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  1. None of that even closely resembles what it would look like in real life.
  2. I'll be getting this upgrade for sure. And I might just leave the headset on the hook when I fly.
  3. Not picky at all. I think the visibility slider in X-plane will use statute miles. And we know that a METAR reports visibility in statute miles so that makes sense. You've positioned your plane 10 nautical miles from the runway? with 8.7 nautical miles of visibility. I think you should not see the runway until you're at 8.7 nautical miles from it. You definitely have to be using the same units in your tests, otherwise you have a sizable gap.
  4. I don't see the problem either. It's about time we started seeing smog in flight simulators. Try reducing the number of cars and see if that helps.
  5. rototom


    This software is worthless; not much that works in there; and there is no support. Don't buy it, and if you already did, cut your losses and walk away. There are free tools that are 1000 times better.
  6. I think the OP is looking for something that works.
  7. I'm sure they will tweak it. X-plane isn't perfect, but it gets better all the time. Base on all the added features I've seen in version 11, I think they are listening. It took 10 years of addons to get FSX to look good. They made just about everything you could think of. I think someone made an addon at one point to replace aircraft contrails. Heck, some people on here probably don't even remember what FSX actually looks like (unless they installed P3D).
  8. Great idea to assess X-plane. I think some of the comments (at least mine) may have been driven by the impression that you're comparing FSX's best addons to an X-plane demo. The conclusion can be made without any testing. FSX is pretty strong when you paint it with addons. I'm pretty sure that anyone that dives in to the X-plane library of payware (and even freeware) will find some nice goodies. If you can run both, that's the best scenario. If not, then go with what is working for you. I would still keep and eye on X-plane progress, because right now, it's moving faster then any other platform.
  9. I'll have some screenshots of my new simulator soon too. I was looking for a volunteer to be in it. All you have to do is look angry.
  10. There is a more recent post where he states that the 744 will not be ported in the foreseeable future. Nothing is carved in stone, so best to just wait for something to hit the table. No need to pull your hair out.
  11. All makes sense to me; the only preference I would have is if all military simulations were done in one place; then it could really meet the needs of everyone interested in those types of aircraft and there would be many more to choose from. I will often fly in DCS and not use weapons. The aircraft systems simulation seem to be very good. For helicopters, I don't think there is a comparison, the ones in DCS are miles ahead.
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