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  1. I have a 250GB external usb hd, will try that now.
  2. Can't install? Only have 70GB on my laptop.
  3. Hi can I install MFSF again on my laptop and use that while traveling only? Back home on my pc? Thanks
  4. Hihow to add a gltf model, later also other files etc. to an aircraft. In the example I've added a second mesh but doesn't build. Below the modified xml.Many thanks<LOD ModelFile="GaugeAircraft_LOD00.gltf" minSize="50"/><LOD ModelFile="GaugeAircraft_LOD01.gltf" minSize="20"/><LOD ModelFile="GaugeAircraft_LOD02.gltf" minSize="10"/><LOD ModelFile="GaugeAircraft_LOD03.gltf" minSize="5"/><LOD ModelFile="GaugeAircraft_LOD04.gltf" minSize="1"/><LOD ModelFile="2GaugeAircraft_LOD00.gltf" minSize="50"/><LOD ModelFile="2GaugeAircraft_LOD01.gltf" minSize="20"/><LOD ModelFile="2GaugeAircraft_LOD02.gltf" minSize="10"/><LOD ModelFile="2GaugeAircraft_LOD03.gltf" minSize="5"/><LOD ModelFile="2GaugeAircraft_LOD04.gltf" minSize="1"/>
  5. Holy cow I didn't think turboprops could be that fast. 700km/h is nicely faster than a TBM 900 or PC-12. Very nicely done. Looks like a lot of work done by some skilled people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_FP0PZWzUs
  6. Thanks, didn't even know this freeware site.
  7. Hi can I zoom out far away from the airplane alike in X-Plane etc? Thanks
  8. Beautiful clouds. Did it create buildings upon photoscenery? That would be perfect for Austin to catch up upon MSFS.
  9. Not anymore, I've just had a look at the sdk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJERnwvEZQU For the flightmodel you need to model accurate wings etc.
  10. FSX flightmodel was behind X-plane but not MSFS anymore. A quick google find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE8LA55eTnI Just look at these airflows etc. Personally I can't wait to do a soaring competition alike in FSX, hope this is coming soon.
  11. Vulkan only broke librain as far as I know, but itself is broken on my PC as it falls back to Opengl. XP12 will have to compete FS2020, good luck with that...
  12. Yes but I've lots ob .blend files full of animations. Any idea how to deal with animations, redo all? Nice PC-6 btw.
  13. Hi I try to modify the MSFS CJ4 but .\fspackagetool ".\CJ4.xml" I get the above error. What to change? Thanks
  14. I've a Blender plane from X-plane, exported like you did but it sits back forward on the runway. Any help on what I do wrong etc.? Many thanks.
  15. USB devices should work out of the box but you need to create a UDEV rule. I think someone created a script/app to do this automatically. Search/google/ask the x-plane.org forum.
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