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  1. Climate change is making the weather more extreme. Switzerland has had major floods and landslides in recent weeks.
  2. There will be also another PC-24 with Epic Avionics for 2025 or someday: http://www.sgier.com/
  3. A bit risky without activation. Back in FSX times this would have gone immediately to a pirate site. But nowadays such sites are all full of russian malware. Is the cockpit realistic? Old but with clickable settings?
  4. That Pad is simulated after a real device? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu5qkpQQuuM
  5. stunning but not a one man show. He teamed up with justflight?
  6. Please a $20.- upgrade for me with a simple update.
  7. If you ever opened a spam attachment, the online flight time will give them time to download malware, configure for encryption etc. My wish is: Would you want to save the last flight phototextures for offline use? I've tried with the rolling cache but that seems broken.
  8. They target anybody mostly with spam attachments. It depends on what you're using your pc mainly for. MSFS works offline, I don't need multiplayer.
  9. where to add to wishlist? I wish offline photorealistic textures. Thanks
  10. I'm usually offline for not be exposed to hackers etc. But from time to time I fly online to see the nice photorealistic textures. Wish I could save them on HD for later offline flights.
  11. // SimConnect data definitions enum DATA_DEFINE_ID { DEFINITION_DATA, DEFINITION_PDR, DEFINITION_CUSTOM_DATA, }; in the simconnect inspector only 2 are visible. Why? Thanks
  12. Oh so you managed to avoid the cache overwriting itself? I only want to fly offline with photorealistic textures in my area.- So the cache is broken?🤢
  13. Hi created a big msfsCache and flew in my preferred region online. Next day the ugly, non photorealistic textures are back! 🤢 Anything to do? Thanks
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