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  1. Landsend Airport can no longer be used. The runways are full of signs! The alleged adjustment of the airport probably backfired. St Michael's Mount, Castle has disappeared here! The question arises here, is not at least one test carried out after the update?
  2. What does the UserCFG do? Among other things, the settings made under "Graphics" are saved here. Further settings are fixed. Where can I find the UserCFG? 😄 \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ LocalCache \ UserCfg.opt The following changes are useful. Shadows MaxSliceCount 4 Size 4096 Produces sharp-edged shadows in the aircraft terrain LoDFactor 2.000000 This appears to load a different algorithm for the mesh. Example: Coastline in GB Cornwall, originally steeply sloping up to 90 degrees, in FS 2020 30 to 50 degrees without change. The photo wallpaper is distorted, many elements do not fit. With the new setting coastline up to 90 degrees steep. Everything OK. This new attitude can be seen particularly well in Cap Town. Note: No frame rate degradation was noticed. I still have to test further changes to the UserCfg.
  3. A game or a simulation? Only serious "simulators" talk in this forum. Complain about the rightly considerable deficiencies in the programming of the aircraft. The landscape, which deteriorates with every update, is also criticized. Please note, however, that Asobo was commissioned by MS to use the existing “Bing Maps” that hardly anyone has used so far and to develop a “flight game” with the limited hardware resources of the upcoming X-Box. Target very high subscriber numbers. But what did Asobo do, they worked with enthusiasm and shot far beyond the target! An A320 was certainly not wanted in this form for a flight game that a ten-year-old should also be able to master. A warning example that should be mentioned here is the setting of FSX by MS, as there was no longer any commercial interest in further development. From this “commercial point of view, some things that were previously incomprehensible may become clearer. MS wants to reach a mass market with the flying game, but the users who come back from Prepard 3d and others are neglectable. A simulation that requires top-class hardware is not the target group! Compare the numbers FS2020, 2 million, Fortnite 250 million registered users. We have to be prepared for it!
  4. Did you notice that almost 50% of all roads now end at a river or canal? These are mostly smaller rivers or canals. From a closer look it turns out that the bridge is there, but a water texture is loaded as the texture. The traffic runs over it. I wonder, a. That no one has noticed this yet and b. That there is apparently no final inspection before it goes online? Note the areas outside of the USA are not affected. If the updates are to be bought soon. If this is no longer possible, it must then be delivered without errors.
  5. What will become of ORBX? For me, there are increasing signs that an era is coming to an end. How do I get it? It is crucial that many users wait for the FS2020. ORBX is constantly launching special offers. The moderators in the ORBX forum no longer report (apparently they are no longer paid) ORBX products can only be installed via ORBX Central. ORBX Central is good for a new installation, however Experienced alt users shoot your FSX or PD3 regularly, so they are often hesitated to use it. The buying behavior of add-ons for the PD3 V4 + 5 is cautious. The quality of the FS2020 is outstanding. In particular what is already delivered here as an "out of the box". Compare PD3 V5. It is very reminiscent of the FS9 without ORBX! I compare the new ORBX scenery "TrueEarth US Washington" with the FS2020. For the PD3 user, certainly a step forward, but FS2020 is much sharper there and photo geometry is used in Seattle. All buildings correspond to reality. ORBX only supplies manual work here. FS2020 Delivers winter textures. ORBX only summer. It seems to be a cost factor for ORBX to use these sources. Conclusion: the future user of FS2020 no longer needs any additional scenery. The airports themselves are available in excellent quality as standard. If anything, the future FS2020 user has little need for add-ons. The various aircraft are an exception here. Where is ORBX's future field of activity now?
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