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  1. Pilot01

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    I agree with ca_metal.As he said, I am waiting for this simulator since they announced it. I hope, they can improve the graphics a lot because this looks like fsx. (For example the cirrus clouds. They look like they have been cutted with a knife in the distance. Like in fsx: Maximum range of visibility: 160nm and after that, a clean cut and no clouds anymore.)
  2. Pilot01


    Yeah, I tried this as well. However I do not know why, but before I started this topic, I was searching in this forum for articels but always got error 504 (the server did not respond). So I decided to ask again. As well I was thinking that this forum is for communication and asking if something is not 100% clear. I had/have also the hope that PMDG might reconsider their plans with regard to X-Plane if we - the customers - say: hey, x-plane 11 is a good new simulator and we would like to fly your products in x-plane as well.
  3. Pilot01


    Thx for this info/quote.
  4. Pilot01


    Hi, @PMDG: do you consider to bring the 747 to X-Plane after migrating the DC 6 from X-Plane to P3D. (I am looking to use a new platform and I am not happy with p3d. X-Plane 11 seems quite promissing. One other alternative would be the new sim from dovetail games but I have some doubts, if this will be the right platform for me).
  5. Pilot01

    DTG Flight Simulator News Thread [Officia]

    Sad to hear that there are no news today, I was really excited (well, I am still excited to hear something about the new sim, even if not today, but in the future). But in my opinion: take your time and create a working sim, it is more important to me, that I do not have to make it run without bugs or optimize it, because this is the annoying thing and costs a lot of time, which I even could use for flying.
  6. Sorry man:) but i do have a crazy crazy assumption for you: Pmdg has changed their coverpictures 4 days ago, then today. 4 days ago it was the 777. Today it is the 737. The product they published before, when i remember correctly. Maybe they will change all 4 days their coverpicture (one photo off a product they published before). The day after all "old" products have been shown, they will release the Queen of the Skies V3. (Like a countdown)
  7. The photo was published first on 30.3.2012. So I do not think, that this is a 757 or 767
  8. Pilot01

    [25MAY16] PMDG 747-400BCF preview!

    Sounds fantastic. Thx for this update
  9. Pilot01

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    I am sorry, but i have a gear-abuse-fetish
  10. Pilot01

    Where is your 777 Now? (Part 4)

    Back in London from Dubai. P.S: Merry christmas to all
  11. Pilot01

    Where is your 777 Now? (Part 3)

    Just landed in Dubai again from London. P.S: A special thanks to goldstar texture. They have done this repaint.
  12. Pilot01

    Where is your A320 now?

    Thanks for your answer!