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  1. I just bought flightdeck.to ‘s software for the stream deck (works for all sims). The MSFS version is actually open source, so you could download it without paying. It has a bunch of ready-made profiles for a few different a/c, it makes it really easy. I haven’t had time to use it all that much but seems great so far.
  2. So what do you think it would it be like to go from a 32”, 4K, 60hz, non-G Sync to a 27”, 2K, 120hz+, G Sync if I fly mostly airliners? (3080 & i9 at high / ultra). To be honest, I’m not sure if I can tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps, but I actually have some visual processing challenges. That said, even if I can’t “see” the difference, I have a feeling that my brain can “feel” and difference.
  3. Use the Flybywire mod: https://flybywiresim.com/
  4. So excited about the 737 - thanks for the update.
  5. I don’t usually check my FPS but have definitely had performance issues with long hauls.
  6. Interesting - here is the post (see the last one): https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/progress-update-salty-747-8-salty-simulations/352592/
  7. I believe the Salty 747 was updated, according to a post on the FS forum.
  8. For me, it would be: 1. KLGA 2. KEWR 3. KMSP 4. KSLC 5. KDTW 6. KPHX 7. KPHL 8. KCLT 9. KIAH 10. LIRF 11. GCLP 12. Oslo 13. Incheon 14. KPVD 15. KPWM 😊
  9. I bought Jetliner (and VFR and IFR), and I’m very glad I did. That’s said, there are a few issues - likely MSFS / SU4 and not FS Academy: Jetliner 1. Direct to kills the MCDU and freezes the ND 2. I couldn’t capture the ILS - APPR works, but it froze in HDG/App Nav and wouldn’t capture either the loc or g/a (could’ve been the direct to issue above) 3. Emergency decent - I start the emergency decent by pulling alt, hdg, speed, but it doesn’t seem to recognize the last one and continue with the checklist. VFR: 1. Due to my not so great flying skills, I keep drifting of course a few degrees. It reminds me, and I get back on course, but after a while I’m a few miles from where I need to be vis-a-vis the airport. The problem is, it doesn’t recognize that I’m close, and tells me to keep flying. In both the UK and NZ, I kept flying past the airport for about 5 min, before I looked at my Navigraph charts and realized where I was. When I turned around in the UK, it recognized that I was back on course - but not in NZ. 2. It’s great that you change aircraft, and I’m learning a ton, but every time I’m in a new plane it takes a while to figure out the basics (flap settings, etc). It would be great if the manual had some additional info for each new plane. Again, I think these are great products, but like anything, the state of the sim can cause issues.
  10. Out now: https://www.tdssim.com/tdsgtnxi
  11. “Most of the bugs have now been ironed out of the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator...” 😂
  12. So I’m guessing it won’t work with the A320NX?
  13. IMO, not really. The a/p is not great - especially vnav. The CDU is very buggy. The flap settings, weight, and fuel calculations aren’t correct. Direct doesn’t work, the list goes on...
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