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  1. Would be interested in the trim wheel if you decide to so sell separately ? I am in Canada Regards Alain
  2. Went to Vegas for a little sight seeing, very very nice during the day but, tried to set clock to 10 pm, Casinos have no lights ?? can anyone confirm ? Alain from Montreal
  3. OK thanks, I will install it and check ! Alain from Montreal
  4. Hello, did you connect the panels thru xml and if so, where do you place it in MSFS ? thanks Alain from Montreal
  5. Do not know the exact speed of each but black usb (plastique tongue in usb port) is usb 1, blue is usb 2 (faster) and red is usb 3 (even faster) PS if your external dvd is usb 1, plugging it into usb 2 or 3 in pc will not be faster.... Alain from Montreal
  6. Less than an hour to go before download 🙃 Alain from Montreal
  7. Glad you got it working Stan ! You also give me a tip, when I tried to add Global airports to V5, I simply pointed to the folder from my V4.5 ORBX library, it did not work, I will try to copy the folder to the V5 ORBX library like you did 🙂
  8. Stan, i tried to install Global airports from my P3dV4 ORBX library into P3dV5 with Lorbi's, it does not show in the sim...:( I guess we will have to wait fro ORBX to make them compatible..did not realized how good the enhance airports were until now... funny thing is, I still have v4.5 installed and now contemplating reinstalling FSX solely for FSlabs Concorde and war planes from A2A LOL Alain from Montreal
  9. Yes, it is very taxing compare to Fsdreamteam or FlyTampa but very nicely done 😉
  10. I have animation at those 2 airports in 4.5 Stan, but I thought global airports where not compatible with v5 ? maybe that is why ? Alain from Montreal
  11. I would say decent, not FSDreamteam or Fly Tampa but ok, what you get is a lot of airports per pack, excellent value for the price...
  12. I second that, a LOT of Canadian airports in all Simaddons offering and Ralph is prompt to respond if any issue 😉
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