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  1. Hi CB_Pilot, thx for poinitng me to the how-to-guide which helped me a lot setting up the NVInspector. Now flying FSX is a complete different experience Thx for your help🍺 Kind regards dirk
  2. Hi all, I'm testing Steve's DX10 fixer and I am not sure if I got the manual right. Do I have to set the AA-mode in Steve's Fixer and the NVInspector as well or only in the fixer or only in the NVInspector? Many thx for your help and kind regards dirk
  3. where can I find the setting for only showing airports with imrpoved scenery? Many thx for your help!
  4. felan09

    Windows 10 Patch Today?

    No problems here after the latest update...only some OrbX stuff and a few planes installed
  5. felan09

    Loading Order P3D V4

    Thx guys, with your help I got it work and it is a real impromvent:)
  6. felan09

    Loading Order P3D V4

    Thx for your advice guys! Than my current loading order (in this case in FSX) is correct
  7. felan09

    Loading Order P3D V4

    Thx for your advices Caleb!...maybe Daniel comes along this topic and will give an advice from a devs point of view
  8. Hi guys, simple question..where do I have to put FMX in P3DV4 with only OrbX stuff (Base, OpenLC and Vectors plus a couple of freeware airports) installed...below or above the Bathymetry entry in scenery.cfg. Pastbin-Link for a snippet of my scenery.cfg https://pastebin.com/jWrAYYAS Many thx in advance! Kind regards dirk
  9. felan09

    4.1 release notes

    Got an answer on the LM-Forum
  10. felan09

    4.1 release notes

    Where can I find this option? I've looked in my Prepar3D.cfg but was not able finding this option..
  11. felan09

    Patch Bluesday and P3D v4.1

    To prevent Win10 from updating or postpone an update I am using...but be careful when using this tool. For me it works really good https://www.oo-software.com/de/shutup10
  12. felan09

    KBOS graphic error

    Thx for this advice! Will try this:-)
  13. felan09

    KBOS graphic error

    I've done this already...see op ;-)
  14. I found a 'temp fix' for this issue....I've created the missing folder by myself.