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  1. Hi guys, is someone able using the Elgato Stream-Deck with FSX Steam version? The deck works with P3DV4 and FS2020 but I am not able assigning buttons in FSX-SE using the deck. Any help is welcome! Kind regards dirk
  2. Thx for the info! Using this tool since FSX and cant fly without it
  3. Can confirm that the engines stop working after spins up to 24-25% (can't recall the correct number). So, it's not an issue from our side...Carenado has to re-work this bird
  4. I tried this as well.....but got the message that my version is outdated for V5 and that an older version of the trainer is required (2.4 or something...but the installer only let you download v 2.7 of the Trainer). Seems ttat something is messed up on my side :( Edit: got it working
  5. Hi guys, as the topic says....any ideas when we get an update for the F1 GTN750/650 for the use with V5? The latest Version seems 1.81 (I am writing @work and don't have the correct number) and this version is for V 4.5xxx. I don't have access to the F1-GTN-Subforum...dont ask me why...I don't get access the GTN subforum...so I have to ask here at AVSim. Many thx and kind regards dirk
  6. Hi guys, tried the 300 with P3D V5 yesterday but had no success. Installation via XML-Method went fine and the bird loaded properly in the sim, but when 'touching' the AP all MFDs went black. Is this an error on my side or does this bird need an update from Carenado? Many thx and kind regards DIRK
  7. Can confirm the Baron 58 C90B PA 32 Saratoga II are working
  8. got my 'copy' today...off for testing now:)
  9. Good to know that the error is not on my side. Nevermind waiting:-)
  10. Hi guys, wanted to purchase V5 today via the LM Webstore. But no luck, getting a time-out everytime i'm trying add V5 to the cart. Any infos if this error is on my site or just a downtime from the LM webstore. Many thx and kind regards
  11. answering the question myself: I was running into the A2A-plane-as-default-bug as described in this thread
  12. Hi guys, need your help please.Out of the sudden I'm having troubles using the hat-switch for paning around in the cockpit on my Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One Joystick together with Prepar3D V4.5. I only can use the hat-switch for looking up and nothing else. Can't pan around anymore. I've already deleted the key assigments for the views and started from scratch assigning the keys. Without luck. Using the Windows10 calibartion tool, the hat-switch works as it should...in all directions. The only tool is use, is AivlaSoft's Simple Cam, but this works without using the hat-switch. Do I really have to purchase a new joystick? Any ideas are welcome:) Many thx in advance and kind regards dirk
  13. thx Bert...I should have red the describtion in the Trainer better before asking...
  14. Hi guys, I recently purchased the Flight1 GTN750/650 and I am wondering which database I should choose? The Garmin or the Jeppesen one? Thx for your advices and kind regards dirk
  15. thx a bunch Bert! Got it work! Now I'm a happy B58 user:)
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