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  1. Hello, have made a new video, I show how I start the Mooney from cold & dark.
  2. Hello, a new video is online. It is a roundtrip in my homecockpit around the Salzkammergut in the northern alps of Austria. I hope you like he beautiful landscape and the plane!! Happy landings! Markus
  3. Hello, a new Video! I am flying the circling approach to Innsbruck LOWI in the Mooney. Fantastic scenic landscape and shots from my homecockpit. Happy landings! Markus
  4. Hello, have just uploaded a new video. This time it is a round trip in my homecockpit around Carinthia's lakes in south of Austria. Scenery is free- and payware. Hope you like it and share it! Happy landings! Markus
  5. Because some asked, how I did that Air Manager setup, here is a short video about it. Happy landings! Markus
  6. Hello, I have built my M20R based cockpit. it is now at a stage where I can show it and where I can use it. The Cockpit is based on a Mooney M20R but can also simulate any other single engine aircraft. I have 2 32inch LCD screens for left and right view and one projector for the front view. The simulator I use is X-Plane (V 11.50 B13) and there are 3 screens for the instruments. Each screen is connected to a Raspberry Pi running AirManager. Curently I am testing the new G5 (in the video below you see it, always as PFD configurated...) from siminnovations. For the main instruments I use an old Laptop Monitor where the face can be changed so I can have steam gauges, mixed or complete digital instrumentaion, the others are connected to 2 touchscreen monitors (which I unfortunately cannot use, because there are only drivers for other linux distributions...). Hardware I use is from several vendors: The yokes from Honneycomb, the peals from saitek, the NAV 2, COM 2 and Autopilot panel from propwash sim Starter switch, gearlever and the tpm are from simmax.it. butkicker ist driven by bff shaker card the panel itself is lasercutted. I have designed it and a friend has cutted it on his machine. the construction is plywood of 1,5mm thickness and the shell ist 1.2mm thick plywood covered with fabric and leather. To simulate the vibrations I have added a butkicker and uncoupeled the base from the floor. Here ist the Video, I would apreciate followers, I have planned some flights here in Austria and Europe for the next weeks.. Have fun and happy landings! Markus
  7. I only use the Pop Up Window outside of X-Plane. I have X-Plane running in fullscreen mode on my 3 GPU Ports of my main GPU There is only the view to the front, right and left displayed, no instruments because they are physical in my home cockpit. Then I open the RXP GTN 750 as a pop up and drag it to the fourth monitor, which is a touchsreen monitor (8 inch) connected to the port of the onboard GPU. BR MArkus
  8. Yes it is an Intel chipset (Asus Maximus Board) The problem is not your software or the trainer at all. X-Plane generally gets slower when I open a popup and drag it over to the screen powered by on-board graphics card (it is also the same with the default gps).. If I run the trainer standalone it is no problem but the combination with X-Plane (11.25) and the onboard graphics card for the popup... Br Markus
  9. The problem is the on-board card. The software itself runs smoothly when the popup is on one of the 3 main screens Br Markus
  10. The problem is the external display (touch screen). I have to connect it to the on-board graphic card because the GeForce I have has only 3 display ports. I need all of them for external views. The on-board graphic card is no GeForce and that slows down the pc at all... Markus
  11. Hello, first of all, I assume that I have a seperately purchased copy of GTN and X-Plane on each computer: Is it possible to run the gtn 750 or 650 on a X-Plane network (LAN no Wifi, no connection between X-Planes over the internet) on the "slave" version of X-Plane? background: for my homecockpit I use multiple PCs for loadbalancing the fps of the outside view. The GTN should better run not on the main PC because it drains a lot of power and I have plenty of it on one of the remote Pcs where not 3 monitors are connected to. if it is possible, do I have to take special measures to ensure everything works good? thank You! Markus
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