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  1. I know what AIG is, this tread is about the TG update, not which program is best Alain from Montreal
  2. you should learn how to write....😉 Only wondering why you loose your time and others with that useless post... Just relax ! Alain from Montreal
  3. Good for you ! Why did you post ? this is not about what ai traffic program is best ? Alain from Montreal
  4. Chock and others, did you have previous version installed and just run the new installer over it ? Alain from Montreal
  5. Got it but does not install, says I am "unauthorized customer" even though my key and email where good enough to sign into the forum 😝
  6. What did you change please ? Did crash in CYMM area when flying from CYHZ to CYYZ, with EA and active sky; tried again, shut active sky till past CYCG then re-activate active sky, no crash... Alain from Montreal
  7. Thanks again Mark that is exactly what I wanted 😉now I know I could fly the B777 when it's ready ! but not at LVFR KMIA LOL ! Alain from Montreal
  8. This is at KMIA, my test airport, elsewhere like CYUL it is 3.0 lol
  9. Thanks Mark, when you load a default plane at the same spot, is your vram lower ?
  10. I very much like p3d V5 HF1 so far,I am contemplating purchasing the B777 from PMDG when ready, what I would like to know is how much more vram can I expect from a default plane like say the F-35a ? For instance at Latinvfr KMIA at startup, exterior view towards the airport, the F-35a and airport consume 6.0 gb of ram, the Real Air Beach Duke Turbine 6.2... I do not want to spend over $130 for the plane if I have to reduce sliders too much to save ram on my EVGA 1070sc 8 gb .. thanks in advance Alain from Montreal
  11. Agree with Pacsim, was at KSLC a month ago, the included surrounding and airport buildings are spot on, I can see the hotel I stayed in 😉
  12. I was thinking the same, have a I7 2600K @ 4.4ghz, with a EVGA 580GTX, decided after a lot of reading that a new processor (plus motherboard, faster ram etc ) was not "necessary" so I upgrade the gpu to a EVGA 1070GTX, it increase my frame rate by 50% in FSX and 20-30% in P3D v4 but also a lot more stable,locked at 30fps Alain from Montreal
  13. Thanks to you Phil and all of the Aces team:-beerchug
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