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  1. Is the Conceptronic ABBY07B ok to bind 2 HP Reverb G2 controllers, as my motherboard doesn't have bluetooth? Thanks
  2. In device manager for my Reverb G2 I see "usb to slow". Is my MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard not ok for VR? If so what should I update? Many thanks
  3. Hi how to update Windows Mixed Reality? Where to see the installed version? I have a new Reverb G2 and get a bluescreen crash after pluging it in. Thanks for help
  4. Thanks. My old Logitech Combo had sometimes connection loses, very annoying for work. Bought two weeks ago a onit combo but had the mouse acting sometimes like sticky, again very annoying. Returned that but with a new HP 230 the same with the mouse. As the keyboard is fine I probably buy a M310 mouse and trash the hp mouse. If the M310 has sometimes a sticky, jerky behaviour please advice so I don't waste any more money. Thanks and regards
  5. Hi I'm getting tired of those wireless mouse/keyboards that don't work well. Stutters, connection loses etc. What do you recommend? Many thanks
  6. My new Gigabyte M28U has a USB hub, but it doesn't work when I plug in my mouse. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi I might get a Reverb G2 so I need a motherboard with display port. My old MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon (LGA 1151, Z390, ATX) doesn't so I might get: Gigabyte Z590 VISION D (LGA 1200, Intel Z590 Express, ATX) what confuses me is the base. Can I still plug my i9-9900k? What else to care about? Probably I should also replace my old RTX2080? Many thanks
  8. Thanks for the tip. Anyone using the DPVR E4? Any other headsets coming?
  9. Can I connect to a MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon? I remember to have no bluetooth and have never used wifi. No idea if that works. Is the USB cable only for power? Could I connect to this motherboard a PCI Express 4 graphicscard?
  10. Does the difference from 128GB to 256GB matter? Thanks Daube what CPU do you use? I have a i9-9900k and a RTX 2080. Should be playable?
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