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  1. many thanks , I am a simple flight simmer i follow the read me and expect the program to work, maybe for others but not for me .i am not annoyed with you or your reply, but iam annoyed that pilot2atc will not run because i cannot install a required program easily, regards frank cann
  2. many thanks for the suggestion ,it still does not work for me regards frank cann
  3. Have just installed in xplane 11 p2atc and the required xpuipc ver., edited the ini file with my ip address and installed as required. however on xplane startup iam informed the ip address is wrong no nic with this address found,xpuipc is showing in the plugins why is it needed?, for p2atc puzzled ,frank cann
  4. bill the product key i used was inside the box i have the fsx deluxe edition thats the only key shown. i left the wording in and added the key, too be honest I cannot remember if i copied and paste or i entered it manualy frank cann
  5. I had the the same problem a few months ago, in the fsx root folder i found a folder titled dlx key i entered my product key it did the job, this might help you regards frank cann
  6. installed vox7,4 in demo mod a problem arose when I tried to configure the joystick , windows 10 removed it after a minute on show, thinking it was a demo restriction I registered , the problem is still there, nobody else seem to have had this problem frank cann
  7. after patching my original copy of efass it worked ok now i cannot connect with the server.It seems there is a paid upgrade available, i like the program however before i part with cash can any user tell me if the site is viable and no big problems with it regards frank cann
  8. thank you sightseer, unwanted notification has now gone, now i have got to work on my frame rate, its terrible. many regards frank ncann
  9. in the process of altering my cockpit configuration i clicked on a box called dome projection i now have an annoying notice on my screen which i cannot get rid of reminding me to buy a key and demo time has run out my copy is a boxed set how do i remove it, it remains when the sim is reloaded regards frank cann
  10. candid


    Tried to log in to efass. discover the site is off the radar. any known reasons? regards frank cann
  11. I set up a flight for the PMDG737 from egcc to egjj i inserted a hold at my destination which the a/c entered okay,however after one circuit it exited on its own accord.i cannot find any in depth info. on hold procedure in the pmdg or fs2crew manuals have i missed an input in the hold page this also occured on the next flight frank cann
  12. Many thanks for the help, none did the trick, however checking the files in the root folder i found one dlxkey i entered my product key, success! it activated, i am now up and running, it might work for you if having the same problem. regards , frank cann
  13. I am sure other simmers have had the same problem with activating fsx, i have just uninstalled fsx , on installing there is no way of activating it remindful of the legality of my request is there a way around it frank cann
  14. Many thanks for the information it seems all i have got to do now is to find some really lousy weather regards frank cann
  15. i purchased my aircraft from xplane org aerobask i watched a short video and it clearly shows a weather pattern the supplied man.has a lot of information on the storm warning facility and screen shots of the cockpit also show it on my query is is it real or eye candy either way it does not work for me at the moment frank cann
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