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  1. thx Bert...I should have red the describtion in the Trainer better before asking...
  2. Hi guys, I recently purchased the Flight1 GTN750/650 and I am wondering which database I should choose? The Garmin or the Jeppesen one? Thx for your advices and kind regards dirk
  3. thx a bunch Bert! Got it work! Now I'm a happy B58 user:)
  4. Thx for the hint Bert! Unfortunate I dont have any additional radio nor do I know where to put it in the B58 folder....complete cockpit-modding rookie here :-(....sry
  5. I tried Stefans mod, but as I don't know which gauges he is using below the the GTN 750 unit there's a big gap which does look...well....ugly. Any ideas how to fill this gap or how to add the gauges Stefan is using?
  6. Lived for 51 years close to EGDS...now living close to EDAJ in Thuringia/Germany
  7. working for the local fiscal authorities...but I am not a tax man ;-) Before I got this Job, I was working for over 25 years as a warehouse-worker.....life is good:)
  8. Hi guys, is it possible to add a Garmin device to the panel of this plane? No matter if it's one 750 or one 650:) Many thx and kind regards dirk
  9. Yap, that's right. But sometimes I can't decide wether I want to flight a short hop or practice for the next race or just driving a couple of laps:) I'm using a Fanatec CSL Elite 1.1 plus CSP V2 pedals just mounted on my desk. Maybe I will spend some money later this year getting a proper rig for racing and simming now that i have my own room for gambling ;-)
  10. Hi all, after a couple of posts on the forum i thought it would be nice introducing myself and say hi. As the title says I'm not only into flight-simming but my main focus ist still on virtual racecar-simming...even at the age of 54 I love online-racing using iRacing and AC. I've already had contact irl to a well-known member of this board and got great help from the community. So pls forgive future stupid questions as I discribe myself as a part filght-simmer...but I love this as well:) Happy simming and ad astra. dirk
  11. Any chance that you email me the mod please? dirkmss@gmail.com Kind regards and many thx in advance! Btw, is there something else needed for this mod than the Panel.cfg?
  12. That is the simple answer I was hoping to get....thx:)!
  13. Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-installing P3D V4 and the Orbx stuff. I have a few questions just to make sure, that i understand the new Orbx-central right I was using FTX-central for years without troubles and my latest FTX Version was 3.x. Here are my questions ;-) 1. Can I still use FTX V3 for installing my purchased stuff? 2. If question 1 is yes, will the Orbx stuff still be installed in the P3D root-folder? 3. If I am forced to use the new Orbx-central, can I choose where to install all the Orbx-stuff I ask because I only have a 256GB SSD as drive C (my system disk) and purchased a M2-drive last year only for P3D. Many thx in davance and Kind regards
  14. Hi CB_Pilot, thx for poinitng me to the how-to-guide which helped me a lot setting up the NVInspector. Now flying FSX is a complete different experience Thx for your help🍺 Kind regards dirk
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