great tool for flight planning.
  2. With all due respect, I have to disagree with you. The logbook problem, in my opinion, is totally random. I have had flights when I did everything as you said, and the flight was not logged. I have done flights where I followed everything, except after landing I parked at a different spot than where I was directed to, and the flight WAS logged. I have tried so many different variables, with totally random results. I've had the smoothest landings on the ATC assigned runway, taxied off the runway to my assigned parking spot, and had my destination logged as 'vicinity'. I've had the 'after shutdown' window pop up after engine shutdown and the flight was logged, and some where the flight was not logged. I have had some flights where NO 'after shutdown' window appeared, and the flight was logged, and some where it was not logged. The variables go on and on. Again, I have not been able to decipher a pattern, and continue to believe it is just random. Stay safe!
  3. That is also a possibility. I need to play around with things. But I've never seen my GPU utilization so low in a game.
  4. Its not so much the frame rate (i'm sitting now at FL340 getting 40-42, with it locked at 45). What I'm wondering is why my GPU utilization is so low.
  5. Yes, I also think it is always better to lock the frame rates. But I thought higher utilization on the GPU was better. That is why I am wondering why my utilization is so low. Can't figure it out.
  6. It is currently locked at 45 fps. Is it better to Not lock it to any frame rate?
  7. When the sim first came out, I was hitting 60 fps easy, with my settings on High (with clouds on Ultra). Then I added some liveries, and of course the FBW A320NX, and my frame rate started dropping. I currently have it locked at 45 fps, never have more than 5 liveries in community folder at any time, and I struggle to maintain the 45 fps, sometimes dropping into the low 30's and on occasion the high 20's (flying into busy airports at night). I have now noticed that my GPU is only being used on average 25%. With other games, I typically hit upper 90's even 100% on the GPU. Any insight as what could be happening? Any recommendations? Many thanks.
  8. Smooth install here, and it seems my goto aircraft, FBW A320NX, is good to go. Now if only I didn't have to work!!
  9. @ffantasy67 Thanks for that quick response. That will definitely work! In the last few minutes, I also discovered that the batch file itself, had security settings that did not allow full control. I granted full control to 'everyone', and now clicking on the icon works. Thanks again, skipper!!
  10. I recently purchased the full copy of FSUIPC7. After installing it to the default location, I got a desktop icon created. However, when I click on the icon to run FSUIPC7, I get the error message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks. NB: Prior to this I was using the beta with no problems whatsoever.
  11. I get these on longer flights. Shows disconnected then show connected a few moments later. My FIOS is solid. Very irritating!
  12. I see we are now getting the correct AIRAC Cycle being displayed. Progress in the works!! (or is this just on the A320 mod)? (Of course, I should mention that I am using Navigraph NavData).
  13. Glad to hear! Fly safe & stay safe!!
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