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  1. I was thinking the same, have a I7 2600K @ 4.4ghz, with a EVGA 580GTX, decided after a lot of reading that a new processor (plus motherboard, faster ram etc ) was not "necessary" so I upgrade the gpu to a EVGA 1070GTX, it increase my frame rate by 50% in FSX and 20-30% in P3D v4 but also a lot more stable,locked at 30fps Alain from Montreal
  2. Already post this in Ifly forum early January, no response so far... :unsure: Would someone be kind enough to paint the Ifly 737 with the new Air Transat colors that debut in February 2014 ? please note it is the "welcome" scheme for the 737-800 Thanks in advance !
  3. I have them and like them very much !!! plus support is top notch...Enjoy !Alain from Montreal
  4. Thanks to you Phil and all of the Aces team:-beerchug
  5. aljones

    Acceleration out today or tomorrow?

    Jeff, i totally agree with you:-kewl
  6. aljones

    Attn. Canadian Simmers

    >I'm not clear about where to vote, so I cast it here: CYUL!>>Would be great to make a gathering of Quebec simmers! with>Reality XP and Flight Scenery Solutions in Montreal, you get 2>for the price of one LOL!>>:D>CYUL for me too:D
  7. aljones

    heavy stuttering

    I have been using latest drivers, so i just lost patience with this card}(
  8. aljones

    heavy stuttering

    Hey guys, just found a cure for an annoying problem that drove me nuts:heavy stuttering when airborne in spot view, like a heartbeat, no matter at what frame rate, locked or unlocked.....the sound would cut and that alone was enough to discourage using FSX!Tried the Q key but stuttering remains so i did the next logical step: removed the SoundBlaster X-FI card and use inboard sound and Voil
  9. >"our dollar is now worth more than the US dollar">>I know, it's insanity.>>JeffWhy would that be insane?
  10. >Could those who installed it comment on how it effects frame>rate?>>This question is just for the lucky few who have RTM>Acceleration...>Will Acceleration/SP2 install cleanly if UTX Canada is>installed first?>> Well, if you activate everything in the UT setup, you WILL loose about 30-40%;( This is with 38% traffic from Mytraffic X; whithout UTX i can use75% traffic with only a 20% fps loss from 38% so i will have to experiment and delete features in UTX :) Mind you, in Canada it is not a problem, it is more in places like LAor NY that i am missing some fps, hopefully SP2 will bring back some!:9
  11. and IT IS worth it:-jumpy
  12. aljones

    iFly 747

    So far, i can tell you it is very close, panels are clear and looks comlete altugh just installed the bird an load it once to check.I did not fly it yet so cannot tell about fmc or flight dynamics...Thanks a lot and kudos to developpers!Alain:-wave :-beerchug
  13. aljones

    FS9 ATC not working, Please help. .

    Glad i could help, it is the first time i do so, even tough i surf this forum since 2004..:-wave It is about time i give back a little:-shy